Retaining Clients is the Lifeblood of your Business 

Keep Your Clients’ Business

By Getting Them Business

Use These 6 Local Sales Funnel Templates To Retain Clients

Looking for ways to drive traffic to your local business clients?

Set your clients up for success by getting them foot traffic, service calls, and making them the local expert in their field with these 6 sales funnel plans.

Local Sales Funnels

Claim Your 6 Funnel Templates

Did you know that it can cost 5 times more to acquire a new client than it does to take the time to retain current ones? 

The problem you have is that you are trained to always be searching for new leads, new customers, and new target markets. 

To make matters worse all the time you spend trying to get new customers takes away from your current clients, making them feel neglected, and more likely to look at the competition for services. 

Luckily for you there is a solution that provides a fix for keeping your old clients happy, basically on autopilot. 

  • 6 free Premade funnel templates. Made for you and ready to go, so you don’t have to take the time to make them, meaning more time for your clients.
  • Easy-drag-and-drop builder. An easy learning curve so you can focus on the funnel plan, even if you aren’t a technology guru.
  • Foot traffic and leads for products and services. No matter the type of clients you have, these funnels will help businesses that have either products or services
  • These are plans for automated systems. Set your clients up for success without more time from you, which means happy clients with leads and new business, and time for you to get other new clients.

What Funnels Will You Be Getting?

Appointment Booking Application Funnel

Make sure customers are a good fit for your client with this application funnel. Save your client time waste and boost their productivity. Working with you will streamline their business.

Foot Traffic Funnel

Get creative with a combination of ads, in-store coupons, and massive foot-traffic. Your clients will love the flood of new visitors and word-of-mouth referrals they get from this funnel.

Local Awareness Funnel

Blast your clients into the view of everyone in their local area by helping them provide extra value to their clients.

Simple Opt-In Funnel

Lower budget client? Use this simple opt-in funnel for your client to still provide value and collect leads on a smaller scale.

Thought Leader Funnel

Make your clients the all-star local guru by helping them literally write the book on their product or service.

Upsell Service Funnel

Help your clients give away their product or service for free. Wait… Free? Yeah. Find out why when you sign up.

Get These Awesome Bonuses When You Download The Local Funnel Templates

The Shutdown Marketing eBook

Wondering how you should conduct your marketing during the pandemic shutdown? Check out this 16 page ebook complete with tips and advice on how you should be marketing your business while your doors or closed or you are operating at partial capacity.

This ebook comes complete with 3 bonus funnel templates for you that I have dubbed THE SHUTDOWN FUNNELS.

Don’t let closure keep you down. Power through with Shutdown Marketing.

Funnel Notes

Within the funnel mapping program you now have access to my notes to help walk you through the key steps of each funnel.

Now even if you don’t know anything about funnels, you have guide points for what to include with each step!

Funnel Notes
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