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Summary & Resources:

In this episode I will walk you through my vast toolbox of lifetime software that I have purchased over the last few years. I am dedicated to building up my toolbox of lifetime software because it allows me freedom of costs in the future. You should be thinking in the same way.


In this Episode:

  • Why I invest in lifetime software deals
  • Why I stopped other investments, such as the stock market
  • The benefit of lifetime software deals
  • Over 30 Lifetime Software Subscriptions I have in my marketing toolbox


It’s a long list, and it will contain affiliate links (which are clearly marked). Some software you can get started with for free, so keep an eye out for those!

AppSumo - Get $10 off your first AppSumo purchase (and I get $10 too!) This is where I get the bulk of my lifetime deals. Most of what I mention here doesn’t have a lifetime deal anymore, but it’s still amazing software. New deals added a few times per week!

Divi [affiliate link]- This is the best WordPress theme I’ve used, and they have a lifetime deal for $250 that comes with use on unlimited sites. Very good deal for any web design company or someone who wants a few blogs.

Funnelytics [affiliate link]- My favorite funnel program. This link gets you access to a free mapping account, or you can upgrade to the current lifetime deal by following these instructions.

Geru - Amazing program for funnel forecasting. Gives you great stats and reports on what you need to make a funnel work.

SendFox - My email marketing program from the makers of AppSumo.

Missinglettr & Postbox [affiliate link]- My best traffic-driving program by far. Schedule social media posts out for the next year to keep driving people back to your articles, and allow others to share with Postbox.

Timelinr - A solid project management program.

Stencil - Great for designing graphics for social and blogs. A ton of templates. A rival to Canva.

Crello [affiliate link]- Another rival to Canva. Has ability to make gifs, which Stencil currently doesn’t have the capability to do.

Tubics - If you are looking to drive traffic on YouTube, this program is a must to help you optimize your video titles, tags, and descriptions.

Interactr - Video sales letters on steroids. Really connect with your audience on a personal level. It’s like choose your own adventure, but with video!

HappyScribe [affiliate link]- My number 1 content creation program. It allows me to turn any audio into text, which allows me to multiply the content I produce by giving me written content for videos and podcast episodes.

Attention Insight - A great way to AI test landing pages to see where attention will likely focus so you know how to better design landing page.

ZoPush - Get people to subscribe to browser notifications to your site so you can send them notifications and push notifications to their phone anytime your have new content and offers to share.

GrooveFunnels [affiliate link]- A full funnel-builder suite. Use this link to start for free and get basic access to a large suite of funnel building tools.

Agiled [affiliate link]- A great program to manage your full business. Create and send invoices and contracts. Keep track of clients and projects.

InVideo [affiliate link]- An easy program to help create social-style videos.

Alli AI - A program that helps you analyze and automate your website SEO.

TXTVideo - You’ve seen the text conversation videos on social. Makes yours easily using this program.

BerryCast - An awesome screen capture program that helps you send quick messages and tutorials to people, get responses, and even create video lessons.

BlasterSuite - Great for creating YouTube thumbnails that will help entice clicks.

Marketplan.io - Another funnel planning program that allows for more planning for blogs and social posts. Truly for full marketing plans.

ShortPixel - A great tool for optimizing images on your website to help load speeds.

Quirobot - A chatbot tool where you can create automated bots for your site visitors to interact with.

HeroPost - This is a full-blown social media scheduling platform. Great for yourself, or especially if you can pick up a lifetime deal, great to build your social media marketing business as you can add different groups of profiles for different companies.

Doodly [affiliate link]- A program to easily create interest-catching doodle videos.

Influence - A little popup that creates FOMO for your products by showing new visitors other people who have just purchased what you are selling.

Tooltip.io - A great popup tool for your website that allows a lot of versatility in your types of popups and targeting.

HopIn - A program that allows you to host small or large summits.

Welzen - A meditation app that allows you to zen out in the middle of all the entrepreneur mayhem.

Ubersuggest - My #1 SEO tool. Allows you to track keywords, analyze your website for SEO issues, and complete keyword research.

Frase [affiliate link]- My #2 SEO tool that allows easy research for what you need to do to make an article competitive enough to rank.

bCast [affiliate link]- The program that I use to host and distribute my podcast episodes.

Episode Transcript:

Hey there everybody, this is Justin Coleman with The Master Sales Funnels podcast, and this is Episode 12.

If you can tell already I sound a little bit different this week, I’m actually sitting at my desktop with a proper microphone instead of driving in my squeaky car. This week, I wanted to give a little rundown of the lifetime programs that I have purchased over the last couple of years. And I needed to be sitting at my computer with the list in front of me so I could read the list off to you.

It’s a pretty extensive list, but I’ve been, I would say, building up my business for the last, I don’t know, two and a half years by purchasing all these lifetime programs.

If you don’t know what a lifetime program is, it is just any kind of web-based software that you would use in your business, but you pay a one-time fee and then you have access to that for the life of the program.

What I mean by for the life of the program is that these are pretty much always startup companies that may not have a viable product per se. I mean, it has a use and a function, but you don’t know that they’re going to last long term.

I’ve bought a ton of different programs over the last couple of years, like I said, and I’ve only had two that have actually gone out of business.

So I had a social media platform that I purchased that went out of business and then an email marketing platform that I purchased and didn’t even really use. But they’ve gone out of business as well.

So it’s a little bit of a gamble when you purchase lifetime software. But I’ve become a big proponent of purchasing lifetime software because I find it a good investment.

I mean, it’s taken a lot of my, well pretty much all of my profit for the last couple of years as I’ve been building my business. But now I have a strong toolbox, a strong arsenal of tools that I can use for different aspects of my business.

To show you how much I believe in this, I kind of wanted to read through all of the software that I have.

It’s going to take a little bit. But just so you kind of get a grasp of what’s out there. I’ll be sure to link to the platform that I use to get most of these deals, and I even have $10 off if you’re a first time purchaser on AppSumo, which is the platform where I buy the deals.

So let’s just get started. It’s like I said, a long list, so we’ll be here a little bit. But I believe the first one I purchased was in 2018.

It was the Divi lifetime membership from Elegante Themes. So that is a theme in WordPress. It’s a very good theme. I was using it at my previous job. I wanted my own copy because I was thinking of building websites for people, but even just building my couple of blogs, it’s been very helpful to have that software.

The next one that I purchased was Funnelytics. That was fall of 2018. If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you’ve heard about this one. It’s a funnel analytics tool. I was a founding member for that. I bought that one for, it was $595 to be a founding member. I had $600 in the bank. So, like I said, I’m all in on these lifetime softwares.

Geru is another one that I have purchased. It’s also kind of funnel analytics. It’s more on the math side. I think they’re striving to be more like Funnelytics, but it’s very good for forecasting. I think maybe even better than Funnelytics for forecasting because you can run different reports on your funnel, such as if you want to make so much per year, how much traffic do you need per day? I mean, it’s really good for that kind of thing.

SendFox is my go to email marketing tool I have lifetime access to. It was created by the people behind AppSumo, so they were promoting it on their own platform. And now I have lifetime access as they’re developing this email marketing platform. Which is essential for anybody in any business because as Russell Brunson always says, “the money’s in the list”. So you’ve got to build your list. You’ve got to have an email platform.

Another one of my top deals that I’ve gotten, which is amazing, it’s kind of a two parter. It’s called Missinglttr. I believe they’re based in the UK, but you can set up a feed on Missinglttr so it pulls in all the blog posts and any content that you put on your website, automatically it pulls it in and creates a campaign for you that you then look over and check over. And it basically pumps out different social media posts for that one post over the next year. So I can go into Missinglttr it’s already got my post I just posted in there within, I don’t know, ten minutes.

I mean, I don’t think it’s ever been more than like twenty minutes where the post is already in Missinglttr. And then I just go through a couple of settings that literally only takes about maybe not even ten minutes a post. And I have content sending people back to that post for the next year from my linked social media accounts.

The second part of that is they just came out with PostBox, which is an awesome upgrade that you can get as an add on for Missinglttr. And it takes that a step further. You can create social media posts for other people to share. So I’ve gotten like 43 shares from people and it’s only been live like a week or two. So just taking all of the campaigns that I already had in Missinglttr and putting those into this pool of social media posts that other people can grab from to share with their followers. It’s very powerful and I can see it’s already starting to drive traffic to my blog, so it’s already paid for itself

Timelinr is another one I got that was on a different platform. I believe that platform was called StackSocial. And that is basically a project management tool. When I was planning on doing websites for people, I kind of snagged that one. I still may use it in the future as I’m starting to develop assets for my business.

Stencil is another one. If you’ve heard of Canva, it’s kind of like that. But I have lifetime access to create unlimited amounts of, I use it a lot for Pinterest mostly. I’ve created the graphics for my podcast, created YouTube video covers. I mean, it’s very versatile.

Tubics is another one that I’ve purchased through AppSumo, and that is for optimizing your YouTube videos in the way of your descriptions. Like what you need in your descriptions, how it compares to other people. Finding the top tags for your type of video. It’s basically SEO for YouTube because you type in the keyword you’re trying to focus on and it tells you whether you did a good job with your title and description and tags related to that keyword.

Interactr is a cool one. It’s interactive video, which is up and coming so you can give people choices within a video and it delivers them video content beyond that choice based on their choice. So it’s really tailored to your visitors, which is really important in your funnels.

You can have a sales video that asks a question and you don’t want to lose people because you can’t relate. But if they choose the option and then you have video content following up on that option, it’s very powerful in that regard.

HappyScribe is another excellent one that saved me tons of time, allowed me to multiply the content that I’m able to put out. So like this podcast, I will upload to HappyScribe and it will transcribe it for me. And then basically however long my podcast is, plus maybe five minutes, it takes me to kind of correct a couple of the issues that they have with the transcription. But I have eight hours per month that resets every month on that.

So that’s a very powerful tool because if you’re on my website right now, listening to this podcast, you can see the transcription below. That did not take me very long to put out there. And Google loves written content. So that’s a program that I’m never going to have to pay for again. And it is there for me to use as more content for my website.

I’ve also spoken articles on the way to work. I’ve just spoken an article off the top of my head and I’ve used that as just a full blog post. So HappyScribe is a really good one that I picked up on.

Attention Insight is one of my more recent ones. It kind of shows you computer-generated heat maps of your landing pages. So instead of like HotJar where you actually have to install it on your website and it kind of makes your website kind of slow, but it actually takes data, real live data from people.

This kind of simulates what people would be would be the focus area for people and where they might be clicking. So you can kind of get an idea before you even release your landing page as to where people are going to be looking so you can adjust. So it’s more focused on your call-to-action.

ZoPush is one that I picked up on recently as well. I haven’t actually installed it on my website, but basically it’s the browser notification system. So instead of collecting people’s emails, they can just opt in to allow their browser to notify them when I push a notification out. So if you see that on my website, if I do have that installed in the future and you’re listening to this, you might get a little pop up that says allow this website to send me notifications.

And then every time I publish a blog post or have a new offer, I can push that out. And on your Google Chrome or I think even on your phone, maybe I haven’t looked into it a lot, but it will send you a notification and kind of pull you back into my content.

GrooveFunnels is one of the more expensive ones that I’ve invested in, and I picked up on that this year. I did the three monthly payments on that one and ended up being like $1,500. But now I have a funnel builder. It still has some bugs. They’re still working through them, but it’s newer to the scene. They have plans to rival ClickFunnels. So I have a funnel builder in my back pocket.

When I start building more funnels, I can build them on GrooveFunnels without any additional cost. It’s unlimited access to all the apps that they have in their suite and it’s also unlimited hosting. So I can build funnels for other people if I want. And that is lifetime access, no more cost to me.

Agiled is one that is more of a business manager. You can have invoices and contracts and manage your different projects. It’s the numbers and business side of your business.

InVideo is an awesome one that I use on an occasional basis. I should probably use it more to get more YouTube content out there. But that one is basically social style videos that you can put out there. You see like the listicle videos where it’s like top ten reasons to, you know, whatever those are created on something usually like InVideo where there’s already a template and you just throw in some images and some text and it’s just a very fast way to create video content that pulls people’s attention in.

Alli AI is one of the earlier SEO programs that I picked up. I don’t use that one much, but it kind of gives me insights into how you can get back links for your different articles.

I guess I would segway into saying that I recently picked up the lifetime deal for Ubersuggest, and that is a full suite of SEO tools. They still have a ways to go to catch up to something like Moz, or ahrefs, but Ubersuggest is a really good one that’s just up and coming from Neil Patel. That’s a really good asset for your SEO work.

TxtVideo is one that I also picked up recently. You’ve seen the social videos where it’s like a text conversation and this is just an easy way to create that conversation and export it into a quick little video. It catches people’s attention. It’s really good for that. And that’s from the makers of the Interactr, the the interactive videos. They also, I believe, are the makers of this TxtVideo that I picked up.

Berrycast is my most recent one that I got just yesterday. And what I’m actually recording this podcast on right now. It’s a screen capture program that is very, it’s very smooth, actually. It’s very high quality. And the main purpose of it is to record quick messages to send to people like your your followers.   Say you want to send them a quick video, you could record it and it automatically is available on a link that you can send them and they can just watch the video right there and respond to you via video or they can leave a comment. I’m going to use it for my courses and screencapturing those.

Blastersuite is one that helps create eye-catching YouTube thumbnail videos. If you go to my YouTube channel, you’ll see a bunch of their templates that I’ve worked and tweaked to make my own. So I have lifetime access as they’re releasing more and more of those templates to try and catch people’s eyes as they’re scrolling through their YouTube feed.

MarketPlan.io is another sales funnel mapper like Ger- and Funnelytics. It’s more for full scale marketing plans. I haven’t used it a ton, but it’s really good in the way of mapping out what blog posts you’re going to make. What social posts you’re going to make. And just really the entire plan of a market plan around promoting your product.

ShortPixel is an image optimization program that I have installed on all of my blogs. It shrinks the size of, it compresses, I should say, the size of images on your website, because load speed is very important.

Not one hundred percent sure how to pronounce this one, but QurioBot is a robot, basically, for your website. So you can have conversations with people, you can create an automatic experience for people basically via chat bot.

Influence, if you’ve been on a lot of websites for products and something pops up in the corner that says so-and-so from Michigan just purchased what you’re looking at right now, Influence allows me to add that to my website once I get some courses and things up.

I told you, the list is pretty extensive, and we’re still going here.

Tooltip.io is a good one that I use for pop ups on my website.

I have a program called HopIn where there’s certain limitations, but I’m able to host summits. Basically I can do a small summit for no extra cost or larger summit and give them part of the profit for each ticket.

I have a meditation app called Welzen that I purchased a lifetime membership to because I was tired of seeing meditation apps that cost $300 a year. So I wanted lifetime access to one. So I got that.

Another great one that I got this year was Frase, I believe it’s pronounced, and that saves me a ton of time on research for articles. So you basically just put in your keyword and it pulls all this data from the top listings as to what questions they’re answering, what sections they have. And I have lifetime access to that, and it saves hours of time on researching an article. And it compares your text to the other articles in the top so you can see how yours relates to the top articles based on optimizing for your keyword, as well as the length of your article and that sort of thing.

And I’m probably missing some, but lastly, I would just mention bCast, which you’re listening to this podcast on right now. They are the host for my podcast. So I have a page on their website basically that holds all my episodes links to the different directories that they listed for me.

I came from Libsyn which was $5 a month, but now I have a lifetime to bCast. And basically from Libsyn, I had my podcast on Apple Podcasts and from there bCast was able to pull every single episode that I had seamlessly over to their platform.

And now I have I think it’s like 150,000 downloads or something like five terabytes of bandwidth per month, basically, which I think they said equivalates to like 150,000 downloads per month.

I’m definitely not there yet with the podcast as of this episode, so I’m safe there. But they did a lot of the work on getting me listed on the different directories out there. So that was a real asset in getting my podcast out there. So I’m on Apple Podcasts. I’m on Spotify. I’m on Google Podcasts, I’m on Stitcher, Podchaser, Tune In, Overcast, Podcast Addict, Amazon Music. You can say, “Alexa, play The Master Sales Funnels Podcast” and I will pop up and start talking to you with my latest episode. So it’s been great to have a one time payment, basically to have all that value.

The point, I know this is kind of a long episode, but the point of all this is that I have all of these assets for my business right now.

I quit investing in the stock market because it’s so fickle. I mean, it was ridiculous. I remember the article, I think it was Barack Obama uses a BlackBerry. So BlackBerry stock went up. Like it was just so fickle and so insane.

So I quit investing in that and started investing in lifetime software for my business. Like I said, now I have this toolbox that I can pull out any time.

I mean, it’s probably bad for the the market, the industry in general, because I don’t have to hire people, but all of these tools saved me so much time myself. But also, I don’t have to hire people. I don’t have to hire somebody to schedule out posts for the next year on social media because Missinglttr does that. I didn’t have to hire somebody to transcribe all my podcast episodes because HappyScribe does that.

I have eight hours a month, you know. I don’t have to pay somebody to do that, and it doesn’t take me that much time to do it myself. And in the future, if I wanted to pay somebody to go through and clean up my transcripts, I mean, it wouldn’t be near as much as paying them to transcribe the entire podcast.

This is going on 23-25 minutes now and that would probably cost me like $10 to $20 for transcription. And now I don’t have to do that. For every episode that I put out, I get that content for Google.

You have to start thinking about what you can purchase in this way that you can utilize in your business and that will be an asset for you in the long run. Longevity is key. You want things that can build upon themselves.

That’s why I use SEO as my main strategy, because once an article ranks, I mean, it’s usually there for quite a while.

You are building assets that build upon each other. I’m building assets in these lifetime deals that I no longer have to purchase most of my software on a yearly basis. I get to save that money in the future and I’m going to hit exponential growth because I don’t have those monthly fees that keep holding me back. My operating costs are very low because I made this investment.

My traffic will be able to stay steady because I’m using these methods and we can talk about this in a different podcast, but I’m using these methods that compound and have a long time effect on my traffic in my business.

It’s important to try and play the long game. I know it’s hard. I… me of all people I know it’s hard. Because when you’re financially strapped or you’re just impatient in general and you want everything to happen right now, you need to build your business assets. You need to be thinking long term because those are the winners. I mean, you know, tortoise and the hare. Play the long game, slow and steady wins the race.

You want to be operating with some speed, but you also need to be thinking about those long-term effects that your decisions now can have on your business and not just, you know, shiny object syndrome. Just run to the next thing that you think is going to make you a quick buck, because that’s not how you build a good foundation for your business.

I know I unloaded a lot of information to you on this podcast. I’m going to be linking to all of the lifetime software that I mentioned in this podcast. If you’re still listening, you’ll know why there’s 50 links in the show notes on this one. But I’ll link to the different lifetime deals that I mentioned. A lot of them are no longer lifetime deals because lifetime deals come and go fast. Businesses can’t survive solely on providing you lifetime deals.

Except for Divi. I don’t know how they still have a lifetime deal. That’s a… That’s crazy that they don’t have… I mean, they do have monthly, but they still have a lifetime deal for like ever. Anyways. It’s not a sustainable business model.

So I’ll still link to these in case you’re interested in the description I was giving of these products. Sometimes you still might be able to find a lifetime deal out there for them. Some of these I am an affiliate for I will clearly mark that on the links. Other ones I’m just linking as a resource. But I will have an overblown show notes section this week linking to all of those. I’ll also link at the top of the list to the AppSumo website and the $10 off coupon.

I will also get $10. If you are a first time customer and you make that purchase and get that $10 off already insanely cheap software because it’s a lifetime deal. But thank you for that $10. That way I can feed my lifetime software addiction and I get a discount on some more.

But I hope these are good resources to you and it helps you get in that mindset of longevity in your business. All of these resources will be available on this week’s show notes at mastersalesfunnels.com/012. This has been the longest episode of the Master Sales Funnels podcast so far. So thank you for listening and as always, keep funneling.


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