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Master Sales Funnels is an affiliate for Funnelytics, and not an employee. We get commissions for purchases you make in Funnelytics after filling out the form below. MCH is our own product where we aim to provide insane value through pre-built funnel maps AND fully built out template funnels based on the funnel maps.

Save $453 a year!

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Funnelytics Map: Normal $468/yr
Save – $369/yr


Master Conversion Hub: Normal $84/yr
Save $84/yr

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What is Funnelytics Map Plus?

Funnelytics Free Funnel Mapping Tool

Funnelytics™ Map offers a comprehensive solution for agencies looking to enhance their marketing funnel strategies. By providing access to a library of over 100 proven funnel templates from top marketers, Funnelytics™ Map allows agencies to model successful strategies quickly and efficiently. The platform’s drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to create and visualize marketing funnels, saving time and effort in the planning phase.

One key benefit for agencies is the ability to collaborate effectively with team members and clients using Funnelytics™ Map. The platform enables easy sharing of funnel canvases, high-resolution exports for professional presentations, and features like notes and checklists to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. This streamlined communication process can help agencies impress clients, increase retention, and boost productivity.

Not only that, Funnelytics™ Map offers powerful planning and customization features, including the option to map out landing pages, sales pages, upsells, emails, ads, and more according to individual preferences. With access to unlimited mapping canvases, agencies can experiment with different strategies and optimize their funnels for maximum conversions.

Additionally, Funnelytics™ Map includes a bonus program called Quick Client Formula™, providing valuable training on leveraging the platform to close high-value clients faster. This bonus, along with the database of proven funnels, full breakdown reports, and funnel maps, offers agencies a comprehensive toolkit to elevate their marketing efforts.

Leverage the power of an intuitive interface, vast template library, collaborative features, and powerful planning tools to streamline your marketing funnel strategies, impress clients, and drive success in your marketing campaigns.

What is Master Conversion Hub?

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Master Conversion Hub is a comprehensive resource designed to equip businesses and individuals with the necessary tools to boost conversions, expand lead generation, and drive traffic to their sales funnels and websites.

The hub offers a wide array of funnel maps and templates categorized for easy navigation, allowing users to explore different funnels and learn how to leverage them effectively.

Each listed funnel comes with a corresponding funnel map, and full funnel templates are being developed in GrooveFunnels so you can get a funnel build with the click of a button. 


The Best Part?

Our expert funnel maps utilize Funnelytics, so you can skip the trial and get the power of our funnel maps at a yearly discount.

We’re offering access to the hub FOR FREE if you take Funnelytics up on their limited time Funnel Map Plus offer.

Our hub is normally $7/month for access, so this is a steal to gain lifetime access to this resource we’ll keep building out over time. 

We are affiliates for Funnelytics and not employees. This offer for Master Conversion Hub is not associated nor guaranteed by Any issues with Master Conversion Hub should be brought up with Master Sales Funnels. 

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