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Summary & Resources:

As a society we have been programed to believe that selling is a dirty act, and that anyone who is in sales is slimy and untrustworthy. Funnel experts are in business today to prove otherwise.

In this episode:

  • Why we inherently think selling is dirty
  • Why you HAVE TO sell to survive and thrive
  • Why it’s your duty to sell to people
  • How to turn traffic into money through making offers
  • The power of offer stacking


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Episode Transcript:

Hello, this is Justin Coleman and welcome to the The Master Sales Funnels Podcast episode 19.

We’re getting very close to the end of 2020, and I know that makes a lot of you happy. An episode or two ago I mentioned that it’s really pretty irrelevant because you should be, you know, making today your day and doing what you need to do regardless of the start of the year or not.

Another thing that you should be doing that I wanted to talk about today is selling. I know that selling sounds like a dirty word, and a lot of people have given bad connotation to people who sell things to other people.

But let’s face it, that’s what our economy is built on. That’s how you make money. You can have all the traffic in the world. You can have one hundred thousand visitors a month and still not be making money, which is pretty crazy. But if you’re not offering anything for sale, then you’re not going to be making money.

Some of you may be blogging and creating content because you really do enjoy giving value to people and sharing what you know, but ultimately if you’re going to have a viable business, you have to be making offers to people.

You have to get past your reservations of not wanting to ask people to buy things from you. It’s not dirty. It’s not underhanded. You’re giving them value in exchange for something. Whether you have a physical product or you’re selling info products like I do, you’re giving them value that they should be exchanging of money for.

Now, I know that in our history we’ve come to see selling as a bad thing. Like in the past when you’ve gone to maybe a used car lot that’s really just out for your money. And they lie about the car. Not saying that all car lots are this way, but I know that this is an industry that has this reputation for a reason, because back when sales were just strictly to almost manipulate people and get them to buy from you no matter the cost, because you’re working on commission. I mean, that is what sales has come to be known by the mass majority.

And so we intrinsically believe it to be evil and feel guilty or dirty when we do make our offers. You need to get into a selling mindset for the sake of your business, for the sake of your family, for the sake of yourself.

You are going to be creating a ton of value for people up front without selling. And that’s great. But if you want to know the number one secret to making selling feel less dirty and being more confident when asking people for money, it’s that you provide a way more value than people are paying for.

If you’re providing extra value to people beyond the dollar amount that they are giving you, then you definitely don’t feel guilty about it. You’re definitely not going to feel dirty. You are giving them more than they’re paying for.

Whether you’re selling a product and you give a little added bonus or some informational guides on how they can utilize your product to better use what you’re selling beyond what they had originally thought, or if you’re just straight up selling information in the form of classes and you throw in an extra bonus module on how they can take the next step, you want to be the giver in this situation.

We’re in the era of expert businesses and selling information. It’s easier than ever because of all the methods that we have to exchange information online and people are turning to experts to show them how to take that next step in their life and in their business.

We’re past the era of taking advantage of people and selling them just to get their money. We need to be the expert and we need to provide that trust and that value to people.

Now, I want to say that there are a lot of ways for you to add value within your sales funnels. They call this offer stacking.

So even if you’re giving something away for free in exchange for somebody’s email address, you can still create an offer stack. You can include added bonuses that enhance people’s experience with what you’re giving away.

You can include added bonuses on products that you’re selling to help people solve the next problem or go more in depth about the problem that what you’re selling provides. So even if you’re selling a physical product, you can still be adding bonuses, whether it’s a physical gift or whether you’re giving that informational course on how to better use the product for your customers.

You’re adding that. You’re stacking your offers and making it worth more to people than the original value that they’re providing. If you’re selling an ebook for $9 and people are like, “yeah, OK, that’s a good deal for an e-book”. But then they see that you have a bonus video training course on you teaching the content of that e-book, then the value of that offer has gone up. You’ve stacked the offer and now you’re selling at a higher level.

You’re not just exchanging value for the item that you’re selling. You’re giving these added bonuses to make selling easier for the people who are buying from you. And usually you want to include these bonuses as products that you don’t have to take more time to fulfill.

So courses or additional ebooks, additional guides. These things don’t take any more of your time, but you’re adding more value to people who are buying from you. You want to always be creating value for your business.

If you have a physical product, that product is an asset to your business. You have that to sell. But what if you’re just teaching courses online? Well, then you have to still create assets for your business.

You can have a blog or with one hundred thousand visitors, like I mentioned earlier. But if you don’t have assets in your business, you have nothing to stack. You have no offer stack to provide it to people who are purchasing from you.

You can’t just have one product or one course and call it good. You have to provide that extra value for people to trust you and for selling ultimately to feel less dirty.

I am currently in the stage of my business where I’m working on building my business assets. So courses, guides, templates, that sort of thing. The more that you have, the more you can stack with offers in the future.

So if you have a course that you’re charging $397 for right now, if you believe that course has run its course and enough people have had it, maybe you want to offer that for free in the future, a couple of years down the road to new customers.

So that course that you’re making money from before is still adding value to your business. It’s an asset that you have that you can throw in with other offers that you’re making down the road that makes it more valuable to new people who haven’t experienced your products yet.

Also, if you are doing any speaking engagements, if the pandemic has ended by the time you’re listening to this or, you know, dwindled down to where their is speaking engagements, again, if you can get that recorded, then you can use that as a bonus.

It’s you teaching, it’s you giving your expert advice on the subject and packaging that and giving it a catchy title is a good way to bump up your offer and build out an awesome offer stack.

There are a lot of resources that you have quick access to to make your offer better and to make selling feel less gross. You need to make sure that you’re looking out for these opportunities and collecting this value that you can add to people easily. Because once you build your library of assets, whether physical or digital, then you can just run with it. You’ve got a lot of firepower to offer people and provide that value that they’re seeking and the best value for their money.

Today’s main takeaway, you want to be always creating value in your business, starting with the free value. And once you start getting traffic rolling into your website, then you need to start creating a paid offers and you need to be making those offers.

You need to be making offers to people more often so that you are able to sell and make money for your business so you can keep providing value to people in the future because without money you’re going under and you’re not going to do anybody any good if you’re going to be working at a gas station because you can’t afford to use your time to teach people and share your expertise with the world. And that just doesn’t do anybody any good.

Today’s show notes are going to be available at mastersalesfunnels.com/019. As always, I hope that you can share this podcast with anybody that you think can benefit from hearing what I have to say and what I am teaching.

Don’t be afraid to make offers for the sake of your business, yourself and your family, and as always, Keep Funnelin’.


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