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This DotCom Secrets Book Review isn’t just about the secret strategies because there’s more to it than just building sales funnels.

You’ll also learn about how these funnels aren’t only applicable to making money alone since it also builds up your character as a marketer. 

That’s why this book is a very good book for me and I wanted to give you a few hints on what to expect after getting a copy of it.

Also, I would like to encourage you to read until the very end so you can get this book for FREE and you can start growing your business through funnels.

DotCom Secrets Review: What is it all about?

When I was given a copy of DotCom Secrets, everything was brand new for me because I wasn’t really into internet marketing.

Just like the usual, I went to the website and watched a video about the book and immediately found it interesting because of how Brunson talks.

I’m not telling that he did some tricks, but the way he presented the book was very convincing.

And to tell you honestly, every time I read DotCom Secrets, it seemed like Brunson was talking to me personally.

Plus, the book was very easy to read since it didn’t have a serious tone and the diagrams made the strategies easier to understand.

Since you’re here to learn more about the book, I will be telling you what it is about, how it will help your business and an overview on what’s inside DotCom Secrets.

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online

DotCom Secrets Book Review

A New York Times best-selling book by Russell Brunson that has all the effective strategies that his company uses to grow businesses.

The Secret Funnel Strategy has helped entrepreneurs, small business owners, online marketers, and agencies reach potential customers.

It became a huge success that it was included in the INC list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

DotCom Secrets was created as a playbook for building sales funnels online to help entrepreneurs become experts in sales funnels.

Brunson reveals all his secrets in lead generation and internet marketing in the book.

However, it isn’t just about generating traffic or increasing conversion rates, since Brunson also has books for those.

Who is Russell Brunson?

DotCom Secrets by Russel Brunson

Russell Brunson popularized the concept of sales funnels and co-founded ClickFunnels along with his friends in a small office in Boise, Idaho.

Just like anyone else, they didn’t have money to fund the launching of their software company compared to their competitors.

After applying their strategies to start their business, their company grew and took pride after beating their big competitors.

A few years later, it ranked first as the Fastest Growing Software Company with Gross Revenue’s Over $50MM.

However, before ClickFunnels, he also launched ZipBrander in 2003, a marketing tool that drives website traffic and increases backend profits.

He also tried selling potato gun DVDs online but was frustrated with how much his ads cost and that he wasn’t really earning a lot.

That was when he realized that internet marketing was a lot more complicated and there were more things that he needed to learn first.

Because of the potato gun DVDs, he is now one of the top marketing geniuses worldwide after developing strategies that made a huge difference.

Brunson admits that it took him decades to discover and master all these strategies and his experience wasn’t always great.

That’s why he made the DotCom Secrets book to help fellow marketers grow their businesses with the ClickFunnels software.

What is the ClickFunnels software?

ClickFunnels Logo

A DotCom Secrets Review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning ClickFunnels, because the two are so closely intertwined.

It is a software that Brunson created with Todd Dickerson that brought life to sales funnels.

ClickFunnels is the best and fastest-growing software in the world that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs learn the concept of sales funnels.

The software works by building sales funnels for businesses by creating attractive pages without having to hire a web developer.

Brunson also teaches and trains entrepreneurs on the software and was able to help create millionaires with ClickFunnels.

How does ClickFunnels help your business grow?

Most businesses often experience problems with their sales funnels and are often unaware of the tiniest problems that occur.

With ClickFunnels, everything is a lot easier since entrepreneurs can experience hassle-free funnel building.

The sales funnels software helps businesses grow by generating income through converting funnels into customers.

It also guides website visitors through the entire sales process so they won’t leave and are very much willing to buy products or services on your page.

Sales funnels can be a lot to take in for new marketers that’s why most of them who bought the DotCom Secrets book got the best results.

How many pages are there in DotCom secrets?

There are 419 pages on the DotCom Secrets eBook, while the hard copy has 424 pages.

The book has four sections that talk about Brunson’s 28 secrets in sales funnels.

For the rest of this DotCom Secrets Review we will break down the different sections and chapters of the book.

Section 1: Sales Funnel Secrets

Sales Funnel Secrets

In this section, Brunson shares 7 sales funnel secrets along with his past marketing experiences to give readers a heads up.

Secret #1

Talks about the four important questions that you should ask yourself before starting a company:

What characteristics does your ideal customer have?

Where and how can you find them?

What will make them choose your products or services?

What will they achieve from you?

When you ask these questions to yourself and have an answer in mind, you’ll start getting an audience even without a product.

It saves you more time instead of creating something that not everyone will find valuable and useful.

Secret #2

This secret comes with a framework that tells you how to make your customers find your product very interesting.

And will most likely encourage them to make ways just to have you sell it to them no matter what it takes.

Although it may seem like it looks like Clickbait or a scam, Secret #2 is actually a very effective strategy that always works for everyone. It’s about how to hook people and getting them to see your offer.

Secret #3

Get customers to pay you more.

I honestly like this strategy because it turns a low-cost offer into something bigger in just a few steps.

Because everyone wants to get something for a cheaper price or for free, what would you offer to encourage them to pay more?

That’s what this secret is all about and it’s not just any strategy that anyone will tell you since it is very effective.

Secret #4

This secret will tell you how having an “identity” attracts potential customers instead of looking for them.

But if you were to ask yourself, how do you get more customers by being a boring and mysterious seller?

Or maybe think about how do you make yourself attractive to anyone?

If you ever had the chance to watch Brunson talk on his videos, you will then get an idea of what I’m talking about.

And that’s what this secret is all about: The Attractive Character.

Secret #5

Another easy-to-understand secret on the book that lets you discover different funnels on your own and learn how each works on a website.

By mimicking what successful funnels are doing, also known as funnel hacking, you are also increasing your own chances of success.

Secret #6

This secret contains all the essential phases in a sales funnel needed to fulfill your customer’s needs without scaring them away throughout the entire process.

It also serves as a tool that makes your customers get more interested in what you can offer.

Secret #7

Brunson explains how follow-up funnels make a huge difference in the entire sales process.

He also elaborates the Seinfeld Method on this secret to help you create email follow-ups for your customers after leaving your sales funnel.

Section 2: The Funnels in the Value Ladder

The Funnels in the Value Ladder

It has secrets #8 to #17 that talk about the value ladder in general and how each “step” has its own goal that’s different from others. 

Secret #8

If you want to generate the best leads on your website to get visitors to join your list, this section will tell you how it’s done.

It also doesn’t scare your visitors away since the funnels that are discussed here creates curiosity.

Secret #9

This section will tell you the secrets on doing market research and classifying your customers into groups through answering questions.

With this strategy, you can provide different offers for each group depending on their answers.

Secret #10

In this section, you’ll learn how to grow your list while getting high-quality leads in a week.

It’s a very useful strategy if you want to build a large list by knowing all the steps from the funnel experts.

Learn about how to host your own online summit.

Secret #11

This is the first part of the section that talks about unboxing funnels and how an “order form bump” plays an essential role.

You’ll also be able to skip running paid ads after mastering this secret strategy that Brunson is very proud of.

You will also learn how to market your book.

Secret #12

If you want to create something that will make your customer stay on your page, this secret can help.

This section will teach you how to walk your customer in a step-by step sales process, and increase the customer lifetime value.

Rather than giving them the complete offer that instantly scares them away.

Secret #13

This section will teach you how challenges will help you classify which ones are willing to pay more to get instant results.

Secret #14

Learn how to create an engaging sales letter that makes your audience want to learn more about your offer.

It’s a strategy that uses videos rather than old-school direct response mailers.

This section teaches you all the essential elements that make a video sales letter that will captivate your customers.

Secret #15

Create a place for your audiences where you can present your products or services in a few steps by presenting them in a webinar funnel.

The value of your offer also increases as you walk them through the process.

It’s also a very effective strategy that encourages your customers to avail your offer.

Secret #16

If you want to create a 6-page free workshop funnel that works, this section has all the methods that you need.

With this method, people are most likely to get excited to get your offer that isn’t even available yet.

This is known as the product launch funnel, and it helps you make sales all the way from concept phase through to full product.

Secret #17

This section will teach you how to make a 3-page-funnel that’s very powerful.

Through different steps that pre-qualifies the right customers, you can easily sell them something no matter the price.

The process may involve phone calls that most clients hate.

But when you master this strategy, you’ll make them chase you instead.

Section 3:  Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts

This section covers secret #18 to #25 and it talks about funnel scripts that are used to convince customers to buy a product or service.

Secret #18

Headlines make a huge difference and this section teaches you the right scripts that generate curiosity.

Of course, these scripts won’t scare your audiences away.

This section also comes with Headline Secrets by Jim Edwards and he will guide you on how to create the best headlines.

Secret #19

It talks about the simplest 4-question sales script that’s very easy to remember and it also generates fast results.

You can make your audience get your offer right away after learning this secret strategy.

Secret #20

This section teaches you how to get your audience to experience a “sudden realization” moment.

It encourages them to relate on a situation that will make them want to get the solution from your offering.

Getting your audience hooked is all about good storytelling.

Secret #21

This secret strategy teaches you the right way to introduce an offer that your customer couldn’t resist.

Irresistible offers are also often presented as a one-time deal in order to make them more desirable.

Secret #22

It is a strategy that tells you how to create a perfect webinar script that Brunson personally uses.

Although it has the usual introduction and conclusion part, those are just the basic elements.

In this section, you will be taught how to create the perfect funnel script for your presentations.

Secret #23

If you don’t know what to write about your product launching, this secret strategy might just be of big help.

It also helps you introduce another offer that makes them want to buy it the moment it’s available.

Secret #24

Getting a potential customer to be excited about your products or services in one phone call is possible!

With this secret strategy, you’ll learn how to talk to your customers by mastering the sales close with the 4-question script on this section.

Secret #25

This funnel script is very effective in pre-qualifying customers and eventually interviewing them.

Although it may seem impossible, this script can actually captivate them to get a higher offer. It all relies on the setter and closer system.

Section 4: Building Your Funnel

Building Your Funnel

The last section has secret #26 to #28 that talks about building a sales funnel that converts with the help of ClickFunnels.

Secret #26

After understanding all the elements of a sales funnel and choosing which one suits you, this is the last part that you shouldn’t miss.

Brunson explains how funnels work and how to launch one with ClickFunnels in this section.

However he also emphasizes that this isn’t literally a full tutorial on how to use the software, but an overview on how it works.

The best part is that you don’t need to undergo a lengthy process just to have everything done since you can launch a sales funnel in an hour using the software. Learn more about what ClickFunnels is.

Secret #27

This section is where Brunson tells you about the concepts of funnel stacking and how it boosts your business.

It’s not about using and paying for ads but a path to lead your customers to your next sales funnel, thus resulting in more sales.

Secret #28

The last and probably not the least important section that talks about the necessary actions in case your funnel doesn’t work.

Although you will be using a simple test on your funnels to determine if it has faults or whatever, this section will explain everything you need to know for conversion optimization.

Did You know?

Users can also enjoy a two-week trial on the software after joining the platform to let them experience how building funnels only takes an hour.

The DotCom Secrets Funnelhack

We’ve gone way beyond in this DotCom Secrets Review.

Want to know what’s behind the book?

Obviously if you are buying something from Brunson it is the start of a funnel.

It’s not a dirty trick. It’s providing you more value if you want to solve more of your problems.

So what’s in the DotCom Secrets funnel?

Check out my funnelhack of this sales funnel in the video below.

Is DotCom Secrets a good book?


DotCom Secrets isn’t just like any regular “how-to” book because it comes with the secret funnel strategies that ClickFunnels uses.

If your company is having a funnel problem, reading the DotCom Secrets book and using ClickFunnels will help you understand the concepts more.

How to get the DotCom Secrets Book for Free

I hope you’ve enjoyed this thorough DotCom Secrets Review.

Now you likely want to know where you can score this awesome book.

You can get the DotCom Secrets book on Barnes and Noble or Amazon and pay a few bucks for the book alone excluding the shipping fee.

But, you can also get a hard copy of the book for FREE as soon as possible, while only paying for the shipping fee.

Yes, the book is COMPLETELY FREE and you only have to pay a small fee for delivery compared to buying the book somewhere else.

And no, there is no catch since Brunson just wants to help his fellow entrepreneurs grow their businesses too.

It’s his unique way of thanking you for having him as part of your journey in sales funnels.

Click here to get a FREE copy of the DotCom Secrets Book

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