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Summary & Resources:

As entrepreneurs we usually shy away from structure, but really, it’s the key to creating the freedoms that you want in life. Listen to find out how.

In This Episode:

  • Why entrepreneurs hate structure
  • Why structure is the key to freedom
  • A cool trick to staying on track using your phone
  • Some good resources to help build structure in your life


Deep Work (Affiliate Link): An awesome book that helped me get into the mindset of actually taking time to think and how we are plagued with distractions in today’s world. Deep work is the answer to getting meaningful things done and becoming an expert in your industry.

The One Funnel Away Challenge (Affiliate Link): I recommend this challenge all the time because it was an amazing experience that really helped me gain structure and ultimately led to my funnel mindset. I learned how to hook people in and structure my offer stacks, and really just how funnels work in general. It’s a great course for only $100 and a great ongoing resource to keep looking back at.

Episode Transcript:

Hello, this is Justin Coleman and this is Master Sales Funnels podcast, episode 20. Welcome to the New Year.

I hope that despite everything everybody had a decent 2020, and that you are ready to tackle everything to give yourself a better life in the New Year.

In 2021 let’s make it a year of prosperity and blessings and, oddly enough, let’s make it a year of structure. I know that sounds weird, but structure is the key to getting everything done that you need to be done and ultimately just being more happy.

If you think about it, whenever you check social media constantly or you’re checking your email constantly, just randomly, when you have a moment, your mind gets distracted. You see something you don’t like, you end up seeing an offer sale for something and you end up spending money that you know later that you probably shouldn’t have been spending and you ultimately get derailed from whatever you were doing. Whether you were supposed to be working at a full time job. Whether you were supposed to be working on your side hustle. Whether you’re supposed to be spending time with your family.

I mean, your brain is being pulled in 50 different directions at any given moment in time. And that’s just kind of what we have to deal with in today’s day and age. And I know structure isn’t what we think we’re looking for because, I mean, if you have an entrepreneurial mind like me, it’s always moving. It’s always thinking. It’s always trying to get to a life of more freedom of time and money and thinking that we need to put structure constrictions on that is just, well, constricting.

We don’t want to have to live a structured life. That’s why we’re working so hard on our dreams, because we want to be able to have those freedoms. But unless you have those structures in place, then you’re not going to find your work-life balance.

You need to make sure that you’re blocking out your time to be focusing on whatever you’re supposed to be doing at that time. And I mean, it seems a little crass to put family on your schedule, but if you’re supposed to be spending time with your kids or your wife or your husband, then you need to be fully in that moment and fully aware of what’s going on and not thinking about work, not thinking about other things.

If you’re supposed to be working on your full time job, save your side hustle for your break times, your lunch time. Before or after work. When you do have time to work on your side hustle, you need to be working on that. Make sure that you’re limiting checking email and social media to only once or twice per day, because, as I mentioned, that’s a huge time suck. And you can just go down the rabbit hole and just be stuck there for hours and it can derail your entire day.

Problem that I’ve always found is that something always seems to have to give. So I’m either not getting to spend enough time with my kids because I’m working on my side hustle. I’m not able to spend enough time on my side hustle because I’m, you know, hanging out with my wife or exercising. I mean, exercising is something that usually takes a back seat. And that’s not good for anybody because you need to make sure you’re staying in shape and sharp of mind and taking care of yourself or you’re not going to be able to perform for anybody.

And if you bring structure back into your life and your schedule, then you’re able to make sure that everything has a place and a time. So, for example, I would put exercising three nights a week on a given days at a given time. And then as soon as that alarm goes off on my phone, then I know I’d better go and start exercising. I’d better, you know, fully focus on family time. I’d better go clean up and take a shower and shave because I look like a caveman after a couple of weeks because I just totally forget that I need to shave to look like a, you know, to look decent.

It’s just little things that slip through the cracks. And then your work-life balance gets thrown off, because when you finally realize that you haven’t done these things, you haven’t shaved, you haven’t worked out, you haven’t spent enough time with your family. Then these things snowball and they catch up to you.

And it hits you hard when it catches up to you. I mean, if you don’t exercise, you’re going to have a health crisis. If you don’t spend time with your family, you’re going to have broken relationships.

You need to take time in the morning, usually is a good time before everything starts. And instead of checking your email or checking social media, you need to be creating structure for your day, your week, your month. Journaling about it, writing out a plan, and ultimately probably putting that schedule into your phone as a set of alarms, because that’s probably what’s going to get your attention the most.

I found that writing in my planner is a great way to create plans and structure, but then if I forget to look at my planner that day, I don’t do what’s on there. Even if I look at it in the morning, I might forget to do something in the afternoon. So instead of carrying a planner around all the time, everybody sure has their cell phone on them all the time. So you’re not going to miss that alarm, especially when we’re so tuned to checking notifications, we’re going to be checking that phone as soon as it goes off. And we’re going to know that we need to stick to our structure.

And it seems super constricting, but really, it gives you freedom because you’re getting everything done that you need to have done and you’re going to have a more fulfilled life. Finding work-life balance is a challenge for everybody. And it’s something that’s so important to our happiness is even if you don’t work full time somewhere, you can’t spend all of your time on your side hustle. Everything needs to have a time and a place.

And I know this is the Master Sales Funnels Podcast, and I go a lot into things that don’t have to do exactly directly with funnels. But mindset is, I don’t know, 70, 80 percent of the game. I mean, you need to be in the right mindset. You need to have the structure. You need to have the goals and the deadlines in place and the specific steps that you need to take in order to get things done that you need to have done and live the life that you want.

In order to get your funnels done you need to have a plan. You need to have deadlines for yourself. You’re not going to get all of the steps done in a funnel, and there are a lot of steps to get a funnel up because you have to create everything in advance, hopefully with some feedback along the way. But you have to create everything pretty much before you start making any money.

You have to create a marketing plan for it to drive traffic and ultimately pull money out of it. You have to be tracking your traffic through your funnel to make sure you’re getting the conversions that you need or want in order to get the profit that you need or want. You have to have the discipline to know how to spend the money you are making and put it back into your business or invest it or pull it out for your lifestyle or even just to pay bills. And you need to be paying attention to know what you need to tweak on the funnel.

I mean, mindset is a huge part of this game. Mindset and discipline. And as I said, ultimately structure in getting all these things done and finding the time to get all of these things done.

A good book on the subject that I’ve read is called Deep Work by Cal Newport. And it really goes into some of the things that I’ve talked about on checking social media constantly or checking your email constantly and just kind of hoping that your next point of action will find you instead of you finding and making it.

It’s all about taking time to actually think. And I know that sounds weird because we’re always technically thinking, but all these distractions, we can’t even get through a meaningful thought before the next thing pops up. Or we reach for our phone in order to distract ourselves from our thoughts, which seems weird, but if we’re almost afraid of success, then we find ourselves looking for distractions so we self sabotage and don’t get there. Or if we’re afraid that we’re going to fail, then again, we’re reaching for our phone.

You need to take time to think meaningful thoughts and make meaningful plans and create this structure. And deep work really goes into all of these things. And it’s a read that I recommend that you pick up.

Another good resource that I’ve found is the One Funnel Away Challenge. It creates a structure for you for the next 30 days in which you do a deep dive and learn about sales funnels. Also, it inadvertently teaches you how to have structure.

So you go in every morning, you listen to your lesson and what they want you to learn that day and then you go to your workbook and you write things down about planning your funnel and making your offers in your offer stack, and then you spend what you can the rest of the day creating and implementing and finding your who’s that can make pieces of your funnel that you’re unable to make.

And it really helps you create that structure and gain that funnel knowledge. And it’s just great to kind of train your work ethic while also teaching you about sales funnels. And I mean, the training is only $100. I took it in August of 2019 and I believe it really helped me in, kind of, changing my mindset about how the game works and structuring things within my business.

I will be sure to link to Deep Work and the One Funnel Away Challenge in the show notes available at mastersalesfunnels.com/020.

I hope you’re ready to get out and tackle this year and create the structure that you need in order to make the dreams that you want to come to life.

Again, I really, really appreciate you listening to this podcast and hopefully sharing this message with people you know can also benefit from what I’m teaching as well.

Next time you go to grab your phone, make sure that you’re setting up your structure for your work-life balance, getting those alarms in so that you don’t miss out on anything that you actually want to do in life.

And as always, Keep Funnelin’.


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