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Getting people to buy from you may seem like an impossible endeavor, but there is one thing that will get them pulling out their wallet and slapping their card on the table. This week we talk about tripwire funnels.

In this episode:

  • What a tripwire funnel actually is
  • What a tripwire offer is used for
  • Good examples of tripwire offers
  • A buyer is a buyer is a buyer
  • Enter the Dream 100 Contest


Dream 100 Contest - Enter for your chance to win Dream 100 Software, the Dream 100 Vault, and lifetime access to Master Sales Funnels University.
More about Tripwire Funnels - I go more in-depth about tripwire funnels within this article on the Master Sales Funnels Blog.

Episode Transcript

Hello, this is Justin Coleman and this is the Master Sales Funnels podcast, Episode 42. Before we get started on today’s episode, I wanted to mention the Dream 100 giveaway that Master Sales Funnels has going on right now. It is a giveaway for one year of access to the Dream 100 software and the Vault. So if you don’t know what the Dream 100 is, it’s basically going out and finding your 100 top clients or people who have already gathered your audience and basically just making yourself known to them and trying to be as helpful to them as possible.
And you may know this as business marketing, but, business networking rather, but it’s really a great way to put a long game in your business.
And the Dream 100 Vaults was created by a Master marketer named Dana Derricks. He has nothing to do with this contest and isn’t sponsoring it. I’m not his employee, but he is the one that put the Vault together and gives you all of this awesome training in setting up your business value ladder and obviously several trainings on the Dream 100 and being able to write your own book within a week. So a lot of awesome value within the Vault and then the software itself. I have given some demos on you can check those out on my YouTube channel, but it’s a software that basically helps you keep track of your Dream 100 and find them where they are on social media.
So at the moment, it works with Facebook and it shows you the comments and posts that people make people from your Dream 100 that you’ve added to the software. It shows you the comments and posts that they make so you can click right into where they are on social and comment and add value. And it’s really awesome because like I said, it takes you directly to their comments. So if they’re having a conversation with somebody who’s kind of bashing their product or whatever, you can kind of back them up or just I don’t know, a lot of people, a lot of marketers still post just random stuff and it’s good to be there and start that conversation and really open up those channels of communication and grow your network.
So this is all about growing that network. It’s the Dream 100. And like I said, we have a giveaway going on right now. I’ll be sure to have a link in the show notes. It’s free to sign up and you have extra chances to enter after you enter your email address in the contest.
Widget, you can share the contest on social for some extra chances to win and subscribe to me on some of my channels may not hurt to subscribe because hopefully I’m giving out valuable information that you can listen to and consume that will help you grow your business, but that contest will be linked in the show notes. As I said at or possibly the link is on the podcast platform that you’re listening to right now. So this episode we are going to be talking about Tripwire funnels.
What is a Trip wire funnels? Well, you know that with an opt in funnels, otherwise known as a squeeze page funnels.
You are giving something away for free that is small but still valuable in order to get somebody’s email. But where do you send people after that? Well, you usually send them to a tripwire offer. That is the next step. So a tripwire funnels is that funnel that includes that next step. That low value offer where you’re actually now asking people to pay for something. So marketers like to use sevens and nines. There’s a lot of research showing that people like to buy more frequently. There’s higher conversion rates when something ends with a seven or a nine.
So you’ll often see that for the tripwire offer. But tripwires are used to get people buying. I mean, you’ve already collected their email. They already trust you enough to give you their email. But do they trust you enough to pull out their wallet, slap down their credit card on the desk, and start typing in numbers?
That’s what the Trip wire offer is really for. It’s to see who your buyers are and as they say, a buyer is a buyer, is a buyer. So that kind of pulls the trigger or sets off the trip wire, as it were for the rest of the funnels. So if you can get people to start with those low dollar values, if they already enter their card, especially if you have one click upsells where they don’t have to enter their card again, it takes away a lot of the friction within the funnels to get people to buy.
If you want to know how to make a Trip wire funnels, you can build it in basically any of your funnels building software tools.
I personally use either WordPress or Groove funnels. That’s just what I’ve chosen to use. You can use click funnels. You can use Kartra, SamCart, anything really that offers funnel functionality. The inner workings of the Trip wire funnels.
First, you would have your optin page with your free value, where you collect that email and get that initial connection of trust. The next page would be your Trip wire offer, where you walk people up your value ladder, give them a little bit more value. And like I said, try and get them to pull their wallet out. And it’s not tricky or salesy or, slimy. It’s offering them more value.
And if you’re giving them more value, then why shouldn’t you get money for it? It’s a win win all around, really. And then after the tripwire page, you can either cut that off with a thank you or more than likely, you’re going to keep selling. Because like I said, you have that credit card out on the desk and they’re already buying so you want to keep putting offers in front of them up to a point, like one or two offers after that, to see if they’re ready to solve more of their problems and to pay you for that valuable information.
What can you include as a trip wire offer? What are some examples? You can include a small piece of your main offer. So if you have a course or some kind of info product, you can carve out the beginning of that and offer it as your trip wire. Let them know that there’s more value to come.
But if they want, they can get this first whole chunk of your course for $7, and maybe it’s a $900 course. I guess it’d be like 997 if we’re sticking with the rule of seven, but they can get that first chunk for $7 and it will help solve X, Y, and Z of their problems. And in that way, they’re getting a lot of value. But they’re also getting an introduction to that main product, and they’re going to want to possibly pay for the main product on the next page.
Another thing that you could offer as a trip wire, maybe a physical book upgrade or an audio book.
If you have a free book funnels, and the free book funnels is just an eBook to start with, you can offer that small upgrade if you cover shipping and handling, will send you the physical book or give us $7. And you can get the audio book of me personally reading this book to you, and then you can save time by listening to this book on the go. Other great offers for Trip wires, maybe some simple software or a wizard, maybe just like a simple form that you’ve created that will spit out some kind of result for people.
An example of that in my business is my goal wizard. So it’s just really basically it’s just a form that I’ve built that makes you list out what your big goal is either in your business or your life.
And it kind of walks you backwards into breaking that down into actionable steps that you can take, steps that you can an act today within your business. So that’s a big problem with goals. That’s why I created that was a lot of them just seem so far out there, and you don’t know how to get there, but you have to reverse engineer it. And that wizard that I sell for $27 is able to help people do that. And that would be a good trip wire offer.
Other things you can offer are templates that will help people be more successful. So if you have an offer that involves signing up for maybe whatever your software is, maybe you can then upsells to, like $7 for a bunch of templates that are going to speed up the process for them so they don’t actually have to build out. You know, whatever it is in your software, they can just utilize your template and speed their way on to success. That, in a nutshell, is a trip wire offer.
Again, just getting people to pull out their wallets and start buying from us, building that trust enough to the point where they want to actually purchase some of the higher end value that we are offering instead of just signing up for our free offers.
Again, I want to mention the Dream 100 contest. Be sure not to sleep on that that end September 14 of 2021. So, if you’re bingeing the podcast in the future and coming back to the earlier episodes, I apologize, but the contest ends in September of 2021. So if you’re listening now, be sure to get in on that while you can. And I would say share it with a friend, but you may be better off to wait until you sign up for the contest because then you can share it via email or social media and you get three extra entries for sharing, and then you get three additional entries per person who signs up for your link.
So be sure to share the contest through the contest widget and collect those extra entries. Like I said, the grand prize is that Dream 100 Vault and the Dream 100 software for a year. I’m also throwing in lifetime access to my Master Sales Funnels University. I currently have an affiliate marketing course in there and the Goal Wizard, so you can get those included in the grand prize if your name is drawn. I’m also going to be adding courses to that throughout my marketing career, so adding continuous value to that for three runners up who have the most amount of entries in the contest.
Like I said, you can get more entries through the different options on that contest widget. I’m offering the Master Sales Funnels University because that’s what I have to offer. That’s a value currently of 1497. Yes, I also have to throw that seven in there. But like I said, that’s going to be more valuable over time as I keep adding courses and putting my knowledge into course form to help you build your business.
I also have five third place winners, again based on the number of entries you have in the contest. So it’s going to be good to share because you can also win access to that affiliate marketing course that I am currently working on. And even if you have a business and an existing product, that affiliate marketing course is still going to be pretty good for you because we talk in the course about the affiliate Upsell funnels. So we have the Affiliate funnels, which is a bridge page basically to the offer that you’re promoting.
But if you already have a product, you can use that as your front end. And then you can upsells people to a related affiliate offer and we go over all of that in the course. So there are going to be those five third place winners, those three second place winners, and then the one grand prize winner. So we’re going to have nine winners in this contest, so be sure to enter. You can also go back to that contest daily and make sure that you click the Daily Entry button to get the additional entries, because there’s quite a bit of tie going on right now.
So even those ten extra points for the Daily entry can help put you up the rankings on the contest. Just to be fair, that grand prize winner is a random draw, but the other eight prizes are going to be based on number of entries.
So I want to thank you for listening to the Master Sales Funnels podcast. I really appreciate everyone who has listened, who is consuming my information, and hopefully you find it useful. I’d love to hear from any of you. If you have any comments on the show, anything you’d like to hear about or learn, you can reach out Just put podcast somewhere in the subject line, and I’ll know that it’s about the podcast, and hopefully it’s nice thing. But if you have any constructive criticism, I’m always welcome to that, too. I actually have an undergrad in animation, and a big part of that was constructive criticism. So if any of you out there have ever done animation, it’s a lot of tedious and time consuming work.
And then you take it into class and present it in front of everybody, and everybody just kind of rip it apart, but in a good way, in a constructive way. But for the first couple of classes, it’s a little hard to sit through that because you spend all this time and effort on something that you think you have looking decent, and then everybody kind of picks it to death. So I’m used to the constructive criticism. It made me a better animator over time. I mean, I can’t animate now that’s how College degrees go.
Kind of useless after the fact in a lot of instances, but I’ve kind of taken that lesson with me. So any constructive criticism you have is very welcome. So, again, be sure to hit that contest, try to implement Tripwire Funnels within your business. And as always, keep funneling.
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