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If you’re a store owner and find it hard to find a good eCommerce platform, then it’s about time you learn about GrooveKart in this review.

When choosing an eCommerce platform for your online business, it must have the right tools that are also convenient to use.

Some brands may charge too much and this is actually a huge factor for most entrepreneurs who are still building their brand from scratch.

What’s worse is that their tools may come too advanced, thus making it difficult to understand and use for starters.

With GrooveKart, you’re not only making the right decision, but you’re also skipping the long process of coding to put your online store to work.

Plus, the software also comes with an amazing tool to help you start selling products without even having a physical inventory.

How? Just keep reading to know more.

GrooveKart Review

GrooveKart logo

GrooveKart is a great and easy solution for eCommerce users who are still looking for a platform to run their online business.

With GrooveKart, you can easily sell your products in different variants and categories, generate reports, insights, and more.

Selling products without a physical product is also possible since the platform has a built-in print-on-demand dropshipping feature, too.

That’s how easy it is to make money online with GrooveKart!

The eCommerce platform is also included in the GrooveFunnels suite of tools that are designed for marketers by marketers.

If you’ve never heard of GrooveFunnels before, it’s actually a very impressive software developed by GrooveDigital.

It comes with all the applications to help an online business generate sales and you can check our review here to learn more.


GrooveKart Review Features

The all-in-one eCommerce platform also offers a wide range of features that you can’t find anywhere.

Each feature is specially made to make sales easy so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Order Bumps – Make more sales using order bumps that give the buyer more options the moment they add any product to their cart.
  • Pre Transaction Upsells – This feature shows related products at checkout and is also another method that helps increase sales.
  • Same Page Checkout – Buyers are shown recommended suggestions that make them want to add products to their cart.
  • Social Proof – This tool is responsible for telling buyers about recent purchases from the website.

Just like what you can see on some websites that have this tiny pop up at any corner of your screen that says;

Jessica from Malibu purchased space shoe bundle an hour ago

  • Review App – Manage customer reviews easily with the review feature so new customers won’t have a negative impression of your product.
  • Optimized for Multiple Devices – Make more conversions on GrooveKart since the platform makes your online store run on multiple devices.
  • Google Cloud Platform – The eCommerce platform is guaranteed to run your store faster since it’s integrated with Google Cloud.
  • 1-click Upsell – Increase your profit to 35% by adding unlimited upsells at checkout without paying for third-party software.
  • Custom Domains – Use your custom domains to make your brand stand out instead of having a website with the GrooveKart domain.
  • Helpdesk Software – GrooveKart also comes with a built-in ticket system to communicate with your customers easily.
  • International – Start selling your products everywhere in the world without having to worry about different currencies.
  • Marketing Research – Shipping management and fulfillment are also possible on the platform.
  • Coupon and Discounts – Managing coupons and discounts are also easier on GrooveKart and all you have to do is enter the details.
  • Pre-Made Blocks – Get started immediately by using pre-made blocks to make the process quicker and easier.
  • Drag and Drop Tool – Building and designing web pages is easier too and it only takes a few clicks to get your online store to work.

What is the payment gateway for GrooveKart?


GrooveKart lets you accept payments from around the world through GroovePay and Authorize.net.

GroovePay takes full responsibility for your merchant account for a minimal fee

Additionally, you may also connect your PayPal or Stripe account on the platform.

How does dropshipping work on GrooveKart?

GrooveKart is also an excellent platform for digital creators who want to start selling their designs by using the GrooveKart Product Design Tool.

This special feature lets you gain access to:

  • Online Resources
  • Multiple Apparel Items
  • Built-In Printing and Shipping

And it also supports mobile and tablet devices, so you can unleash the artist in you while making money.


Teescape prints your designs for you at a very low price for high-quality apparel that’s printed using Kornit Avalanche printers.

Your customers will surely love wearing your designs!

GK Ali-Connect

GrooveKart also sets up another dropshipping company for you to start selling virtually unlimited amounts of affordable products.

After finding which products you’re planning to sell, you can instantly add the item to your store in just a few clicks.

And if you think about it, you’re not at risk of losing money since dropshipping doesn’t always require you to use your own money for your products.

It’s that easy! 

Is GrooveKart Free?

GrooveKart Review Free

Everyone can use GrooveKart for FREE, along with 20 other apps that are also included in the GrooveFunnels suite.

However, they do charge a tiny amount of 2% store fee on each sale just like other platforms but without monthly fees.

But if you want to get the most of GrooveFunnels, we highly suggest you get the lifetime deal instead.

GrooveFunnels is currently running on BETA and is priced at $1397 for lifetime access.

It’s a one-time payment for all the best marketing tools that you can find online compared to other platforms that may require you extra fees for other tools.

The good thing is that you can also choose to pay 5 monthly payments for only $497 a month, so you can grab this lifetime deal at a lower price.

That’s because the platform is expected to go up to $3,500 for a year ($299 a month).

If you’re interested, you may click here to get this lifetime deal now.

Or you can opt for the free version instead by clicking here.

What is GrooveSell?

GrooveSell is another software that you can also find in the GrooveFunnels suite.

The only difference between GrooveSell and GrooveKart is that GSell focuses on using sales funnels while GKart focuses on building an eCommerce shop.

If you’re planning to do dropshipping, GrooveKart is perfect for that.

But if you’re planning to sell products and want to know your customer’s behavior, GrooveSell is the product for that.

Interestingly, if you want to make more sales other than focus on one particular area, you might want to consider using the GrooveFunnels suite instead.

It has all the amazing features that every marketer wants and you can check our review here to learn more.

Is GrooveKart better than Shopify?

In case you didn’t know, most marketers are finally switching to GrooveKart for its features that don’t require extra fees.

GrooveKart Review Thumbs up

GrooveKart mainly focuses on conversion in their checkout pages so you’re always guaranteed to run your business smoothly.

It’s not because of the powerful software tools alone, but it’s also due to the e-commerce experts who made the platform to help fellow marketers.

Switching to GrooveKart from Shopify is also very easy and can only take a few minutes to migrate your products.

Although both platforms charge 2% on each sale, Shopify lets you spend more on monthly fees plus other third-party apps that aren’t also free.

GrooveKart doesn’t charge extra fees on their apps since they’re already included in GrooveFunnels for free.

So, if you have a store on Shopify, now’s the chance to make the switch!

Click here to get lifetime access on GrooveFunnels for $1397.

Or you can also click here to create your first store on GrooveKart for free. 

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