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Summary & Resources:

Everyone is looking for a reset in the new year, but I’m here to tell you that that’s a great plan for failure. Listen to find out when the real magic day is.

In this episode:

  • Why New Year’s Resolutions are Plans to Fail
  • Why a new year won’t solve your problems
  • My Goals for 2021
  • What the real magic day for a reset is


  • One Funnel Away Challenge - If you just need somewhere to get started today, I recommend the OFA Challenge to put you in the right mindset of funnels and business and so you can learn how to start.
  • 4 Hour Work Week - A great mindset book on how to simplify your business and work less to earn more.
  • The 12 Week Year - Another great mindset book about condensing goals into 12 week sprints
  • Slipstream - Time travel much? I plan to. It’s a great way to live many lives in one. A really mind-opening read.
  • Legend PlannerĀ - The planner that I use and recommend to anyone who wants a planner for their life.
  • GrooveFunnels (Affiliate) - A new funnel builder suite that you can get started with for free.
  • ClickFunnels - (Affiliate) - 14 day trial available to this well known funnel building software. Great education behind ClickFunnels if you needĀ  more knowledge to get started.
  • KartraĀ (Affiliate) - 14 day trial to this newer funnel building software.

Episode Transcript:

Hello, this is Justin Coleman and welcome to The Master Sales Funnels Podcast Episode 16. Today, I want to talk a little bit about New Year’s resolutions and why they usually fail. I know that it’s good to have a plan and it’s good to make goals for yourself. But what usually happens with resolutions is people say, I’m going to do X, Y, Z this year. And really that’s a whole year that you have to try and get something done.

And as we’ve talked about before in the episode about deadlines, people usually don’t start doing things until the last minute. So if you give yourself a whole year, you usually fall off that goal. I’ve been talking about this a lot in my mastermind group, The Inner Temple Mastermind, and what we’ve discussed is that it’s better to have 12 week goals. I mean, this has been proven in the book, the 4 Hour Work Week. There’s another book out there, about 12 week sprints.

And basically you take what you were going to do in a year and condense it down into 12 weeks. By doing this, by shortening your timeline, you’re actually driven and motivated to get your goals done. So if your plan is to get that first lead funnel up next year, make it in the first quarter. Get all of your offers and deliverables together in the first quarter and get that funnel up. Whether you’re using GrooveFunnels, ClickFunnels, Kartra, no matter what you’re using, just to make sure that you put a little time aside to learn the software so you know how to put your funnel together or hire somebody to put it together for you.

But since you’re the expert in your area, you need to work hard and get your deliverables together. You can’t just say, oh, I’m going to put a funnel up next year. You have to have deadlines.

My goal is to get a funnel up that sells the Funnelytics lifetime deal. And I’m not even waiting for January 1st. That’s not a magical day. Everybody hates 2020 and they can’t wait for 2021.

Well, guess what? Problems don’t magically go away at midnight on January 1st, 2021. You have to in your mind, make a reset day, make an official reset day where you’re going to be determined that that day forward is going to be good. You’re going to work for what you want, you’re going to work on your funnel, you’re going to get it up. You’re going to optimize your funnel, figure out what’s not working with your existing funnel and make it better.

Grab a piece of paper and start planning. Today is your day.

If you’re listening to this when it’s released, today is your day. If you’re listening to this in 2027, today is your day. Get started. I know we’ve already had podcast on this kind of stuff, but I wanted to bring it up again because of New Year’s resolutions and why they’re just setting you up for failure.

Back in July, I purchased my Legend Planner and as I’ve said previously, you don’t really need to have a planner. But since then I was able to schedule out a plan. You come up with a project, you set your own deadlines of realistic goals of when you think you can get things done, maybe even shorten that, because that will drive you harder to get your goals done. And then once you have your deadlines, you act on those goals.

In your mind, you need to stop thinking that there’s this magical day where everything is going to be great and everything’s going to happen for you.

You have to make it happen.

There is no magic day, except that today is your magic day and you have to get going. By basically ignoring the calendar except for setting deadlines, I’ve gotten a lot more done in the second half of this year. Not even quite the second half like the last four months or so, then I did in the first half because I had determination and I started going more quickly towards my goals. I have Q1 goals of getting that funnel up and getting some courses together to be able to help people in various aspects that go along with the power of Funnelytics.

So not only are they getting a lifetime deal of Funnelytics, but I’m creating what they call an offer stack to provide that extra value and that extra insight into why Funnelytics is so powerful for you and to help solve some extra problems that come along with having it, such as driving traffic or even making money from your traffic.

I’m thinking all of these things through on what my market will want, and I’m providing that as added bonus. I’m going to be selling courses next year for the first time. And I’m also going to be giving some of them away in this funnel.

I have goals to 10x my revenue from what I had this year. So I can’t just wait and, you know, have a fluffy goal of, oh, next year I’m going to make 10x and I’m going to put up a funnel. I’m setting deadlines, I’m ignoring New Year’s and basically starting now. I mean, is that cheating because I have an extra month?

No! Because your success is in the results.

It doesn’t matter when you do it. As long as you’re setting goals and you get results, then you’re making progress in your life and in your business. I’ve lost money in the business for the last several years because I’ve been trying to find my place and what I wanted to do with the business. And this year that came into clear focus. And next year, I plan on actually making money in my business.

Last year and this year we’re spent building up my toolbox. So I have a whole arsenal ready and I’m ready to come out guns blazing because I have all the tools I need to get to where I want to go for next year.

So is 10x going to be easy? No! But I have lofty goals that I plan to meet. And you should too. Think of what you’ve been putting off for the last several years, maybe even that has been a New Year’s resolution for the last several years and condense it down.

Benjamin Hardy calls this time traveling in his book Slipstream. And I find that a really interesting concept, because instead of what you want to do over the course of the next year or even longer, condense it down and basically you’re time traveling instead of getting a goal in December, you now hit that goal in March. So you are now what you would have been in December, in March, and that’s basically time travel.

He goes on to state that successful people basically live many thousands of lives because they have the time freedom and the money freedom to do more then we get to in life because we don’t have those freedoms. They’ve lived a thousand different lives the different other people have dreamed of.

So one of his best examples was he knew somebody that wanted to go to Hawaii in five years and they were saving up all their their money and all of their mental focus was on getting enough money and enough resources to be able to go to Hawaii for a vacation. And he told them to shorten their timeline to a year.

And guess what? When you go to Hawaii in a year, your money in your brain capacity are freed up those other four years to have a different goal and do something else. So they’ve already lived out that life goal, that life dream, and they’re able to do something else. So there’s power and condensing your timeline and basically what Ben Hardy would call time traveling involved. So you get to live more goals than your original plan.

I’ve had plenty of New Year’s resolutions in the past that haven’t really worked, such as like weight loss. And what happened was, I believe it was like April or May of 2019, we got a random email from Noom asking if we wanted to get their program for free so we could promote it for them.

And I threw a crazy idea to my wife that, hey, we should be guinea pigs. So, you know, see if we can lose some weight so we can write an actual review on this program. And it wasn’t January and I had given up on resolutions by that point. So it wasn’t even a resolution.

But guess what? We had a plan and we got it done. By September of that year, I was down to my goal weight. So it doesn’t matter what the time of year is, there’s no magical date. And I just really want you to remember that as you’re going forward and building out your business and building your funnels and setting your goals. There is no magic date except the date that you decide that things are going to be better.

I will list some of these resources and some other resources that I may not have mentioned that I believe will help you in the show, notes at mastersalesfunnels.com/016.

As always, I really appreciate you listening. And if you think somebody else could use this message, please feel free to share this podcast with them so we can get some motivation out to some others who might need it and may be kind of burned out on New Year’s resolutions as well.

Thank you. And as always, Keep Funnelin’.


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