In school, we are taught that in order to make money, you either need to get a job and trade your time, or you need to make a product and sell it to people.

Therefore, it goes against our basic nature. That we would give things away for free.

If you know anything about lead generation funnels, you know that their objective is to give things away for free, but only in exchange for an email address.

In this way, we're able to grow our leads list, provide value to our market, and have people interested in our product that we can further market to.

Therefore, it goes even MORE against our education and basic nature to even give something away for free without collecting an email address and growing our leads list.

But that is exactly what you do with a Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel.

Introduction to the Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel

The Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel isn't inherently complicated.

It consists of a first page where you give away your valuable object for free. And after you give away the valuable information, then people give you their email address.

Why would they give you their email address after they've already consumed your free information?

Because you're going to promise them more information.

The beauty of this funnel is that you get higher quality leads, even though you get less leads.

Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel

Why Would You Offer So Much Value For Free?

The recurring theme with sales funnels, and as should be in every business, is “how much information am I able to give away for free to help my audience.

As business owners we have a call to serve our markets, and not only does free get people in the door, but it also help pre-frame them for your higher end offers.

Plus it’s just nice to help people out.

Giving away information for free helps you grow that trust with your audience and make them more willing to work with your going forward.

This type of lead funnel is the epitome of giving things away for free.

Why Do You Need a Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel?

Your business needs a Reverse Squeeze Funnel because it pegs you as a caring and giving business person.

You're giving away good content for free that helps people solve their problem, and you're not even asking for their email address until after they've consumed that information.

They have the right to leave after they consume this first-page information, and a higher percentage will than with a normal Squeeze Page Funnel (since you're giving away the information up front).

But your business needs this type of funnel, even if it may seem like even more work up front.

The reasoning is that you get higher-quality leads from this type of funnel, even though you get less.

You weed out the people who are only kind of interested in your product.

In exchange for those who consume your first page information and then are very interested to keep going.

So what they do is then give you their email address in exchange for that next level of information.

This is a high-quality lead because you know that they want to learn more, and you know that they weren't just there for a quick freebie and then to be on their way.

People who opt in on a Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel are more likely to keep wanting to learn more, and are more likely to keep going through further stages in your funnel.

They are even more susceptible to become buyers at some point.

Because of their enhanced interest in what you're teaching.

Pro Tip: It may be a good idea to add a tripwire after your Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel.

As I've stated, these are high-quality leads who want to learn more, so throwing a $7 offer after they've signed in and after the second page of the Squeeze Page Funnel where you're giving higher information, you can then offer them a $7 product.

This will give you even higher-quality leads because then you've separated the high-quality leads from the buyers and the buyers are the ones who are going to keep continuing through your trip wire funnel and your higher-end offers right away.

Your Reverse Squeeze Page Thank You Page

As always, don't waste the thank you page on your Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel.

The thank you page is always an opportunity to give people more value or send them into the next funnel.

You can have them subscribe to our podcast from this page. Have them join your Facebook group. If you're sending them to the next funnel, it's common to have a step one on the thank you page that shows them how to claim what they've signed up for. Then you would have a step two that would be the next funnel you're trying to send them into. This gives people the natural tendency to not think they're done yet.

Even though they have their deliverables from the Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel, they'll want to keep going until they've received everything that they're supposed to. So a lot of people will likely take that step two.

The Reverse Squeeze Funnel is just one of many lead funnels that you can master in your business, but as I always state, it's important to master one and get leads coming in before you go on to another.

And as we've seen above, you can link funnels together, so they become even more powerful.

Learn More About Lead Gen Funnels

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It's over 106 world-class examples of lead funnels that have worked for major companies across the country.

Not only do you get these examples and how they work, but you also get a deeper understanding of the different elements of a funnel, and how you can use them in your business. Be sure to grab this awesome guide.

You won't regret it.

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