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Summary & Resources:

The importance of creating your rallying cry for your followers. Help people relate to your business and your cause. Also learn what my business mantra is and why I chose it.

In This Episode:

  • How I accidently made a good mantra
  • The importance of making a mantra for your business
  • Becoming the attractive character in your business

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Episode Transcript:

Hello, this is Justin Coleman and welcome to the Master Sales Funnels Podcast, Episode 13.

Today, I wanted to talk about having a mantra for your business, your mission statement, basically. What keeps you going, what keeps your followers going? It’s a motivational phrase that you can use to kind of rally the troops, you might say.

If you’re part of like, say, Russell Brunson’s group, you’re a #funnelhacker. And he has a long spiel in the beginning of his podcasts about entrepreneurs working hard to raise their own money nowadays. Kind of bootstrapping things and not taking any venture capital money.

Venture capital never really made sense to me because you’re giving away a part of a business that you’re working really hard for. For, basically a one-time payment, you’re giving away ownership of what you’re doing. So I really relate to his message. And he knows that I’m his audience, so he puts that phrasing together and the #funnelhacker to have things for people to rally around.

You want your community to feel like they’re part of a group. That you’re kind of their leader, which you learn a lot about in Expert Secrets. And you want to be the attractive character in your business. You’re the focal point of your business that people relate to, that they can follow into business battle, you might say.

And part of that is, as I stated, coming up with something that people can gather around and relate to. My phrase so far has been “Keep Funnelin'”. And I know it’s not grammatically correct because it’s “funnelin'” instead of “funneling”, but I kind of just came up with it on the fly.

I was writing an early email to the Master Sales Funnels list, and I got to the end of the email and I didn’t really know what to put. So just like, “well, Keep Funnelin'”. And for a while I was like, that doesn’t really fit. People are going to rally around that. But I mean, the more I got to learning about funnels, the more I realized that it’s actually a pretty good mantra, because if you put a funnel out there and it’s likely not going to work the first time, so what do you do?

You got to “Keep Funnelin'” and you got to look at your funnel. You got to see where it’s broken. You got to use a tool like Funnelytics to check your analytics, your conversion rates, see where it’s failing and “Keep Funnelin'”.

So where I started with this, what I thought was kind of a lame duck start because I didn’t really know what to put. It’s kind of become a solid mantra for me. I’m pretty sure one that I’m going to keep because it’s really good advice.

I mean, you need to keep funnelin’.  You’re not going to find success on your first try. You have to go back and you have to rework the funnel. You have to tweak it. Even Russell Brunson says that you need to… even he needs to work a funnel sometimes three, four, or five times before he finds the magic combination. And I still see him updating things. He updated his Traffic Secrets funnel recently, and that kind of screwed me over.

Not anything on his fault, but I had some affiliate links through a short link program. The short link wasn’t redirecting correctly, so either it was stripping my affiliate link and redirected to the new funnel or it just didn’t redirect people at all and sent them to a 404. So I lost out on at least $1,000, I think by my calculations, based on how much I get per sale and how often I get a sale and how long I believe it was down because I just had crickets on my ClickFunnels account.

But you have put in that persistent effort. You have to keep going with your funnels. I know I talk about focus and motivation and keep going a lot in this podcast, but it’s really mindset is really what’s going to pull you through. I mean, you can get all the knowledge you want. You can learn everything about everything about funnels. And if you don’t act, if you don’t have the right mindset, if you don’t focus and get something out there in a focused manner, you’re not going to succeed.

It doesn’t matter. Like I spent four years learning… three and a half years learning everything I could while kind of taking action. But it didn’t really do me any good until I got this mindset and this focus. And I started really developing a schedule and developing that “Keep Funnelin'” mantra that actually taking it to heart.

You just you just got to keep doing what you’re doing. And sometimes it feels like a slog and sometimes it feels like, you know, you’re really blessed to be able to keep doing this, what you’re doing. Especially if it’s supporting you and you’re making money, that’s great.

But even in the hard times, you just got to remember, you got to keep going. You’ve got to “Keep Funnelin'”.

I know this has been a bit of a short episode this week. Kind of in contrast to last week, which I think was about twenty, twenty five minutes or something. But I really just wanted to explain why you need mantra and why I have mine. I kind of need to justify what I’m doing through this podcast as well by kind of talking it through.

So again, if you don’t have a podcast, I would get a podcast. You need to be producing content. You need to be finding your voice, finding your message.

Today’s show notes will be available at mastersalesfunnels.com/013 and as always, Keep Funnelin’.


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