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Interested in being everywhere that your customers are? Omnipresent marketing is what you need to implement, and Content Fries is the software to get you there easy. Just add videos, slice and dice, and you have a ton of content for all your target market’s favorite platforms.

Did you know that it’s easier to increase your presence as a marketer to multiple platforms through omnipresent marketing?

It doesn’t even require you to be an influencer to promote other people’s products since you can easily do it with an app.

What does omnipresent mean?

Omnipresent is similar to the concept of being universal since it is the quality of being anywhere, like God and the air we breathe.

Omnipresence simply means that you’re most likely found everywhere in the sense that a person will always find you wherever they go.

You can think of it as that intelligent kid from your school that’s well-known for their amazing skills in mathematics, public speaking, etc.

Although it doesn’t always mean that they have to possess such gifts, it’s just that they’re always present as a participant whenever there’s a competition in your school.

However, when it comes to being omnipresent as a marketer, you don’t have to be that kid from your school and start training to learn their skills.

The only thing that you need to do is to have your brand present anywhere so you can easily attract more leads.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be viral just to get conversions and make a sale.

Omnipresent Marketing: What is it about?

Omnipresent Marketing 2

Omnipresent marketing is basically marketing where customers are so they can see your brand more.

It’s a very powerful marketing strategy to put your brand out there so you can easily reach potential customers.

This strategy is what most businesses lack nowadays that’s why it may take a little while for them to know where their dream customers are congregating.

Ever since the online industry erupted, most people are taking advantage of the internet to promote their brand and eventually make a sale.

What is digital omnipresence?

Social media is actually an excellent place to market your company’s products and services.

Take TikTok for example, the platform is quite known to be a place to watch entertaining videos online.

Some marketers use this platform for promotions since it has so many active users.

The only thing about marketing in social media is that it can be very broad sometimes unless you know how to place ads the right way.

Why is it Important?

When you achieve omnipresence, no matter how big or small your audience is, you can easily spread your word thus making your brand stand out more.

Omnipresent marketing can be done through videos, banner ads, social media posts, or even in a retail store.

If your brand is struggling to create engaging content, there’s a possibility that you won’t get almost the same amount of sales as the other company that uses this strategy.

Since being omnipresent makes your brand more known, this gives potential customers an idea that it is well-established and not some brand that they don’t want to engage with.

This strategy attracts traffic well especially when you know what you’re doing and you’re providing good content for your audience.

How does it work?

Omnipresent Martketing

To help you understand how omnipotent marketing works for businesses, here’s an example:

Let’s say we have customer M looking for a product to buy on an eCommerce website.

On the website, they see an ultra-wide  Smart TV with the newest features and got interested to buy the product.

However, before hitting the checkout button, they realized that it wasn’t time to buy a new Smart TV yet since they have a laptop to watch their favorite shows.

Thus, no conversion = no sales.

Although the product had very interesting features, they still changed their mind.

A few moments later, they start seeing ads about a company that sells the same product but at a lower price, so they didn’t hesitate to check the website.

They were offered an exclusive discount after providing their contact information and were delighted to know more about the product.

They did more research about it but haven’t bought the item yet.

The next day, they receive an email about the Smart TV that’s currently on sale at a much lower price than before.

Unfortunately, they just disregarded the offer and went on to their favorite social media platform.

While browsing through their news feed, they see another content (an ad maybe) about the product and were more intrigued to know more.

So they open the email once again and decided to check their website to learn about its features and went straight ahead to checkout to make a purchase.

After buying the product, the company sends them another email to let them know about their unique program that gives commissions to anyone who refers a friend to sign up.

The cycle will keep going as long as you know how omnipresent marketing works and apply it to your business.

Despite looking like a company that’s desperate to make a sale, isn’t that the main purpose why marketing exists?

Easy Omnipresent Marketing With Content Fries

Omnipresent Marketing Content Fries Logo

So, how do you become omnipotent in the marketing industry in the most effective way?

Well, it’s pretty simple and easy especially when you get Content Fries.

Content Fries is a content multiplier software that focuses on spreading your content anywhere without compromising quality.

The app also helps increase customer brand awareness as it works to help you reach an audience no matter where they are.

Plus, with Content Fries, you can also use the tools for content creation such as video editing and AI auto-captioning feature.

It only takes 3 steps to create high-quality content and spreading your message:

Upload – Edit – Reach more people

When you start using Content Fries for marketing, you’re not only getting excellent content to post, but you’re also spreading your message to a large audience without spending time hitting the “SHARE” button all the time.

You can easily share your content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, WordPress, Podcasts, and more.


Content Fries allows you to create attractive video content for your audience since you can use tools like:

AI Captions Generator – generate and edit automated captions to encourage your audience to watch your videos and promote engagement

Contexts System – to make your content contextual on any platform

Progress Bar – this is like what you usually see on most videos on Facebook where there’s a progress bar on the videos rather than tapping the screen most of the time

Catchy Headlines And Texts – add and edit catchy headlines and texts that have the power to hook your audience’s attention.

Images – easily add logos or your special watermark to make your content unique

Templates – create, add, and save your template to make things a lot easier for you the next time around.

Dead Simple Content Multiplying – easily drag and drop to chop out important pieces out of your original content so you can repurpose them

Video Injections – add your signature intro and outro in a breeze

Advanced Cutting Mode – cut out those unnecessary parts of your video that you don’t want to be included in your masterpiece

Pros and Cons

Although Content Fries boasts excellent features for omnipresent marketing through videos, it also has its strengths and weaknesses that you need to know.


  • Very easy to use tools and features
  • Content sharing made more efficient
  • Doesn’t take up your computer’s storage
  • Automated captions are available in different languages
  • WordPress Integration
  • Google Integration
  • DropBox integration
  • Stock media library


  • Not suitable for offline use


Content Fries has 3 convenient plans that are suitable for everyone depending on their needs.

Content Fries Masterchef – $27 monthly ($228 annually or $19 a month)

  • 120 minutes of auto-captions / mo
  • 25 hours of video exports / mo
  • 150 GB storage capacity
  • Context editor
  • Captions editor
  • ContentFries Trimmer
  • Unlimited custom templates

Content Fries Superb- $49 monthly ($294 annually or $24.50 a month)

  • 720 minutes of auto-captions / mo
  • UNLIMITED video exports / mo
  • 150 GB storage capacity
  • Context editor
  • Captions editor
  • ContentFries Trimmer
  • Unlimited custom templates

Content Fries Platinum- $79 monthly ($474 annually or $39.50 a month)

  • 1,500 minutes of auto-captions / mo
  • UNLIMITED video exports / mo
  • 150 Gb storage capacity
  • Context editor
  • Captions editor
  • ContentFries Trimmer
  • Unlimited custom templates

Interested to get Content Fries today? Click here to learn more

What’s Inside the App

We have purchased access to the app and were able to show you a quick look at what’s inside.

Upon login, you will be redirected to your pillar content where you can see all your content in one place.

Content Fries Main
Content Fries Magical Wizard

The app also has a “Magical Wizard” tool that creates content for you.

This is the editing dashboard where the magic happens. 

Content Fries Dashboard

Content Fries also has this useful option at the bottom of their page where you can send their team an email to tell them about any concerns on the platform.

Content Fries is recommended for: Digital Marketers, Influencers, Instructors, Funnel Hackers, Content Creators, or basically anyone who wants to reach an audience through video marketing.

How to be good at Omnipresent Marketing

Consistency is the key


Consumers tend to engage more with brands that always provide the newest updates as it gives them a hint that their products or services are more reliable.

Since marketers are consumers as well, then let me give you a situation that you can apply to yourself so you know why you should stay consistent to be “everywhere”.

Suppose you have a certain question in mind, like “How to become a Funnel Hacker”, for example.

Then you go to YouTube to look for a video that will explain everything for you, the only problem is that there are lots of videos about funnel hacking.

Of course, there’s a 60/40 chance that you’ll pick the latest video first, right?

That’s because you have an idea that newer content is much more reliable since it is more updated than the ones that were uploaded years ago even though it has the same content.

Be unique

Be Unique

This is one of the many reasons why companies fail to market their products or services.

Don’t be a marketer who has the same content as the others or you’ll only end up as someone who copies other people’s strategies.

It doesn’t hurt to try and explore new things for your company.

If you want to stay omnipresent, then you shouldn’t use the color red because everyone is using the same color.

That will only make you part of their group and not someone unique from the others.

Expect criticism

Always remember that to achieve omnipresence means that you need to have thick skin when promoting your brand.

People will always have something to say whether it’s for the good or bad.

If they criticizing your brand, then that means you’re also doing something right.

One example is the people who use Instagram to market their brand which is kinda funny yet effective at the same time.

Some marketers who don’t want to spend money on ads take advantage of someone else’s traffic through commenting on their posts saying,

“Check out our profile if you’re looking for organic skincare products”

Since it is on social media, someone might be interested enough to check your products or tell you, 

“This comment section is for posting comments and not promoting products”

By the way, I don’t encourage you to do this, it’s just an example.

The main concept of omnipresent marketing is staying relevant all the time. that’s why even a simple video can make a huge difference.

So, if you’re interested to create attractive videos and post them to any platform to be everywhere, then you should give Content Fries a try.

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