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Summary & Resources:

In order to reach your audience in the quickest way possible, you need to be able to create massive amounts of content fast. This episode will guide you through my tips and tricks to get this done without losing your sanity.

In this episode:

  • Why talking your content is the fastest way
  • The importance of omnipresence in your business
  • Why content really is king
  • Tips and tricks to get content done fast!


  • HappyScribe (Affiliate Link) - Automation software that uses AI to transcribe your audio in just a few minutes. Helps me create content at record speed!
  • Riverside.fm - This is a really cool program that allows you to record video podcasts of yourself and remote guests, as well as allow for call-ins from listeners.

Episode Transcript:

Hello, this is Justin Coleman and welcome to the The Master Sales Funnels Podcast Episode 18. Today, I wanted to talk about creating content and how you can get more content out there with less effort.

Creating content may not seem like it relates to funnels, because if you look at a lot of other people who make sales funnels, they just pay to drive ads to their landing page on their funnel and that’s not always an option for everybody. I mean, ads can get expensive, especially if you don’t have experience in making successful ads.

You need to have a lot of money to be able to find out what works, what specifically works with your audience, and what’s ultimately going to drive conversions on your website.

So I’m a big proponent of SEO and creating content. As I mentioned in past episodes, it does take quite a while to produce a piece of content that’s going to be ranked by Google. You have to have all your SEO in place and basically just create a good, informative article and a good experience for your users.

But this year I’ve hit on a method that I don’t always use, but it’s really helped me in producing more content for my blog and being able to get the thoughts out of my head and on to my blog in order to share my knowledge with others. And that method is transcription. So basically talking like I’m talking to you now, except talking into the recorder for the purpose of having a program transcribe my audio into words for me. And I mean, that’s not perfect at first, but you go back in and edit it and it’s still a lot quicker than trying to type out an article and make it make sense.

You can talk faster than you can write, and you can often tell stories and articulate better as you’re talking than you can when you’re sitting in front of a word processor. So much like I am now, I’ll have an idea for an article and while I’m in my car, I can just speak to my phone and later on turn it into an article with little effort.

If I want to, I can post the audio somewhere as well, like I do with the podcast. I post the audio for the episode and then I post the transcript right under it. This basically just turns my podcast into an article that Google can read and is good for SEO. And then people also have the option. If they’re able to listen, then they can listen to it. If they’re at work and don’t have headphones, then maybe they just want to read what I have to say that day on the episode.

And it also works with video. So I have a program called Riverside FM and with that I’m able to record video podcasts and interviews. And then with that I can, again, transcribe it. Then I’ll have video for YouTube. I can just rip the audio for if I just wanted an audio podcast and then I can have the transcription.

Finding ways to have what they call and omnipresence is vital. So creating something once and turning it into a bunch of different pieces of content in different formats for different audiences is a great way to kind of be everywhere at once.

And people are going to start wondering how you are everywhere at once. And it’s because you have a good system that allows you to create so much content without duplicating your efforts.

There are a lot of transcription services out there and that can get a little pricey. So again, if you can’t do ads that may be cost prohibitive, I have lifetime access to a program that will transcribe for you called HappyScribe. And it’s I don’t know, I’d say 85 to 90 percent accurate.

And I mean, it doesn’t take much longer than just listening to the audio that I’ve recorded and edit it down. First I edit the audio so I’m not transcribing extra words and mess ups in what I’m saying. But once I get that edited audio file in there, it doesn’t take long at all for the program to kick out my transcript. So A) I don’t have to wait for somebody, and B) I don’t have to pay premium prices to get my audio transcribed by a person who’s likely going to get some of my terms wrong anyways. And I’m going to have to do a check over to look at anyways.

So, I mean, it’s also fairly cheaper to do it this way. So even if the lifetime deal doesn’t exist, I’ll still post a link to HappyScribe so you can check that one out.

But creating content for your funnels not only helps you save money, it also makes you more of an authority. People buy from who they know, like and trust, and if you’re just running ads to your stuff, you might get some sales, but there’s really not an opportunity for people to learn about you except on that first sales page. So basically, you’re teaching them about you as you’re selling to them, and that can be a problem in building that trust factor.

But if you’re putting out three blog posts and free content and providing that value up front before you even ask for anything from somebody, then you’re building that trust factor and making it more likely for them to buy from you.

In your content you need some kind of opt-in to collect people’s email addresses to make that worth it. So every post should have a way to, 1) provide people further value, but 2) also to collect their email so you can market to them later. As you keep sending them more content, providing them more value, start solving some of those hurts that your audience has, and then you send them an offer that’s going to help them even more then that’s more likely going to be a buyer.

And it’s even more powerful with a funnel, because if they trust you, you send them to a paid offer that’s maybe $7 and they’re not going to pay that much and they’re going to be able to solve one of their problems.

And then after that, you have the offer for the thing that’s going to solve their next problem or further solve the initial problem. So basically, you get the chance to provide even more value because these people trust you and you’ve already given them value.

Like I said, funnels just amplify that to the extreme.

Content is a great way to drive traffic and it does take time. So it’s important that you try to create content as much as possible. I like to create content on my commute to my job or during my lunch break, because those are the times that I have available.

And then I just clean up the transcriptions later, turn it into an article later, or use the transcript under the audio or video that I’m posting. And it’s just an efficient use of time. You don’t feel like you’re wasting your your time.

You can create content while you’re exercising just by talking into your phone as you’re walking on your elliptical or I have a stationary bike and I like to create content while I’m riding that as well. So it’s just kind of multiplying your efforts.

You don’t have to sacrifice your health for creating content for your business. You don’t have to feel like you’re wasting your commute on the way to your job because you’re going to be talking and creating content.

A lot of times it helps to maybe create an outline of what you want to talk about. So far, I usually just pick a subject, take a few minutes to create an outline in my head about talking points that I want to hit in the article or even my podcasts, and then I just kind of go for it.

You’ll notice that most of my episodes so far aren’t over like 15 minutes because that’s the max that my commute to work is. So I usually try to wrap it up as I’m pulling in the parking lot if I’m going a little too long and get into work on time.

That may change later or as I get interviews for this podcast. Those will obviously go a little longer than 15 minutes. But I’m making my content fit my time and being able to dictate to my phone and then clean up later has really helped me get a good system down in creating the content that I need to and ultimately allowing me to provide value to my audience, you know, you guys, that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to because I’d just be driving and listening to the same repeat songs on the radio.

But now if I have a good idea for a piece, I can speak it and then create content and value for my audience.

If you’re currently not creating content, I really suggest going this route. There are free transcription services out there. My phone is actually transcribing it right now. I have a Google Pixel4A and it actually transcribes my audio for me and I believe that I can export that to my Google Drive like I do my episode and then I could clean that up.

So I’m sure there are other apps out there that do that. But this is built right into my phone, right into the native recorder on my phone. It’s not as accurate as HappyScribe. I still like to use HappyScribe and in HappyScribe I can add my vocabulary so it knows terms like “Keep Funnelin'” and “Lead Funnels Guide” and “Funnelytics”, those types of terms that my phone wouldn’t get and I would have to keep correcting constantly.

But even if you’re correcting constantly, I mean you’re saving time. You don’t have to type all of this out.

You need this type of authority in your business and again, to create that authority and trust for your funnels.

I’ll leave some of the resources that I mentioned in the show notes at mastersalesfunnels.com/018.

Thank you for listening. And again, tell somebody who you think could use the information that I’m providing to you because I like providing value to people.

It’s been great. I’m still learning, but it’s been great being able to transfer some of the stuff that I’m learning on to others and hopefully helping you further your business and your agenda.

So grab your phone, grab your computer mic, start recording, started transcribing and as always, Keep Funnelin’.


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