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Summary & Resources:

Personally, you only get 24 hours in a day just like everyone else. How can you allow your business to have more than 24 hours in one day? Utilize other people’s time.

In this episode:

  • How to get more time for your business
  • Letting go of your stranglehold on production
  • Being patient for SEO ranking
  • How I’m spending ZipRecruiters own money to get articles written for them on our blog.
  • Utilizing lifetime software deals to give yourself more time


  • Textbroker
  • Get a free $10 on AppSumo (Lifetime Deals; available for first time purchase; I also get $10 if you take the deal and make a purchase)
  • HappyScribe (I may get transcription time added to my account if you sign up; saves tons of time transcribing audio).

Episode Transcript:

Hello, this is Justin Coleman. Welcome to Episode 6 of the Master Sales Funnels podcast. Very glad to have you here today. Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of time, especially the importance of utilizing other people’s time. Time is one of the most valuable assets you can have in life, even more valuable than money. Believe it or not, because you can always earn more money, but you can’t really earn more time. I mean, not within a day at least.

You only get 24 hours in a day. So you have to make sure you’re utilizing it in an efficient way. And if you begin to utilize other people’s time, then you, I guess, kind of get more than twenty four hours because you’re getting work done that otherwise you wouldn’t be getting done because you personally wouldn’t have time to do it. I’ve recently been figuring this out a little bit more myself because I’ve always thought that I had to be the one to do everything and otherwise it wouldn’t be done right.

And recently I’ve just been loosening that grip a little bit on things. I mean, I still oversee everything in my business. But what has happened is I’ve started outsourcing a little bit for some of my writing. I’m still writing a majority of the articles myself. But beyond Master Sales Funnels, we still run my wife’s blog, Mommy Bear, which I write stuff for sometimes. But as I get to a point where I’m trying to find ways to save time and to grow my business… Growing your business takes time, especially if you’re going the SEO route, which I’m mostly trying to do.

I throw a little money on ads here and there, but I’m also trying to grow with  SEO. And a big factor of SEO is your domain authority and how long your site has been around. So it’s kind of hard. Even if I have the best article, my site’s only been up since, I think it was February when I switched over from Fruitless Productivity. So I don’t have the age thing going for me. I think in five years it’s going to be booming.

But right now I’m still fighting against those sites that have that establishment with Google that have been around that do rank high, because even if they’re article is not quite as inclusive or, you know, keyword-focused as mine, they’re older and so they get the ranking. But my wife’s blog, Mommy Bear, has been around since 2015 and it definitely has a higher domain authority. I think we’re at like a 31 and Master Sales Funnels is it like a 6?

So I mean, not only do we have over like 150 articles on Mommy Bear, so it’s just a bigger site in general, but it’s older and it has that factor going for it. So in order to save my time and build up my list of articles and topics that I cover on Master Sales Funnels, I’m trying to get that over 100 mark with my articles. I think I’m on like 40ish right now. And there’s no magic number with Google on  how many articles you should have on your website before they start ranking you really well.

But like I said, in my experience, we have a pretty solid website with the mommybear.org. And so I want to build up that resumé,, so to speak, of blog articles so we can be ready when Google starts to see that we’re established, we’re staying with Master Sales Funnels, and that, you know, we’re all in. So I’ve outsourced a couple of my articles. One is Kartra vs. ClickFunnels, and I didn’t want to have to get a Kartra account or look into, you know, sign up for a free account, look into it.

So I paid somebody I think it was $34 and they wrote me like a 2,500 word article. They weren’t a particularly skilled writer. I have to take my time now and go through and heavily edit that article to make it not only sound like me, but just have grammar and sentences that make sense. I mean, you get what you pay for when you’re paying for other people’s time. You have to be willing to shell out a little more money to get quality time from other people, because as other people know, their time is valuable.

So even if they’re trading time for money, they want good money to be able to produce valuable work. So in realizing that I really needed quality work to save myself even more time, I reached out to the company that I use for the articles and they recommended some four star authors to me, which is great, but they’re more expensive. So for the same size article, I’d be spending about three times as much as like $95 for a 2,500 word article, which if you think about it, it’s still awesome because you know you’re saving that time.

It would take me for an in-depth article on something that I know really nothing about, like Kartra. I mean, that article would have taken me two weeks of my free time probably, and that includes lunch breaks at my job. So that, you know, it’s a lot of time. But I mean, you got to look into it. You’ve got to research it. You’ve got to compare Kartra and ClickFunnels, this and that. So that would have taken me two weeks of time of my free time.

So I save that time for just $93. I mean, that’s a couple of bucks an hour. By the time you look at it, you know, maybe $5 an hour if it takes me, you know, 10, 20 hours or so. In the end I’m paying, you know, five, ten bucks an hour maybe to to save that that free time. And I don’t have a lot of free time. So, I mean, that’s that’s amazing to be able to pay that.

But still, I’m not operating on, you know, a ton of cash right now in my business because I’m spending constantly to expand. So I haven’t spent my own money in order to test out my theory of getting higher quality content. But I did find an opportunity to spend other people’s money and other people’s money is a topic for another podcast. But we are, through my wife’s blog, Mommy Bear an affiliate for ZipRecruiter and they just happened to be paying $100 per article for three articles this month.

So that’s $300. And if you remember, I said a good quality article should cost me about $95. So what I’m doing now to test out the four star authors on this system and hopefully, I mean, I’ll spend my own money on this eventually if it works. But what’s happening is we are an affiliate for ZipRecruiter. I’m saving myself a week to two weeks of my free time per article to have somebody else write it.

I got the first one back and put it up on the website. And I did go through it and I did make a couple of changes to make it sound like us, that kind of thing. But it was pretty flawless in the way it was organized, in the way it was written with the punctuation. And it was just amazing to save even that much extra time. I still haven’t published the Kartra article because it’s just such a wreck that I have to go through and fix it, but it’ll get up eventually.

But with this article, I literally just had to do one quick read through, make a couple of changes and then put it up on the Mommy Bear blog. And it’s doing OK so far. I mean, it’s a it started on page two toward the bottom and then it bumped back to page three. So, I mean, you know, it’ll take time to get it up there. But through my research, I made sure it was a solid article.

So I have confidence that once Google sees time under its belt that it’ll get, you know, to page one. But we’re still in the middle of this experiment. I still have two articles to submit, but my point is that I’m taking ZipRecruiters money to have articles written for them so I get nothing off their $300 promotion, but I’ve saved, you know, three to six weeks of my free time in writing these articles, and I can now do other stuff. And why am I doing this?

Because we get $100 per business that signs up for a free trial with ZipRecruiter. So, I’ve now saved six weeks and I now have three more assets, three articles, which I would consider assets to my business, written for me, and I’ve saved all this time. So, I mean, you know, it’s a wash. I have to spend a little bit of time proofing it and putting it up on the website. I just spent a little bit of time doing the research and making an outline.

But I mean, this girl, that Textbroker, which is the company that I have write articles for me, and this girl did a pretty good job and it saved me, you know, all this time that I still have to spend on the Kartra article because I went cheap. So spend a little bit more money because your time is valuable. And I’ll be sure to keep everybody updated on what happens with the ZipRecruiter experiment. I’m pretty excited about it.

I’m glad that I had the opportunity to test out, you know, other people’s time with other people’s money. And that’s that’s something that I’m just becoming comfortable with. Especially the other people, people’s money thing, because I had to spend my own money right now for a promise that ZipRecruiter will pay me $300 next month when I submit the URLs for these articles. So utilizing other people’s money, utilizing other people’s time. I mean, you have to be comfortable with it.

You have to let go of your business and your work a little bit in order to get that growth. I mean, I would consider it a growth hack. You know, let go a little bit and you’ll be able to flourish in your business. You need to be comfortable with other people’s time, or OPT. You’re paying these people for their service, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about utilizing other people’s time. And it may take some time and testing to figure out what works for you, to save you time.

But eventually you’re going to nail it and you’re going to be able to grow that much faster in your business. If you’re not interested in writing articles, ship that out. I mean, outsource it, get that done. So you have those assets in your business. If you don’t know how to build a funnel, hire somebody to operate your ClickFunnels for you. I mean, yeah, it’ll cost you $99 a month for ClickFunnels and then, you know, extra money to pay somebody.

But, you know, you have to look at it as the return on your investment. What can you do with the time that you’re saving when you don’t have to, learn ClickFunnels when you don’t have to learn what makes up good SEO for an article when you don’t have to learn what makes good sales copy, when you don’t have to learn how to make a video, outsource the stuff if you can afford it.

If you can’t, like I said, you can utilize other people’s money to then utilize other people’s time like I am with my experiment. I just got lucky in the fact that it’s not like interest from a credit card that I have to pay back. It’s, you know, free promo money. I’m giving up that $300, but like I said, saving tons of time, saving tons of money in order to get all this done.

So for today’s lesson, you just got to be down with OPT: Other People’s Time.

If you want to check out today’s show notes, they’ll be available at mastersalesfunnels.com/006. I’ll post some links for some of the companies that I’m using, like Textbroker, to save time.

I’ll also put a link for a website that sells you lifetime deals for software, because that’s another way that I’ve utilized other people’s time, so to speak. I’m big into buying lifetime deals of software, which we can talk about on another episode, but buying programs that basically are like buying the time of another person because, you know, if you buy a social media scheduling program, you don’t have to hire a social media person.

You can just take some time and schedule it out all at once and then you don’t have to have somebody managing it, that kind of thing. My biggest one was the HappyScribe program that I bought off of AppSumo, which translates video, audio and my podcast audio to text so I can easily transcribe to text for my website, which boosts my SEO value. So I’ll have a link to AppSumo and the lifetime deals and Textbroker in the show notes.

Again that’s mastersalesfunnels.com/006.

Thanks for listening and keep funneling.


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