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Being in survival mode is the thing that is holding you back in business and in life. Get out of survival mode and learn how to thrive.

In this episode:

  • Learn about the 3 different modes of prosperity
  • Find out which mode you are in
  • Get to the next step in the chain
  • Free your mind to think about more important things


Episode Transcript:

Hey there everybody, this is Justin Coleman with the Master Sales Funnels podcast, and we are now on Episode five. I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about getting yourself out of survival mode. If you’re in survival mode, it’s detrimental to anything you want to do in business. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, if you’re worried about finances, making your rent. I mean, I’ve been there and it’s not a good place to be.

Your business will suffer because what you’re doing is you’re always looking for ways to make immediate money instead of the projects and getting the clients that are going to give you more long-time lasting value. I was in survival mode ever since I graduated from my undergraduate degree. I didn’t have a job basically all through college. And what had happened was I didn’t have any savings. I had some scholarships, I got a free undergrad and I had a little bit of extra to live off of.

And that just kind of gave me a cushion to basically graduate with nothing. And that’s no way to be. I mean, if you’re in college, I don’t want to say get a job because that’s kind of a big waste of time. What you need is a side gig. You need to start getting your funnels up, your lead funnels so you can build your lead list and get your business going. I mean, no offense if you do want a career, but I’m guessing you kind of want to work for yourself if you’re listening to this podcast.

You’re trying to figure out how to make money on your own. And if you’re in survival mode, like I said, that’s just almost impossible. I was always jumping on the next thing that I thought would make me money. I would buy trainings just because I thought they would help me with something that I needed. But then I never had time to do them because survival mode took me to the next shiny object.

Shiny object syndrome is something that a lot of entrepreneurs talk about because most of us have been through it. There’s always that survival mode. When you’re starting a business, even if your personal finances are fine, you still have to get a business going. You have to get that initial income so you can fund your business. And there’s often that panic mode there. I had both personal financial issues and I had business issues. Like I said, I tanked the wedding business in 2016 because I was in survival mode.

I was having a daughter that fall and I thought I needed money. So I expanded way too fast and crashed the business. I went to what I thought was a logical conclusion, which was hiring people too soon so I didn’t have to be out filming on weekends and I could be home with my daughter. And that just didn’t happen because I was trying to get too many projects going and my money didn’t have a focus. I would spend money on something for one project, but then I would turn around and spend money for something on another project.

And what little money I did have in the business wasn’t going towards weddings or videography and it just wasn’t a good thing. I remember when I started my Master’s Degree, I think the whole Master’s Degree cost like $12,000 and I ended up taking out $30,000 in loans. And I distinctly remember walking through Wal-Mart with my wife and telling her that we were fine, we were safe because we had a loan disbursement coming that day. If you don’t have student loans right now, you’re lucky, they have a high interest.

You can go get a jet ski on a loan that has lower interest than a student loan. It’s like 6.8% Or something. You get a personal loan for a jet ski for like 3%. It’s pretty ridiculous, but that’s just the way the world is. And just that feeling of relief, of going further into debt, that definitely did not help the panic mode. It was very dirty and terrible band aid that we were putting over the wound that was our financial situation.

We ended up going through the Dave Ramsey program to start getting out of debt. I mean, we still have debt, but we’ve cleaned it up enough where we can breathe a little and we can get out of that survival mode. And I tell you. The magical things that have happened since I’ve been out of panic mode, I’m able to focus on my business, I’m able to go for longer term goals and longer term projects.

I’m not just trying to randomly throw things together, wondering what’s going to make a quick buck. I actually have time to stop and think what’s going to help people? What’s going to help my audience. When you’re in survival mode, you’re just thinking about yourself. And when you’re starting to thrive a little bit, you start to turn towards others. You start finding that success and you want to help others succeed. So what you end up doing is making better assets for your business that will actually help people instead of trying to get that next money grab.

And so far, you may have picked up on a couple of the stages of, I know it has a psychological name of some kind, but we’ll just call it prosperity. The mode of prosperity that you’re in.

So on the bottom level, you have survival mode and you’re only thinking for yourself, you’re only trying to survive. You’re doing whatever it takes to make the next quick buck so you can make your rent that month or, you know, pay your mortgage.

Like I said, I’ve been there. I’ve sold an iPod to make rent. I’ve sold my Gears of War, Xbox 360 to make rent, which I guess wasn’t all a bad thing because I was kind of a waste of time in the grand scheme of things. Funnels and business is kind of my game now. So I mean, that helps, too. If you really love what you’re doing, then you’ll actually work on it even in your free time.

I mean, do I still Netflix? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not kind of moving towards the next stage past survival mode, which is thriving.

Thriving is where you’re focused on the long term plans to benefit yourself. You’re past survival mode. You got a little bit of savings, a little bit of cushion, and what you’re trying to do is build that out so you really don’t have money worries anymore.

The beginning stages of thriving are a little weird because you actually have time to breathe and there’s just this weight off your shoulders and it’s been an amazing feeling. I mean, we’re not out of the woods yet. I mean, I don’t know if anybody really ever is out of the woods, but you get to that point where you’re thriving in your life and you have time to stop and think.

And once you become successful at that and you build your cushion up even more and your business up even more, and you have that focus that we’ve talked about, you’ve got to have that focus while you’re thriving. Otherwise you’re going to end up in survival mode again.

Yes, you can go backwards on the scale because if you’re scatterbrained and your money is going in 50 different directions, you’re not going to have any anymore and you’re going to hit that survival mode again and you’re not going to be doing anybody any services.

Past the mode of thriving, I would say, is the mode of abundance. You kind of have yourself set and you’re starting to look out towards helping other people get to where you are.

You focus more on helping others and less about getting money. If you’re providing amazing value to people, the money just kind of comes with it. And you can charge more and more for your services, but you can also be creating more things for free to get people on your lead list.

There’s a music producer that I learned about recently who has made over a million dollars with ClickFunnels, and he gives a ton of things away for free. And a buddy of mine was talking to me and he said, everybody in the industry thinks that that guy is a joke, that he’s a scam artist because he’s cheapening the product, because he’s giving all these things away for free.

But that’s just, could be the furthest from the truth. What’s actually happening is that guy got passed thriving to the point of abundance. And what he was able to do was to start giving things away for free to help people and in exchange for helping people for free, he gets their contact information, their email address.

That’s where you want to be. I mean, we’re creating that anyways, even if we’re in survival mode. But if you can give away 50 things with an offer for free that are going to help people, I mean, nobody’s going to pass up that deal and you have the advantage.

So we’ll talk about listening to the naysayers on another podcast episode. But for right now, out of that story, we just need to get that once you’re in abundance mode. You really have the tactical advantage, the strategical advantage. You can create the more of those free assets for your business that you’re able to give away to people in exchange for an email or give away in your offer stack to get people to buy something, because if you’re providing more value than they feel like they’re paying for it’s a no brainer. They’re going to take the offer.

And one last thing that I wanted to touch on today is you kind of notice I talk about money and survival mode and everybody says, “oh, you don’t need money to be happy”. Well, I mean, that’s true. You should be happy where you’re at. But if you have that money cushion, I mean, everybody’s got to eat. Everybody’s got to live somewhere. If you have that cushion, it really frees your brain to be able to think on the things you need to think instead of survival mode.

I mean, you don’t need a million dollars, but you can take a sheet of paper and you can calculate how much money you need to make per year in order to get out of that survival mode and into the thriving mode at least. So you can stop, you can take a breath, you can look around and pay attention more to your audience instead of just yourself and see what the people need. Money is not inherently evil. It just amplifies the qualities of the person that has it.

So if you’re an evil person, you’re going to do evil things with your money. Money is power and you’re going to do powerful, evil things with it. If you’re a good helping person, guess what? You’re going to help people.

Are you charging them? Yes. You have to sell things to people. You have to get comfortable selling things to people. But if you’re in this abundance mode, you’re able to add things to your offers that really help people.

And you’re only able to do that when you’re able to stop and think and plan. And you’re not doing that in survival mode. So I guess the lesson for today is work hard, get out of debt, if you are able. And basically make a plan to get out of survival mode, make a plan to get to where you’re thriving and can think because the world needs your knowledge, the world needs your skills, the world needs your product. You didn’t build your business just to make money.

I mean, you made it to help people because you inherently have a way to help people and if there’s any time in history that people need help, I would say is today.

So you not only owe it to yourself, but other people to get out of that survival mode. Don’t feel guilty about making money. Don’t feel guilty about charging people. It’s it’s the nature of the game and it’s how you can help more people in the end.

If you want to check out today’s show notes, I’ll have some resources at mastersalesfunnels.com/005. Thanks for listening, and keep funneling.



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