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In this post, we’ll be hacking the new Traffic Secrets funnel and analyzing how each step plays a vital role in the whole process built by Russell Brunson.

We’ll also be talking about the deals inside each stage to help you understand how and why they work so well.

You might have already noticed by now that our blog mainly talks about the concept of sales funnels.

The sales funnel is the journey or the step-by-step process that the potential customer takes until they’re ready to take action. 

Usually, the stages inside the funnel may vary but the most common model used is the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action).

These stages help in guiding prospects online and if you know how to use it properly, then you sure can get the most out of your traffic.

Conversions are essential in a business that’s why sales funnels are created to get your traffic to ‘convert’.

Traffic Secrets Funnel Hack
Here is the funnel that we will be hacking today.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels Logo

ClickFunnels is a popular software that marketers use to build sales funnels that automates the selling process for them.

It’s pretty well-known for its features that make building funnels and even websites a lot easier for people who have no technical skills in web development.

The platform also offers an awesome affiliate program that lets you earn recurring commissions for promoting their products.

Sales Funnels and Russell Brunson

DotCom Secrets by Russel Brunson

A sales funnel isn’t actually difficult to understand since it’s just a structure or process that guides customers throughout the entire sales process.

But always take note of this, there’s no finish line in sales funnels, just new paths to take.

Not because you already bought one or two products, it doesn’t mean that it’s the final stage of the buying process.

It can even last until the end of time before you can get to the final stage – if there’s one.

That’s what makes sales funnels so interesting, it keeps the buying loop open and it retains customers effectively, thus resulting in more sales.

If you already knew this concept before, then you’re probably familiar with Russell Brunson and how he popularized sales funnels through ClickFunnels that he built with his pal, Todd Dickerson.

In fact, it’s exactly how he became successful as an entrepreneur and a best-selling author of The Secrets Trilogy.

The Secrets trilogy includes The DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets, which is the topic of this article.

Except that this time, we’re not talking about the contents of the book, but the different stages of the Traffic Secrets funnel.

You can say that we’re actually funnel hacking Russel Brunson’s sales funnel.

What is funnel hacking?

Funnel hacking is a method that involves “hacking” someone else’s sales funnel by analyzing the processes inside their sales funnels, and using it as an inspiration to create your own.

It’s not hacking as in going inside their system and copying everything in their funnel, because that’s 100% illegal.

This method allows you to do some split testing on the elements of your sales funnel and see if it can generate similar or better results than your competitor’s.

Ultimately, this technique can cut down marketing expenses and generate more profit for your business.

The New Traffic Secrets Funnel Hack

Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers, is the third book in the trilogy that talks about how you can drive more traffic to your website or sales funnel.

But if you’re wondering how Russell Brunson gets his dream customers working with him, then it’s about time we dive deep into the new Traffic Secrets Funnel through funnel hacking.

Part 1: The Free Traffic Secrets Book

The first funnel page is where you can get the Traffic Secrets book for free (just pay $9.95 for shipping within the US and $19.95 for international shipping). This page highlights all the things that the book teaches you about, to let you know what results to expect when you get a copy of it.

It’s actually the longest page in the entire Traffic Secrets funnel, which makes you wonder why Brunson took the time and energy to put it this way for a book. If you think about it, it really is a great offer since you’re getting a free book from the expert himself. 

I mean who doesn’t want to get a free copy from an expert that everyone trusts, right?

But there’s actually more to it than just a simple page that’s convincing you to get the book.

As you keep on reading this article, I want you to pay attention to the different parts of the funnel, so that you will learn how he structures his funnel pages.

Part 1.1 – Video and Introduction

Traffic Secrets Funnel Hack Part 1

Here’s a cool fact: only a few people will get the book right away without even going through the entire page.

So what does Russel Brunson do to convince users to get the free offer? 

By providing more information about the book and telling them how much value they can get out of it.

Part 1.1

As a marketer, you can understand this strategy very well to make your offer extra attractive. Since the goal of the first stage of this funnel is to get people to grab the free book, as you scroll down the video, you can see how Russel Brunson talks about what people can achieve with the Traffic Secrets book. He also shares how the contents inside the book helped him drive more traffic and sales from his sales funnels.

Part 1.2 – The Traffic Secrets Book

Part 1.2

What’s exciting about the Traffic Secrets Book?

The answer to that question can be found in this part where all the secrets are classified into three different sections.

Even though the contents of the book are already mentioned in the video, you can get more people to get the free book by simply adding this part. It’s just a simple overview of the contents and the secrets inside but it still works like magic. If your funnel pages have this part, getting people to proceed to the next step wouldn’t be that much of a hassle.

Part 1.3 – Testimonials

Part 1.3

Now that you already have an idea of what to expect inside the book, how do you think this will help you?

Through listening to what other people can say about their experience with it.

The reason why this works most of the time is that hearing reviews from different people gives an impression that your product is in fact, effective.

Part 1.4 – Bonuses!

Part 1.4

Need more convincing power? Maybe bonuses can help!

This part practically says, “When you get the free book, you’ll also enjoy these bonuses: Traffic Secrets Foundation, The Ultimate Unfair Advantage, How to Make a Video Go Viral, The Ultimate Traffic Hack, and the 30-Day Traffic Secrets Challenge”

Everyone loves bonuses especially when you keep implying how it can change their life. When you keep reminding people about all “the good stuff” in your offer, always remember to add a clear CTA every time.

Part 1.5 – Break false beliefs

Part 1.5

One of the things I learned after reading the DotCom Secrets book by Russell Brunson is to break false beliefs about your offer.

Identify what’s stopping people from buying your product and tell them how it changes the way they used to do things before. This is exactly what the part of this page is all about: It gets rid of the negative things that people think about the product.

Brunson did that flawlessly by giving assurance that there’s no catch, like a hidden “continuity program”, and that people can even request a refund for the shipping costs – without even returning the book. That is if they don’t like Traffic Secrets.

By the way, you can click here to get a free copy of Traffic Secrets today.

Part 2: Funnel University 

Traffic Secrets Funnel Hack Part 2

Do you finally see how it all makes sense? He wasn’t just trying to give you the book for free, but he was using the free offer to get you to the next step of the sales process.

It’s his strategy to drive more traffic to the next page in this funnel, which is another offer that encourages you to upgrade your order to Funnel University.

Indeed, Russell Brunson truly is a genius in this concept and we’re all here for it!

The second part of the Traffic Secrets funnel is where you can watch a video of Russell Brunson introducing Funnel University at the top of the page. This deal includes funnel templates, images, and scripts that only costs $147 for lifetime access to all the contents.

The Funnel University ‘Swipe Files’ comes with 125+ Premium Funnel Templates, Funnel Images Pro Account, Traffic Secrets Scripts. These tools are what you need to launch your first funnel and get conversions as you keep driving traffic to your website. 

One good reason why this is in the second part of funnel is that it helps you apply all the concepts that you will learn from the book itself. And since Traffic Secrets teaches you how to get your dream 100 to your funnels, the Funnel University ‘Swipe Files’, can help you achieve that goal.

Part 2.1 – Explanation

Part 2.1

If you think the video isn’t enough to explain all the contents of his wonderful offer, you can scroll down and read this part that talks about the “PROVEN traffic-driving framework” which is what’s inside this $147 offer.

Brunson explains that these files are what make the process of building funnels faster since they’re pre-built templates that are guaranteed to convert.This means that you don’t need to see what works well with this and that, so you don’t need to go through the long process on your own.

Sometimes people think that watching a video isn’t enough to get all the information that they need, so a short summary below the video might just work.

Part 2.2 – The benefits of the offer

Part 2.2

In this part, Brunson talks about what you can benefit from when you get the offer. He admits that after funnel hacking websites, it all boils down to these pre-designed templates that are inside Funnel University.

You can think that he’s only saying all these things to get you to buy the offer, but it’s not really about the price of the offer that he wants you to see. He’s helping you understand the benefits of the product that he has created that will save you lots of time researching and designing.

Part 2.3 – The Swipe Files

Part 2.4

The swipe files are the three things that you can get from Funnel University.

Rather than directly telling people more reasons to buy this offer, Russel Brunson explains more things that they can do with the swipe files.

As a marketer, you can clearly see that he’s not always encouraging people to buy the product.

His way of selling them is what makes him great in the digital marketing industry.

Now that you already know what’s inside the first two pages of the Traffic Secrets funnel, let’s talk about the last three parts in the next few sections.

Part 3: The Funnel Accelerator Action Pack

Traffic Secrets Funnel Hack Part 3

The Funnel Accelerator Action Pack comes with the One Funnel Challenge and the Exclusive Funnelology Masterclass that you can get for only $297. Plus, you can also get The Secrets Trilogy Boxset with the exclusive Unlock the Secrets workbook for free.

This amazing bundle is so interesting that it makes you think that it’s the last thing that you need for your sales funnels. Russell Brunson might look crazy for this insane deal that’s usually priced at over $3,920, but if you were to ask me who’s crazier, it’s definitely the person who let this offer slip away.

Anyway, going back to the funnel hacking part, you can see that this page isn’t the last part of the sales process.

It’s another page that’s telling you about an upgrade that you might be interested to get. That’s the thing about sales funnels, it lets you turn a simple free offer into something that makes people want to spend more as they proceed to the next step.

Part 3.1 – The Benefits

Part 3.1

As you can see in the progress bar at the top of the page, it says that your order is almost complete since you’re still inside the sales funnel.

This sales funnel strategy is how you keep the buying loop open as they ascend to the next step of your value ladder. It works most of the time because what started as a free offer has become the golden opportunity to get customers to actually spend more.

How do you do that? You tell them the reasons why they should buy the product and how it instantly solves their problems.

Basically, this part is where Russell Brunson tells you how the 30-Day One Funnel Away Challenge can help you launch your first or next funnel. He also introduces Funnelology, which is an exclusive masterclass that teaches all the strategies that you need to build a sales funnel.

Then there’s the Secrets Trilogy with Unlock the Secrets workbook that you can get for free when you buy the two products for $297.

The way Brunson designed this page isn’t the same as the previous ones. It’s shorter and more direct to the point giving an impression that makes you look desperate in making more sales.

Part 3.2 – Summary

Part 3.2

At the bottom of the page is a quick recap of everything inside the Funnel Accelerator Action Pack.

This is where he lists all the things that you can get with the products to make it easier to understand what you can do with them, along with the original value of each product.

Here’s another cool tip: placing the regular value of the product is the ‘extra push’ to get your prospects to upgrade their order.

Part 4: Video Marketing Toolkit

Traffic Secrets Funnel Hack Part 5

Finally, the fourth page of the Traffic Secrets funnel is where the Ultimate Marketing Video Toolkit is featured.

At first, I thought the Funnel Accelerator Action Pack was the best deal so far, but this one is a good one too.

Since the goal of the Traffic Secrets book is to teach readers how to drive more traffic, this toolkit can be considered as the door that leads them straight to your funnel. It comes with Doodly, Toonly, and Talkia, which only costs $197 for features that you can also get lifetime access to.

To give you an overview of what these software are for, Doodly is a whiteboard animation software, Toonly is an animation software that specializes in creating explainer videos, and Talkia is text-to-speech software that works very well with the other two.

Just like most of Russell Brunson’s funnel pages, this page also comes with a video at the top of the page where he explains what the toolkit is all about. Videos work effectively especially when they’re placed at the top of funnel pages.

What makes this offer unique among the rest is that it talks about different products that are not from ClickFunnels.

Part 4.1 – Explanation

Part 5.1

To get prospects to become even more excited to buy the product, there’s this part that says, “Don’t Want to Watch the Video?”.

The idea of adding this part to this page is to provide more answers or reasons that get people to hit the ‘buy now’ button. Despite the video itself already being informative, this part helps in letting them ‘absorb’ more information about the product.

If you watch videos on YouTube, you can see ones that come with a written transcription that you can read in the description section. Except that in this funnel, it’s written in a way that makes it easier to understand along with photos of the products.

By the way, if you’re interested to check out Doodly, Talkia, and Toonly, we have written separate articles for each software that you can read in our blog. We also have a special bonus pack for you if you pick up The Ultimate Marketing Video Toolkit through our links.

Part 5: Order Confirmation Page

Traffic Secrets Funnel Hack Part 4

I’m pretty sure by now you can tell that the funnel pages are getting shorter. 

The fourth part is the shortest page among the rest and it is where you can read all the instructions on how you can download your files.  The purpose of this page is not to scare people away, because if it’s just another offer, you’ll only end up losing their interest.

But since we’re funnel hacking the Traffic Secrets funnel, let me explain to you why it’s not the yet end of the funnel.

There are two videos in the order confirmation page: the Thank You video and another video that talks about another free offer.

Part 4.1

You can see that it’s also the page where you can get a 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels where you can apply everything you learned from Russell Brunson’s secret tips and tricks. This free offer comes with Product Secrets, Funnel Builder Secrets, Ad Skills with Justin Brooke, Tony Robbins Private Collection, 100+ Funnel Templates, Funnel Hacker Forum, and Funnel Flix.

So why is there another offer in this part? You’ve guessed it, it’s how he ascends his customers to the next valuable offer which is on the fifth part of this sales funnel.

Final Thoughts

By hacking this funnel, you already have an idea of how you can take inspiration from Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets funnel.

Sales funnels work great especially when the right elements are placed and the pieces fit perfectly.

It’s not a one size fits all concept that’s why funnel pages aren’t always the same.

However, funnel hacking doesn’t have to be something that’s very long and complicated

It’s just taking notes on the best sales funnels from top-performing websites and using them as inspiration to build your own framework.

Here’s a quick video that you can watch to give you a clearer picture of different stages of the sales funnel process that were discussed in this Traffic Secrets funnel hack:

Want to get a free copy of the book and enter the funnel?

Click here to get the Traffic Secrets book today. 

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