Ditch the Excel Funnel

Bring your business into modern times and use a sales funnel software that will show you the whole picture at a glance.

Not everyone understands Excel like you, and trying to show sales statistics and conversion rates using Excel will probably confuse them. 

You need a software that makes it easy to see conversion rates and KPIs at a glance.

You Need Funnelytics.

Why Excel Funnels Don’t Work

Excel Sales Funnel Template

Excel sales funnels are based on manual data entry. They are created in a roundabout way and involve manipulating Excel in such a way that isn’t very intuitive or how the program is meant to be used.

The first issue is the manual data entry. 

Having the reenter your data to get an updated funnel isn’t very time effective, nor does it really give you any good data other than a rough visual of how shrinking numbers look as a centered bar graph (Not Helpful).

The second issue is the finagling.

In order to get the bar graph to look like a sales funnel, you have to manipulate Excel by adding a column of dummy data in order to space the bars out to look like a funnel. Flip the funnel and make the bars wider and you have something resembling a sales funnel built in Excel. 

The third issue is the lack of action.

How can you take action on the data in the Excel sales funnel shown above?

You can calculate your conversion rate(ish), but that’s about it. You can’t see where you funnel is leaking, what areas are working to make better conversions, and what web pages, emails, and other elements are within those steps.

You love numbers, so you need a program that gives you the numbers in real time. Not manual-entry Excel.

Ditch the Excel Sales Funnel and move to Funnelytics. Skip the monthly payment and go for the LIFETIME DEAL.

So Why Funnelytics?

Set up your funnel in Funnelytics and you have real-time data that will tell you how your sales funnel is performing at a glance.

Get automatically calculated KPIs to make sure your funnel is profitable.

See where conversion rates are between stages and what needs improvement.

Most importantly, trace the exact traffic source your sales are coming from so you know where to increase your ad spend.

You can actually SAVE YOUR BUSINESS MONEY by getting this software at the lifetime price by not spending your ad money in the wrong places based on actual data and facts.


Map Funnels

Lifetime Access


Make Easy Edits

Lifetime Access


View Funnel Analytics

Lifetime Access


Automatically Calculate Funnel Value

Lifetime Access


Identify Funnel Leaks

Lifetime Access


Access the Vault

Lifetime Access

Why Funnelytics DOES WORK

Funnelytics is visual.

If you are looking to impress marketing clients, the visual nature of Funnelytics is sure to draw them in more than an Excel sales funnel ever could.

If you are looking to use Funnelytics for your own business, the analytics feature that you get with this lifetime deal will allow you easy access to see the exact source people enter your funnel from, where people are dropping off (funnel leakage), and what’s ultimately working.

By adding the value of a specific funnel step, you can see the value of your funnel at a glance.


It is a living, breathing sales funnel that gives you a marketing super power.

Funnelytics Overview From CEO Mikael Dia

In this video, Funnelytics CEO Mikael Dia will show you why you should retire the whiteboard sales funnel and go with a program that will actually provide value to your business.

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The Funnelytics Vault

Funnelytics Vault

Looking for guidance in the realm of funnels? The Funnelytics Vault is the dream you have been waiting looking for. 

Gain access to millions of dollars worth of trade secrets in the vault.

The Team at Funnelytics have taken the time to purchase the products of some of the internets top digital marketers, and they are sharing all of the secrets with you!

You get access to swipe files, Funnelytics Templates, video tutorials, and sometimes even ClickFunnels templates of these top-performing funnels.

The Vault is currently available within the Funnelytics Yearly deal, or sold separately.

You get it included in the LIFETIME DEAL.

Win The Presentation

Don’t go to your boss with a manual data entry funnel.

You will spend too much time explaining yourself.

Don’t go to your clients with Excel data on how their campaign is performing.

You will confuse them and possibly lose their business.

Instead you can win the presentation with:

A beautifully mapped funnel.

Funnel Mapping Software

Conversions at a glance.

Funnel Mapping Software

Key Performance Indicators.

Funnel Key Performance Indicators
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