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From the desk of Justin Coleman,
(with papers and books everywhere)

As I write this, there still seems to be a disconnection in the world of marketing. A confusion, much like the organization structure of my office.

Agencies are providing amazing services for their clients, but sometimes it’s hard to get the results the client is looking for because it’s just so hard to cut through the noise.

And agencies aren’t helping to make it any better.

The standard is to provide a standard, what I call “brochure-style” website. You write social content for them. You RUN ADS to them with your clients hard-earned money. And often you get crickets, or at the very best some kind of single-digit conversion rate.

It’s hard to go back to a client and said you spent the entire budget and only got them a handful of new customers.

And how do we contact the people that visited the site, but are leaving? Retargeting ads? Not for long. 3rd party cookies are going away.

So then what’s the answer?


But probably not in the way that you think.

As an agency, you have the idea of what a typical sales funnel is.


This process is all well and good, but it does take a lot of money and time for people to go through this and eventually take an action that benefits our clients.

The solution that I’m talking about is more what I would deem a “CONVERSION FUNNEL”. A set of pages designed specifically to capture interest of the visitor, deliver one precise message, allow for one path of conversion or they leave.

You may be outraged about hearing this if you are new to conversion funnels.

“They either do what I want or they leave the site? What about more information? The option to hit the contact us page?!”


And guess what?

You can see upwards of 60% or higher conversion rates if this is done right (althought 20-30% is more typical).

Not only that, but you are collecting leads and building an email list for your client. People aren’t bouncing around a website. They are providing their information and getting what your client has to offer.

It’s a condensed buyers journey, and it’s a beautiful thing.

It looks something like this.


I know this may be a lot of new information, or maybe you’ve heard of this, but aren’t really sure how to implement it for your clients.

That’s why I’m building the Master Conversion Hub.

It’s your one stop shop to learn about the different types of conversion funnels that you can offer your clients, how to implement them in your business, and how to pull quick wins by utilizing this highly focused, highly powerful marketing strategy.

You won’t just be learning though. I wanted to go a step further than just teaching you about it.

That’s why I’m building out funnel plans for you like the one above (technically called a funnel map). You can utilize these plans in your agency to help you different types of clients in different ways, and it’s an amazing resource to have in your marketing strategy toolkit.

BUT, I couldn’t stop there.

I will also be building out templates for these funnels, that’s the actual web pages, for you to swipe. That means you will be able to make a click, have pre-built funnel pages, and simply replace the info and images with that of your client, and you’re ready to roll. It saves time. It saves strategizing. It saves MONEY.

AND ON TOP OF ALL THIS, I do still want to teach you. I’m providing the resources mentioned above as well as the knowledge through various courses and videos.


And for just $7/mo it’s a STEAL.

The Vision of the Master Conversion Hub

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Master Conversion Hub is a comprehensive resource designed to equip businesses and individuals with the necessary tools to boost conversions, expand lead generation, and drive traffic to their sales funnels and websites.

The hub offers a wide array of funnel maps and templates categorized for easy navigation, allowing users to explore different funnels and learn how to leverage them effectively.

Each listed funnel comes with a corresponding funnel map, and full funnel templates are being developed in GrooveFunnels so you can get a funnel build with the click of a button. 

The vision is to expand this resource continually, starting with funnel maps, moving into funnel templates, and including exclusive courses from myself, and hopefully other top marketers down the line.


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