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Summary & Resources:

What is my all-time favorite funnel program? It’s my very first funnel program and one of the first lifetime deals I ever bought. It’s vital to my business, and will become a vital part of yours as well.

In this episode:

  • All about my favorite funnel program (it’s not a funnel builder)
  • How to map and plan out your funnel (for free)
  • Tracking real-time data in your sales funnels
  • The importance of analyzing and tweaking your funnels
  • The ONLY way to get a lifetime deal for this software


Free Funnelytics Account
Funnelytics Lifetime Deal
Funnelytics Review
DotCom Secrets Funnel Hack

Episode Transcript:

Hello, this is Justin Coleman and this is the Master Sales Funnels Podcast, Episode 009.

Very glad to have you with me here, as always. Today, I wanted to tell you about my favorite funnel program. Now, you’re probably thinking that it’s a funnel builder, but actually my favorite funnel tool happens to be Funnelytics, which helps you analyze your funnels. And you get all this data about your funnels and data is really key above anything else that you can do.

If you’re building a funnel and you don’t know what’s going on inside that funnel, it doesn’t really matter. It’s probably not going to work because funnels usually don’t work the first time, they take tweaking. You’ve got to tweak the messaging. You’ve got to tweak the graphics. You’ve got to, you know, tweak your offer. You got to tweak how to get people into your funnel, your traffic, how you’re getting traffic, your messaging in your traffic. And if you don’t know what’s working and what’s not working, you’re not going to get anywhere.

So that’s why above anything else, I really like Funnelytics.

With the free account, you’re able to map and plan your funnels. That’s a really cool feature, being able to quickly change your plan and lay out your plan to begin with, but then be able to change your plan, is really vital to making the plan. You should you shouldn’t just randomly start building. You should plan the experience out for your audience and plan exactly how you’re going to get money and get leads.

And if you’re planning and something doesn’t work, then you need a quick way to rearrange it. And the funnel mapping tool Funnelytics is helpful for that.

The next way Funnelytics is helpful is you don’t even need real data to test how it works. You don’t even need to build the funnel. If you have previous data from other funnels that kind of give you an idea of conversion rates between steps that you can expect, or if you can find other funnels that you can get that information from (we’ll go over that a little bit more later) then you’ll be able to forecast your funnels.

So if you plug in conversion rates between steps, what steps qualify as a lead, put in your expenses, how much it costs to fulfill your product, and also how much you get paid for different steps of your funnel, then you’ll be able to forecast your KPIs, your key performance indicators, which is a major number that you need to know within every single one of your funnels.

I mean, KPI isn’t just one number. It’s a breakdown of numbers, your cost per lead, your cost per sale, that sort of thing. But by being able to plan your funnels and then, not really guess, but use educated guesses, hypothesis, on what will work within your funnel, you can kind of see at least what you need to aim for based on your forecasts.

And the coolest part about this tool is the tracking. So you put a script on your website and then you’re able to track the flow of traffic through your funnel. Not only do you get numbers and conversion rates, but you also get, it may not sound cool but once you see it, it’s its little dots running between the stages. So you can really see the actual flow of people through your funnel. You can see, you know, at a glance which traffic sources are driving traffic to your landing pages. You can see at a glance how many, you know, people are converting and what they’re converting on if you have more than one conversion.

And like I said, numbers are key. So they even take it a step further. You can see which traffic sources are driving your leads and your sales. So not only are you just seeing random traffic going through your funnels, but you can filter that that traffic so you can select your purchase stage of your funnel and say “where exactly is the traffic from this purchase coming from?”

And I’ve been surprised by this. So I’ll be running ads on a landing page and I’ll also have other, like, blog posts on my website linking to this landing page and thinking that me paying for ads is driving conversions.

What’s actually driving conversions is the blog post. So by filtering that, I’m able to see that my ads were doing nothing so I could stop spending ad money on that. Or I know I need to tweak my messaging.

Blog posts seem to convert better for me because it’s organic. People are voluntarily coming in and reading information about Funnelytics and then they’re clicking through to my landing page that talks about the lifetime deal for Funnelytics. Since they have that pre-frame, that blog article, they’re able to be in that set of mind where they’re ready to make that purchase, because I’ve thoroughly explained, like I am to you now, how awesome this tool is and how vital it is to the success of your business. Especially with the lifetime deal, if you know how to use the tool, you’re probably going to save that much money in the future, like I’ve already explained, just by knowing what traffic you need to be spending money on.

Apparently, from what I’ve seen, I need to spend more money on creating blog content. And right now I’m mostly spending time on creating blog content, but instead of spending my time creating ads and then spending money, maybe I need to create more blog content. Or there may come a point where I know I need to start hiring somebody to create blog content. So I know that that’s a better value for my money because that’s what drives conversions.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s another cool thing where you can see the success of other people’s funnels. So if you’re new to funnels or you’re not exactly sure what type of funnel is going to work for your type of product or service, they have the Funnelytics Vault where they’ve gone through and they’ve hacked, I think it’s over like sixty five now, of the top digital marketers and online companies in the world. And they have personally gone through and purchased everything within those funnels and grab screenshots of each of the pages.

So you get to see the sales copy, you get to see, you know, how the functionality, whether they have like countdown timers or, you know, what they’re using. You get to watch the video sales letters, read their written sales letters. I mean, it’s invaluable. And as I mentioned in previous episodes, you need to always be learning. You need to be a student of your subject, always. Even if you’re at the master level, you still need to be learning from people ahead of you.

So the Funnelytics Vault that comes with this lifetime deal is a valuable asset that you’re going to have at your fingertips to dive in and study. They give a video breakdown of each of these funnels. You get the swipe files, but you don’t even have to guess at what’s going on in the funnel. They break down each one and show you. So you’re getting the education behind all of this. But I mean, the main functionality is the analytics.

You need to know what’s going on in your funnel. You need to know where to put your money. I have several blog post articles I can link to on different ways that Funnelytics functions, mostly the Funnelytics Review that I can send you to. And again, they have a lifetime deal going on right now and it’s not even advertised. It’s on the back end of one of Russell Brunson’s funnels. So I’ll put a link to that as well.

I do get affiliate commissions, but I mean, I’ve been in Funnelytics… I’m a founding member like I paid the $595 for the lifetime access when I had about $600 in my bank, you know. I put it on a credit card and just hoped because I knew it was such a powerful tool, and it really has become my playbook for my business. I map out everything that I’m going to do before I build it. Then I build it and I put forecasts on to see what I need to do to make that funnel profitable.

And then I’m in the program daily, tracking everything, seeing what’s converting, what’s not, what I need to tweak. And like I said, you’re going to lose money on your funnels at first, but you need this data in order to make them profitable.

So the lifetime offer that they have now is the one time offer on the back end of the Secrets Trilogy. So no matter which book you go to, it’s going to be the back end offer on those three funnels of DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

And I’m friends with a couple of the people at Funnelytics and they let me know that they were going to be on the back end of this. So I mean, I already had the lifetime deal, but I bought the new set of books and I funnel hacked the DotCom Secrets. So I’ll be sure to put a link to that as well. But nobody’s talking about this secret backdoor access. I know I’m sounding a little salesy, but it’s really the only way that you can get a lifetime deal right now. You get 100,000 tracked visitors for around $397.

And then you can get up to 500,000 tracked visitors in your account for an extra $100. So, I mean, yeah, you’re going to be spending $500. But like I said, if you know, if you learn the tool and you know how to work it, you’re going to end up with way better prospects for your funnels actually being successful, because you’re going to know what the hell’s going on. You can’t go into this blind.

You can kind of finagle Google Analytics to tell you what’s going on. But I mean,  you need that granular level between steps. What’s going on between this step and this step? How many people from this traffic source are converting to a lead? How many people from this traffic source are converting to sales?

You know, that’s hard to set up and calculate within Google Analytics. And it’s just not visual. With Funnelytics, you get to see all these stats at a glance once you have everything set up and you can use that as your resource going forward.

So, like I said, it doesn’t matter what funnel builder you’re using. You can use GrooveFunnels, or ClickFunnels, or you can build your funnel in WordPress. It doesn’t really matter. But I believe Funnelytics is probably always going to be my favorite funnel tool because it’s just that important.

I know there’s a lot of resources to unpack, so I’ll be linking to everything that I’ve mentioned in the show notes at mastersalesfunnels.com/009.

Keep data on your funnels, learn from your funnels, and as always, keep funneling.


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