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Summary & Resources:

You don’t want to blindly send people through you affiliate link to the company website. That’s no way to build your email list or your business. Instead, you need a bridge page.

In this episode:

  • Why you need a bridge page for your affiliate offers
  • What you MUST HAVE on your bridge pages
  • When to use a bridge funnel
  • Building your bridge page


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Episode Transcript:

Hello, this is Justin Coleman and this is the Master Sales Funnels podcast, Episode 27. Today, we’re going to continue our discussion about affiliate marketing and we are going to get into discussing bridge pages.

I know that I’ve mentioned bridge pages a couple of times in other episodes and kind of explained what they were, but probably not fully enough to the point where you exactly know what they are and what they can really do for your affiliate marketing career.


The Right Way To Link to Affiliate Offers

Essentially, a bridge page is the link between your user and the affiliate site that you’re promoting.

So you’re driving traffic to your website in order to send people to this bridge page, and then they go from the bridge page to the affiliate site. We’re bridging the gap, so to speak, between wherever they found our ad or our article or whatever content we put out there, our video, whatever content we put out there to draw in this cold traffic. And then they find the bridge page and then from there they click through to the affiliate site.

The bridge page is going to have your affiliate link on it. So you’re able to tag that person and get the credit for the sale.

It’s not just a landing page with a link, though. I mean, there’s other aspects involved to the bridge page.


Capturing Leads With Bridge Pages

It’s content that introduces yourself to the people instead of just blindly sending them from the traffic source to the company website. You have this connection in between where you can connect with your audience. You can introduce yourself as the expert that’s showing them that this is part of the solution that they’re looking for.

It’s a way for you to capture leads, as most affiliate programs don’t give you the emails of people who are signing up for the program, so you definitely want to be building your list.

And it’s also a way for you to provide more value. We’ll get into some of these things a little bit later in the episode. But just as an introduction, that’s what is included within a bridge page and why you want one instead of just plastering your link everywhere and sending people through to the company website.

You may hear the term bridge page mixed with bridge funnel a lot. A bridge page being what we just described as the single page, but a bridge funnel might be a couple of pages. So if you have your own product or guide that you’re giving away first and drawing people in that way, then after they sign up for that or pay you for what you’re offering, then the next page will then be the bridge page to the affiliate offer.

So it’s related to what you offered. It’s the next step up in your value ladder into giving people value for your business. So if you have a lower level offer and then you want to send people to an affiliate link after that to get money because you don’t have a product that fits that step in your ladder, then you’re good to go. You don’t have to make anything because the affiliate program that you’re pushing is already there. So you’re able to kind of fill in the gaps with other people’s products.


Elements of a Bridge Page

It’s important to understand what elements may be on a bridge page and what content you want on that bridge page. So first and foremost, you want to be able to capture somebody’s information you want, like I said, to build that email list. So you need a form on your bridge page.

But if you think about it, people aren’t just going to want to give you their email for nothing, just for the link to an affiliate offer. I mean, they can just go to the company website if they now know what you’re offering based on the content on your page, they’re not going to want to just give you an email.

So you need to provide extra value that’s going to make the affiliate offer even better. So another guide, a training, some bonuses that are all related to the affiliate offer that you’re promoting, are all good things that you want to offer people in order to get them to pay you with their email address.

So you want a catchy headline that draws people in that relates to the problem that the person clicking through has and eventually you want to lead them from the headline that identifies their problem and then through the content on that page or the video that you provide, a video sales letter maybe, that explains that the affiliate offer is really the solution to their problem.

So as you’re relating to them by explaining that you know their problem, then the affiliate offer becomes the solution that they really can’t go without because it’s the next step in the process. It’s the next thing that they need in order to solve their problem.


Pre-Framing People For Your Offer

It’s really a pre-frame for what the website that you’re promoting is selling. So we’ve discussed previously that company websites may not be the best at promoting their own products, their landing page might be terrible, but it might be a good product to promote still so you want to pre-frame people.

If you’re taking people from one market and kind of leading them into an affiliate offer in another market, then you need to set up that pre-frame. If you’re taking, for example, say, real estate agents and trying to sell them ClickFunnels as a good solution to getting leads for their business and finding clients, then you’re taking somebody from the housing industry and pulling them into the marketing niche.

I mean, a lot of realtors are pretty savvy with marketing, but they may not know exactly how to build a funnel. So you need a pre-frame that relates their marketing experience that a typical realtor may have and then relating it to funnels and why funnels is really a better solution for them.

So they need to get a ClickFunnels account through your affiliate link. And you can also provide a training course on how to set up their ClickFunnels and what kind of guide they may need to create to get people in as a lead and outline the value ladder for them and what they may need to create in order to get these leads rolling into their business on autopilot so that they have clients that they can then sell their house or show houses to.

And you’re doing all that through the pre-frame on your bridge page.


How to Build A Bridge Page

There are several different ways that you can build a bridge page. It really depends on what you want to pay for or what kind of setup you already have.

If you just have, say, a WordPress website or a Wix website, you can build a landing page within that, that you are driving people to that as a form on it, where people are signing up for your bonuses and then hopefully whatever form you’re using will be able to redirect people to the affiliate offer.

If it doesn’t, then you need some kind of autoresponder that once they sign up, an email goes out that then directs them to the affiliate offer. I use SendFox for my email marketing and as most email marketing platforms should have, they should have the ability to create a form that will be able to redirect to a different link once they sign up. So you’ll be able to integrate that into whatever type of website builder that you’re using.

If you want to have a completely separate platform, then maybe you need a ClickFunnels account.

They have a template within ClickFunnels that you can use for bridge pages that has the content that you need to replace with your own content. But it already has a good layout that you can utilize as the bridge page between your traffic source and your affiliate offer.

You can also use another funnel builder like GrooveFunnels that’s a little newer to the game, but again, just a funnel builder that gives you the functionality you need for creating forms, creating members areas for the course that you want to create to help the people that are taking your affiliate offer. And you have that members area that’s great for offering your bonus. So you can put your course within the member’s area, and then there you go.

You have something collecting your emails through a form and then you have the members area all built into that platform. You don’t need to find piecemeal solutions like you would with WordPress. So funnel builders are one option.

It doesn’t matter if you have a WordPress or if you use a funnel builder. I mean, funnel builders have the functionality built in. But again, you should be able to piece together what you need either way.

Just depends on how much you’re willing to spend, how tech savvy you are and how much time you want to dedicate in to trying to figure it out. A funnel builder may be a little bit easier of a solution for you, and then, I mean, once you sign up as a member, if you’re promoting that as an affiliate offer, then you can start making some money back by pushing ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels.

I will be sure to link to those in the show notes, if you want to go that route.


Learn More Aboue Bridge Pages

And if you want to learn a little bit more about bridge pages and the strategy behind them, I’m going to recommend the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit that I’ve been pushing this season.

Again, it’s 16 experts that will be able to help you with step-by-step guides on how to become an affiliate marketer for a living. They try to teach you how to sell ClickFunnels, but again, you can utilize the knowledge and use it towards any affiliate offer that you want to push in your business as the solution that your audience is looking for.

I know that several of them talk about bridge pages because it’s really the way to go. You need that pre-frame. You need to capture people’s information. You need to offer that additional value and introduce yourself as the expert behind the scenes so that people will want to sign up for your email list and come back to you.

You want to become the expert in the industry and you can’t do that if you’re just blindly sending people through. You need to be seen as the helpful link that people are looking for to get their problem solved, and then people will stay on your email list, hopefully, and then you can pitch them other products.

They’ll be happier because you have already provided a good solution for them on the affiliate offer and they’ll be more apt to buy whatever you’re offering later. So it really helps build that trust and that expert status, being able to introduce yourself on that bridge page. And without it, you’re just playing middleman to make a quick buck. And that’s not good for longevity and that’s not good for your business.

If you know anybody who is interested in making a little bit of money on the side or who may want to be an affiliate marketer for a living, I would invite you to invite them to the podcast and have them check out season two here as we’re going through affiliate marketing and teaching people how to make a living as affiliate marketers.

I know that the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp is a really good resource. And if you can get people to listen to some episodes to start their education on affiliate marketing, that will get the ball rolling for them. And they can go through the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp and really learn how to become an affiliate marketer for a living.

Thank you, as always, for listening. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast on whatever you’re listening on.

And as always, Keep Funnelin’.


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