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Summary & Resources:

Ready to enter a contest for prizes valued over $50,000? Streamline your business networking efforts and enter to win Dream 100 Software, along with training, and lifetime access to the Master Sales Funnels University.

In this episode:

  • What is business networking?
  • Why do people slack in their networking efforts?
  • What you should do before any networking event
  • Learn from Master Marketer Dana Derricks
  • What is Dream 100 Software and what can it do for your business?


Dream 100 Giveaway Contest - I’ve comped 1 year of Dream 100 Software and the Vault for 1 lucky winner, along with access to my courses for life. Master network marketing with training from Dana Derricks, and get a lifetime of marketing courses from Justin Coleman.

Episode Video:

Episode Transcript

Hello. This is Justin Coleman with the Master Sales Funnels podcast, and I am excited that this is Episode 40 and I have a really cool announcement. We have our first ever contest, our first ever giveaway, and the value of that giveaway is over $50,000. I was able to put that together through looking into some tools I thought would be useful for people and decided to purchase one of them for a lucky winner, along with throwing in some access to my courses, so be sure to stay tuned until the end.
I’ll have details on that. In the meantime, this is Episode 40 and we’re in the middle of talking about lead generation. I wanted to talk specifically about a type of lead generation that is less used than others because it does take more time, sometimes years, to get it to work. It does take a lot of effort and grinding and feeling like you’re getting nowhere until you finally get that little push that you need to get over the edge and make it really work for you in ways that other types of lead generation just can’t.
It amplifies your business and grow it to new heights you never thought possible. Sometimes it costs you money to make it work, but mostly it’s just a time commitment that a lot of people just don’t take the time to do. And what I’m talking about is business network marketing, so actually business networking rather. Talking to other people who have audiences that may not know of your product, and you’re trying to reach out to these people and help them with their business. They help you with your business and return. And it’s not what you know. It’s who you know, right?
So opening up those new opportunities by talking with people and accessing their knowledge and their resources, and like I said, their lists and their audience, it opens those connections. It opens those doors. It’s not a set and forget funnels that you’re able to build. You actually need to make genuine connection with people.
You can’t just spam people and expect them to. “I know you’ve gotten the email. Can you link to my article? Can you link to my resource, please, please”? That is very, very desperate, and we don’t want to do that.
That’s not helping anybody. Through affiliate marketing our goal is to help people as business owners. Our goal is to to help people, even if those other people are other business owners. Even if those other people are our direct competition. There are ways that we can work together and help lift each other up.
And like I said, I’ll say it again. I’ll say it over and over. We don’t want to be spamming. We don’t want to just be selfish because no one’s going to want to work with you. You’re going to drag your name and your brand through the mud.
We want to be helpful to people, and we want to like I said, open up that connection, and it’s networking. It’s not, you know, you have to help others so that they can help you. Business networking isn’t one off event. It’s not going to a conference and meeting people and just, oh, that was fun. This person was really cool and reaching out to them once and then saying it’s over.
I mean, networking events are a way that you can get your foot in the door and meet people that you otherwise wouldn’t have met in person to make that first impression. Or if you’re doing business marketing correctly, you can figure out who’s going to be at that conference and make your connections beforehand with a Dream 100 strategy, which we’ll talk a little bit more about. This is kind of the precursor to introducing that. But if they know who you are before you get to that conference, that in person connection is going to drive this over the top, they’re going to be like, “oh, I’ve known you for a while” from Facebook, comments commenting on my posts in general, if you’re part of their group on Facebook, helping their group is a way that you can make an impression, giving helpful answers, helpful advice.
If they have, like, a software, you learn the software inside it out, and you help them help their audience rather learn, answer their audience questions for them, and they’ll keep seeing your name pop up.
And then when you make that in person connection at that networking event, it’s going to click in their brain, and they’re going to want to talk to you because they already know who you are. I’ve heard stories of this working like Steve Larson. That’s how he got his job at Click Funnels because he was very active in the ClickFunnels group. And when he got there, Russell Brunson knew who he was because he was at the top of every commenting, at the top of every thread that he posted, and the top of every question that people asked.
So it does work. And like I said, it’s just not that one off event. It’s not going into an event blindly. It’s constantly reaching out to people being helpful to them in their business. We have the Internet now you have to find who has your audience and tap into that. And again, it’s not a greedy thing.
It’s not a creepy thing. Like you’re stalking them. It is genuinely being helpful. It’s helping them level up so they can help you level up in return. And it’s also gives you a name by Association.
So if you end up doing, like, a joint venture or something where you both work on something together, your name is going to be associated with that person, and you can be introducing them to a new audience as well. So it’s getting that Association with people who already have your market and getting people within that audience that they already have collected. Associating your name with that person that they already know. Like and trust. Out of this, you can get a shout out. You can get them to email their list for you with your offer, maybe just an introduction so that they know you and the content that you’re providing, the value that you’re providing to the market.
Like I mentioned, you could do a co event or a webinar. You could get together and co launch a product. They could end up writing the forward to your book. So again, that Association by name can be there, because if they’re writing the forward to your book, that means they’ve taken the time they’ve read it, and they basically put their signature on it saying that it’s a good book, because if they don’t want their name on associated with it, they’re not going to write the forward. So that’s basically their stamp of approval to their audience that you’re awesome.
And what you have to say is worth listening to. So a book forward is something that maybe you can get out of this. If you’re writing a book, and maybe if the person doesn’t really know you, you can have them be a JV to your launch. So, that’s joint venture. They can be a partner in that way. So you give them a certain Commission on what they sell for you.
So they’ll email their list in exchange for 50% of the sales that they bring in. I mean, that’s a high percentage, but also, it’s getting access to a list of people that would take you years, possibly to get access to. So it’s kind of time traveling. It’s speeding up the process, and it’s using what other people have already taken their harder time and money to gather and tapping into that. Pretty much everything that I’ve discussed in this episode is what is known as the Dream 100.
It is your 100 people. I say 100 because it can be more. It can be less as you’re just starting out. But it is a set number of people that have gathered your audience that you want to reach out to and somehow get in front of of their audience, so you can work your way in. Like I said, it takes time to make those connections to get them to know you and want to actually work with you.
If you have money, you can possibly buy ads in front of their audience. So if they’re big enough, you can target them on Facebook or other platforms and advertise straight to their audience. So you’re kind of associated with them. But mostly it takes time. And there are ways that you can fast forward the process.
Instead of having to go out and figure out every little thing that they’re posting and commenting on it, you can use a new software, which is a part of the giveaway that I wanted to introduce. 
So I have a giveaway on my website. I’ll be sure to put it in the show notes, the link to it, it will be at And as I said, it is worth over $50,000 in value because it includes the new Dream 100 software.
So it takes all of what we’re doing here and just streamlines it. It’s a software from Dana Derrick’s Master marketer out there who has really dug in to the Dream 100 concept and really mastered it. And he’s sharing all of his knowledge. So within this deal that I’m comping, we’re paying for a year of access to this software and his vault. So with all of that, you get access to basically all of his knowledge on the Dream 100, and this awesome software.
The software is kind of like a CRM for your Dream 100. It pulls you put in the Facebook profile. It pulls in all their information for you from their different platforms, and it shows you when they’re commenting what they’re commenting. When they’re posting on Facebook, they’re going to have other networks soon. I believe they’re working on LinkedIn and possibly Twitter at the moment, but they’re putting in other networks so you can follow your Dream 100, and you don’t have to go out and do all of this searching every day to try and find out what they’re posting, what they’re commenting on and how you can help.
It pulls it in and shows you that for you. So it makes it super simple, super easy. That is $200 a month. Like I said, we’re comping that for you. That’s part of the over $50,000 value.
A large chunk of this value comes from the Dream 100 volts, which are Dana Derrick has put together a ton of courses and training over the years, and all of that. All of his books are valued at. He has sold them for an amount to people in the past that equals over that. I think it’s like 49,000 and some. And also I’m throwing in lifetime access to my Master Sales Funnels University for one winner included in that grand prize package, and I’ll include that for some of the other winners as well.
There’ll be three other winners of the contest to get just that Master Sales Funnels University lifetime access, because that’s what I have available to give to you. And then five more winners will win lifetime access to the affiliate marketing course that I am working on right now that will teach you how to get started in affiliate marketing, which is perfect if you want to get some money going for your business or even if you have a current product or business, it’s an awesome course that is going to be able to show you how to put an affiliate offer on the back end of your existing business to really amplify what you have going on without having to do more product creation.
So you just take what somebody else has already done, tack it onto the back of your business. If it’s a good fit and amplify your profit. So I teach all of that in my affiliate marketing course.
Like I said, that’s included in the Master Sales Funnels University. But I’m also offering it as lower tier level prizes. Again, you can enter the contest at There will be a link to the contest.
I’ll be doing some demos of the Dream 100 software you can keep an eye out for, and I’ll be sure to add those links to this episode as I create those as well. But really, networking is going to explode your business. So if you lose everything, you’re still going to have your connections, and you can still reach out and use those connections within your network. So it’s basically a bulletproof formula to be able to always keep going in business. You’re going to be able to always reach out to somebody who has your audience, and you can offer them a new product, a new offer, a new training.
it’s going to be great. 
And like I said, you’re definitely going to want to enter this contest. And there’s going to be other ways that you can get more entries, such as sharing on the contest on your media platforms, and then getting referrals for every referral you get in on that. You get three extra entries.
Also, visiting the Dream 100 page where Data is offering his Dream 100 software and Vault, I would like to mention that he’s not associated with this at all. I’m not an affiliate for him. I’m not part of his company. I’m not an employee. I just see the value in the software, and I wanted to include it one year access to it and all of his training as a really good value to my audience.
So, again, be sure to share this episode with people who you think would be interested in learning a little bit about business networking, especially those who want to enter the contest. Or maybe you want to save sharing the contest with them until you get those extra entries. I really want to thank you for being a great audience and listening to what I have to say and hopefully getting some value out of what I have to say and good luck in the contest. And as always, keep funneling.
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