Have you ever wondered what strategy is effective enough to generate leads?

It’s not about creating attractive web pages with lots of information that you intend to give away for free because that’s not how business works.

Since your main goal is to generate leads, then you need to do something to keep your prospects engaged with your brand.

Today’s review will not only talk about the right way to generate leads, but will also give you an idea of why you need to start building your email list today.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation

A lead is an individual who is interested in a brand’s products or services but hasn’t purchased anything yet.

Lead generation is a process of gaining your lead’s interest to make a sale.

In the marketing industry, it’s usually done by collecting a visitor’s contact information using a “lead magnet” on their website.

This marketing strategy plays a crucial part in the entire sales process of most companies since it also helps them build their email list in the long run.

How to generate leads effectively

If you have ever been in someone else’s funnel before, then you probably got into a situation where you had to give your email first to gain access to something very important.

It can either be a 7-day free trial on a fitness app that you’ve been wanting to try or an article that you need for your research study before.

Does it sound familiar?

Another example is when you signed up for an eCommerce website to get exclusive discounts and offers since that one-time offer for new users was too tempting for you.

That’s how you can generate leads if you want to start building your email list to keep in touch with prospects and eventually get conversions to boost your business.

However, it’s not always easy to get your prospect’s email and that’s why you’re here today to learn how to generate leads through squeeze and landing pages.

What is a Squeeze Page and a Landing Page?

Squeeze Pages

squeeze page

Squeeze page funnels are very effective to start generating leads for your business while building an email list at the same time.

Its primary goal is to generate high-quality leads.

Your squeeze page can help you get as many email addresses as possible that you can use later for your email marketing campaign.

Another function of a squeeze page is to get someone to give their email address in exchange for something that’s called a “lead magnet” for your page.

It’s sometimes a popup that appears when you start scrolling someone else’s website as you look for that important piece of information.

To make it effective, your squeeze page must be simple enough to encourage curiosity in your audience.

You can start by using the hook-story-offer strategy.

Create a headline that instantly hooks the attention of your audience while teasing them about your offer.

Once you make your audience curious, they are very much likely to give their email address to you.

The next step is to tell a story that isn’t too long or short enough for your audience so they won’t get distracted from your offer.

Since we’re talking about simplicity here, keeping it short and clear is already enough to start generating leads.

Once they give their email address to you, you can finally introduce your offer to your prospects.

But don’t just give it right away!

Of course, your offer has to be valuable enough to the prospect to make them give their email ad to you.

Think of it as an exchange for something valuable by trusting you with their contact information to get something valuable, like an exclusive voucher for example.

Reverse Squeeze Pages

A reverse squeeze page is used if your offer needs further details to support it and sometimes it also comes with a video explanation instead of an image

It doesn’t give you higher conversion rates but it lets you identify the ones who are more qualified.

Landing Page

landing page

A landing page, on the other hand, can be a squeeze page with a primary goal of driving traffic to your website as much as possible.

It can also work to make effective marketing and advertising campaigns for your business.

Usually, a landing page is a standalone webpage that a visitor “lands” after clicking on a link from your ad, email, or other platforms.

Thank You Page

Your ‘Thank You’ page has to be something that makes your prospects interested in the content that you send them.

Since you promised to get them what they want in exchange for their email, give it to them right away.

A thank you page isn’t just a regular page since it can also serve as the first stage of your sales funnel and you can take this opportunity to direct prospects to your page.

This is also the part where you build a special relationship with your ideal customer.

If you want to make it even more effective, your prospects should get valuable content right away.

Think fast and don’t give them a countdown on when they can receive your offer so you wouldn’t have to worry about being tagged as spam.

You can start sending them a soap-opera sequence the next day, or you can introduce them to an offer that they might find interesting.

Why is it important to generate leads?

lead generation icon 2
lead generation icon 1
lead generation icon 3

Lead generation lets you make more sales especially when you turn those leads into loyal customers that’s why some companies aren’t scared to spend a lot due to its benefits.

Customer Targeting

Other than just building your email list, without leads, your business will remain in the shadows no matter how many times you create a campaign for your business.

By the way, most companies don’t just rely on their ads.

This is when they already built a good email list after generating leads since they can easily reach their prospects and get conversions.

Cheaper than running Ads

The best part about generating leads is that you don’t have to pay for ads since you’ll only need software like ClickFunnels.

The only thing that makes this strategy fail is when your headlines or squeeze pages aren’t effective enough to make your prospects give their email to you.

That’s why it is always important to generate leads whenever you can since it doesn’t only save you money, but also saves you time to reach an audience.

They’re just an email away!

Brand Awareness

Lead generation also promotes brand awareness as it educates them about your product and its features. 

Just think of it as free advertising!

Another reason is that it also helps nurture your relationship with your prospects.

When they give their email to you, this gives you an opportunity to build trust and credibility with your ideal customers since it gives them an idea that you’re knowledgeable in your niche.

This also makes them aware of problems that never existed before.

How do you generate leads easily?

sign up

There are four essential steps to help you start generating leads and it is actually a lot easier than you think.

After talking about how lead generation works in the previous sections, you can finally put things in action by following these steps: 

Step 1: Know your target audience

Marketing isn’t just fishing for random customers since you also need to have an ideal customer that your company wants to work with for the next few years.

You just can’t start selling college textbooks to toddlers, right?

When you identify your ideal customer, this will make it easier for you to generate leads and get conversions.

Step 2: Irresistible offer

Your irresistible offer should be able to solve problems and not make them worse.

It has to be something that makes things easily work for them or something that solves their ongoing problems.

Always remember that people have a desire to make a purchase if they know that they can benefit something from it no matter the price.

In the previous sections, I also mentioned the hook-story-offer principle and if you want to know more on how this works, click here.

Step 3: Create Attractive Headlines

Take time to write a sales copy and a good headline that’s effective and attractive enough to make your audience give their email to you.

Headlines make a huge impact to your squeeze pages since it also serves as a bait.

It has to be simple and clear enough for your audience to understand.

Don’t forget to add value to make it stand out.

Step 4: Start building your squeeze page

Once you’re done with the first three steps, it’s finally time to start building your squeeze page.

Remember that it might take a while for you to start generating leads and it might require lots of experimenting but you’ll eventually be able to reach your business goals someday.

If you want to learn more strategies to grow your business, you can read our DotCom Secrets review by clicking here.

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