Update 10/28/21: Unfortunately the Funnelytics limited lifetime deal is no longer available in any of the Secrets Funnels. As such, the buttons have been removed from this page.

Instead the deal being offered is you can get lifetime access to Talkia, Doodly, and Toonly through the Traffic Secrets Funnel. These video marketing tools will take your business to the next level.

There Is Only 1 WAY To Get Funnelytics Pro Lifetime in 2021


Keep Reading To Learn How to Access

Secret Funnelytics Deal

That’s right! 

The lifetime deal for Funnelytics Pro is back for 2021, but you won’t find it on their website.

You won’t find it in their ads.

You won’t even find it when you join their mailing list.

The location of the access is hidden within 3 funnels of another well-known funnel master.

The man who pretty much invented the game for funnels.

Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels.

Funnelytics has impressed Russell with their funnel mapping software, and Russell has given the program his blessing by adding it as an upsell to his Secrets Trilogy Funnels.

*This page contains affiliate links to ClickFunnels, and I may get a commission for purchases made through the links.

Getting Lifetime Access is EASY!

Pay Shipping For The Traffic Secrets Book and The Secret Backdoor to Funnelytics Lifetime Will Be UNLOCKED!


Funnelytics pulled their Funnelytics Pro Lifetime Deal in early 2019 with no intention of bringing it back.

Now Funnelytics Pro Lifetime deal is back for $397 as a part of Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets funnel.

This secret, back-of-the-funnel deal gets you 100,000 tracked visitors and can upgrade to 500,000 visitors for an additional $100.

You also get 50 funnel templates, Funnelytics/DotCom Secrets Templates, 10 ClickFunnels Pre-Built Templates and 70+ Funnel University Funnels.

Just click the button below to claim your FREE Traffic Secrets Book (just pay S&H) and you will go through Russell’s funnel, with this Funnelytics Lifetime Deal being the last step!

Pick up the amazing extra in the middle for extra added bonuses!


What Is Funnelytics?

Like the idea of funnels and lifetime memberships but still not exactly sure what Funnelytics is or does for you?

It’s the planning, tracking, and forecasting phase of your funnels.

While you can use a builder like ClickFunnels to actually build out your funnels, you are likely building from an existing template or a sketch of what you want your funnel to be.

No more drawing your funnels on whiteboards or napkins when you use Funnelytics.

The canvas allows for the drag-and-drop planning of funnels.

You plan everything from traffic sources to thank you pages and everything in between.

You can then put in goal numbers at each step and forecast how much traffic will cost you and have much revenue you will make from your funnel.

After you build your funnel out, you can add a tracking script to WordPress or ClickFunnels (along with other site builders), and you can track actual traffic, opt-ins, sales, and other conversions in near real-time.

This makes it super simple to see where you funnel is working, where it is leaking, and identify weak points that you may need to fix to improve your conversions.


Free Funnel Mapping

Not Sure Why You Need Funnelytics?

Watch This Quick Video and You Will See Why Not Getting This Deal Is a BIG MISTAKE For Your Business!

Buy Lifetime Access To Funnelytics Today

And Get These FREE Bonuses

When you take this deal through my affiliate link above, save your receipt and send me proof of purchase.

I’ll send you an email with access to my personal Vault, including the following bonuses. 

Bonus #1 – Lead Generation Funnel Templates 

Lead Funnel Templates

First, the Vault contains 15 Lead Funnel Templates.

These funnel plans are mapped out in the Funnelytics canvas for easy import into your account.

I’ve included notes on each step of every funnel with instructions and insider tips on how to use these funnels to get leads to your business on autopilot.

Bonus #2 – Local Funnel Templates

Local Sales Funnels

Second, the Vault contains my 6 Local Sales Funnel Templates.

These 6 templates are specifically for local businesses who want to incorporate sales funnels into their business, blanket the local market, and become the expert in their field.

Bonus #3 – Shutdown Marketing eBook


My third exclusive bonus is my Shutdown Marketing ebook. With the unprecedented shutdown of businesses across the nation, I wrote a short marketing book that will help you push forward, make a plan, and maybe even come out the other side of this thing better than you went in.

This bonus includes the 3 Shutdown Funnel Templates that I’ve designed to help you keep your business alive and adapt to different times.

That’s 9 bonus Funnelytics templates that are even viewable if you just have the free account.

Bonus #4 – Exclusive, Closed Facebook Group Invite

Funnel Analytics Facebook Group

Along with all of the amazing value of the Master Sales Funnels Vault, I will also extend an invitation to an exclusive Facebook Group where you get to join a community of like-minded individuals who are ready to help each other grow in their skills with Funnelytics and utilizing this powerful tool for their business.

All Bonuses
FREE With Purchase

Purchase the Funnelytics Lifetime Deal through my link, send me proof, and these bonuses are yours!

Justin Coleman

Is This Really A Good Deal?

Not sure if this lifetime deal is a good price? Take a trip down Funnelytics pricing history lane and see how the pricing has progressed over time.

HINT: The best current deal is LIFETIME ACCESS through the Traffic Secrets funnel!

Funnelytics Founding Members Deal: 2017 - 2018

Funnelytics has been a hard-hitting, up-and-coming funnel mapping and planning system since it first debuted in 2017.

Us lucky few that caught wind of it early enough were given the amazing opportunity to become a Founding Member. For $595 we got unlimited access to plan and map out as many funnels and projects as we wanted with as much traffic as we wanted for the one-time fee.

Just like every good lifetime deal, it had to end as Funnelytics grew. Selling lifetime memberships isn’t a sustainable business model so the company went to a beta yearly price, and then eventually normal yearly and monthly subscriptions.

Many thought that was the end of lifetime access to the amazing program.

Not many know that this is no longer true.

Funnelytics Pro Beta: Early 2019

Funnelytics kept their lifetime deal in early 2019, but the price went up to $695. 

It still included the same benefits that the founding members got, but they didn’t get the esteemed title of Founding Member.

Funnelytics Pro Yearly and Quarterly: Mid 2019

In late 2019, Funnelytics stopped their lifetime deal for good (or so people thought). 

The program was now available on monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans, although all plans had stricter limitations on the number of workspaces and traffic you could track through your funnels.

Funnelytics Pro Monthly: Late 2019

Gaining popularity fast, the team at Funnelytics quickly moved to monthly and annual pricing, removing the quarterly option and raising prices.

As is the case with most software, the earlier you get in on the deal, the better the deal is.

Funnelytics Pro Monthly: Early 2020

Funnelytics consolidated some of their plans, simplified things, and got rid of one of their pricing packages.

One big move was that they went back to giving everyone unlimited funnels, even in the free account.

As pricing currently stands, you get 300,000 tracked visitors for $990 per year and 600,000 tracked visitors for $1,490 per year.

This is why this secret lifetime deal is so powerful.

You get 100,000 or 500,000 tracked visitors over the life of your account, but as you can see that’s a lot of visitors at a fraction of the price you would be paying as you get started on a monthly or yearly plan.

Not Feeling Traffic Secrets?

You’re Still Covered

The Lifetime Deal for Funnnelytics is still available through any of these book funnels.

Just pick a book, and Funnelytics will be the One-Time Offer on the back end!

Don’t worry, you will still get my bonuses no matter which route you take!

DotCom Secrets Books

If you are new to sales funnels, you should definitely start with the DotCom Secrets.

Expert Secrets Books
If you know about funnels but don’t yet have much of a following, then Expert Secrets is the book for you.
Traffic Secrets Book
If you know about funnels and have a following but can’t quite seem to get the website and funnel traffic you are looking for, then Traffic Secrets will help get you there.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s amazing to get a lifetime deal for anything, and getting a funnel tool as powerful as Funnelytics is one of the best deals you can grab.

I’m not sure how long this secret back door to getting this deal will last, so as I said before, don’t sleep on this.

Check out the 3 Secrets funnels above and see which book will help you grow your business at the stage you are at.

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