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Summary & Resources:

Summit funnels are an amazing way to boost your authority, grow your email list, and network with the elites of your industry. Let’s learn more.

In this episode:

  • What a summit actually is
  • Why summits are important to your business
  • The opportunity of bringing yourself to a higher level
  • Building your email list from the list of experts
  • How to make the sale before and after the summit
  • How to use a summit funnel
  • Examples of summit funnels in the SaaS space


30 Days Summit (Affiliate Link) - A free summit showcasing expert advice from expert digital marketers about what they would do to rebuild their business in 30 days if they lost everything.
Affiliate Bootcamp Summit (Affiliate Link) - A free summit showcasing expert affiliate marketers on how they would support their family within 30 days of starting an affiliate marketing career from scratch.
Brick and Mortar Summit (Affiliate Link) - A free summit where small business owners use simple sales funnels to boost their business to new heights.
DotCom Secrets Summit (Affiliate Link) - 30+ expert entrepreneurs share their exact funnels they use to grow their businesses.
Affiliate Marketing to $10k Course - Learn the first steps it takes to get into affiliate marketing, and what you need to know to make your first $10,000 online.

Episode Transcript

Hello, this is Justin Coleman and this is the The Master Sales Funnels Podcast, and we are on Episode 38 today.

Today, we’re going to talk about summits and summit funnels. If you’re listening to this podcast, I assume that you’ve attended some kind of online summit that has to do with marketing or sales funnels in the past. If you haven’t, then I’m going to be sure to link to some in the show notes. And also we’ll talk a little bit about some of the summits that I’ve been through towards the end of this episode.

So if you don’t know what a summit is, it’s either a virtual or in-person event. It’s usually 1 to 3 days and it can be paid or free. It’s live or prerecorded content that gathers experts in whatever the subject is about and puts them together and ask them questions and gets their opinions on certain topics, you know, that the audience will be interested in. And it can also be them showing people how to do certain things. But a lot of summits are kind of thoughts on what the experts think about the industry now and kind of where it’s going in the future.

Like I said, they can also give you education on certain topics, but just know that it’s a gathering of experts that are meant to give you information on a specific topic that is interesting to the audience. It having experts helps draw people to the summit because you usually use people that are known within that industry. So it pulls them all together into one place. It helps your business, because then since you’re the one putting on this summit or event, you have the proximity to these names.

People see your name with these other experts. Usually as the host, you’re gonna want to do your own session in the summit. Even if you don’t feel worthy or, you know, able to do so. You should put something together so that your face and your name is there with these industry experts. And that automatically puts you up a peg in people’s minds and helps build that authority that you really need for your business. Not only that, but you’re also providing your audience extreme value up front.

So you’re not just building your authority for the sake of boosting your ego, your building value for the audience, especially if it’s free. I mean, even if it’s paid, you can give value that’s worthy of the payment. But especially if it’s a free summit, then you’re giving a bunch of value up front. You have all these experts gathered that people don’t have to go out and find and different sources you’re giving hopefully unique and one of a kind content and insights that people aren’t going to find anywhere else.

Another good thing that a summit can do for your business is that it can pre-frame people for a sale. It can give them basically enough knowledge to be dangerous. And then at the end of the summit, you can provide them with a solution for whatever the next step is. So if you have a summit on affiliate marketing, then you need to have some kind of product at the end that’s related to getting people started on their affiliate marketing journey. And then obviously that would be more of a paid product, especially if the summit was free.

Then you want to get people paying on the back end. Another great thing that a summit will do is not only is your name next to these experts, but you had to contact them. You had to find these industry leaders. You had to convince them that this summit was a worthy enough for them to be a part of. So you’re getting that networking and that connection with others and they’re going to tell their email lists that they’re going to be in this summit because, you know, they want any feather they can get in their cap.

They also want to be seen alongside the other expert names that are going to be on the summit. So they’re definitely going to tell their audience and then that’s going to get people from their lists to come sign up for your list. So that’s amazing value that you get to help build your business through this summit. And it’s crazy because all of these other people are providing most of the content and you’re getting the email list. But that’s that’s the power of the summit.

And that’s why so many people do online summit. For their business, so now that we’ve discussed what a summit is, we can discuss what a summit funnel is, what is the process that goes along with the summit? It’s just like any other funnel. Basically, it’s a combination of pages and gateways, whether an email gateway or a payment gateway that combines to form the process in which the summit is sold and delivered. The funnel itself can present your summit, your experts presentations and kind of drip format where they can either be live and you can do it day by day and live sessions, or you can do drip release content if your platform allows for it, where it just releases each day of content on any given day during the summit.

So you can kind of space out the content, keep people coming back, keep them coming back for that experience. And then on the last day of the summit is when you would make your sale again. The funnel itself allows people to pay for the summit or sign up, which then is building your email list. Again, a very powerful asset in your business is that email list. And you want to keep building that and you’re going to get the people from the experts email list.

So that is another great way to get leads. And again, the funnel can make an offer at the end of the summit, which is preferable. You can also make the offer in the beginning after they sign up. You can say if you sign up now before the summit even starts, we’ll give you a special discount on this product that we’re going to pitch to you at the end anyways. You can also add some bonuses that they get for signing up early, or you could even let them know that they’re going to get a lot more value out of the summit if they sign up for your offer now, because maybe your bonus content is going to be possibly special discounts from each of the speakers or some workbook that’s going to help them really get the most value out of what each speaker is saying.

So there are ways that you should probably put your offer in the initial funnel and then also offer it again at the end. Some examples of summits. All of these are from Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels. But I thought that they were all good examples of a summit and three out of the four that I’m going to discuss are free. So they are affiliate links, but I’ll have them in the show notes and they’re definitely worth checking out. If you want to see kind of how Russell, who is a master Funneler, structures his summit funnel structures, the actual summit himself itself, and also how he uses it to sell his main products.

So in his book and probably should be in your book as well, the summit is the thing that sells the thing, I guess, in his case that sells the things. So each of these summits leads to people buying the One Funnel Away Challenge to learn more about funnels. And then the One Funnel Away Challenge sells ClickFunnels, which is his ultimate goal. So he has multiple levels of things that sell things, that sell things, which is good in your business because that’s providing free value up front.

And then it’s providing cheap value for what could easily be a thousand dollar course, the One Funnel Away Challenge, and then ultimately getting people to buy ClickFunnels, which hopefully by that point they then have the knowledge and the drive to want to use on a continual basis to build their own funnels and build out their own business. The first one of his funnels I wanted to talk about is the 30 day summit, and this is literally just 30 people who have used ClickFunnels.

To build their million dollar business, and he asked them how they did it and if they lost all of their money and only had a ClickFunnels account, how would they rebuild their business in 30 days? So, again, taking experts within his own industry and providing value to people on how they could use ClickFunnels to build a business in 30 days. The Affiliate Bootcamp summit is a series of, I think, its 16 affiliate marketers who have again made a lot of money in affiliate marketing.

And it’s their strategies on how they would do so in a month, that 30 days he’s sticking to that theme, how they would start out again as an affiliate marketer and how they would basically, you know, figure out how to support their family within 30 days using only affiliate marketing. Of course, they want you to affiliate market for ClickFunnels. But I mean, the information is really valuable for pretty much anything you want to sell. And it’s all these experts opinions and you get 16 different plans to choose from.

And of course, Russell has his own segment. In each of these summits that I’m mentioning, I don’t know about brick and mortar. I haven’t actually been through that one, which we’ll discuss next. But I know that he has his own segment in each of the other summits. So he’s again putting his name next to these experts in the industry and building his authority for his audience. The brick and mortar summit is another one that he has targeted at local businesses.

So he has a bunch of local business experts who, if they lost everything, what would they do to rebuild their business in a short amount of time? And that’s especially relevant nowadays after we’ve had a year of business closures because of the pandemic. So he actually created that before all that happened, I believe. But it was just a good thing to have, you know, timing wise for him. I believe those three are free still. And then the DotCom Secrets summit is a paid two day summit where they discuss all of the concepts within the DotCom Secrets book.

So once you buy the DotCom Secrets book within this particular funnel, then they offer you the DotCom Secrets summit where they, like I said, go into more depth on the different aspects of DotCom Secrets. And I believe they pull in experts. Again, I haven’t been through this one, but I’m just reading about it. They pull in experts who have implemented these different secrets within the book and give you a lot more information. And then again, that leads to the One Funnel Away Challenge, which is one hundred dollars, and then that leads into ClickFunnels because you can’t really complete the One Funnel Away Challenge unless you have a two week trial of ClickFunnels.

But it’s a month long course. So, I mean, you do the math. He’s he’s using a summit as a great sales tool, providing that value up front, but then pulling people into the actual paid products that he wants people to pay him on a recurring basis for. So, again, I will have all of the links to these summits down in the show notes. And if you’re listening elsewhere and not on the Master Sales Funnels website, the show notes are at

Thank you as always for listening. I really appreciate your continued listenership or your new listenership. If you are just finding me, be sure to go back and listen to the first thirty seven episodes. There’s a lot of value in there about finding your Y and your purpose in business and also a whole season on affiliate marketing, which I am turning into a course that is now available. I’ll be sure to link to that in the show notes as well.

And then of course, this season, season 3, where we are discussing Lead funnels and how you can build that email list, that major asset for your business. Thanks again for listening and as always, Keep Funnelin’.

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