You know the importance of starting a YouTube channel for your business or side hustle, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. Since you are here, you also likely have reservations about showing your face or using your voice on your videos.

Fear not!

There are plenty of successful channels out there that implement what they call a “Faceless YouTube Channel” strategy.

It’s the ultimate solution for people who have great ideas to help their target market, but don’t necessarily want to be on video.

I know that my voice isn’t the best speaking voice. I’ve overcome some of my fears of speaking on video, but it’s still nice to take a break and get some faceless videos up on the account sometimes.

All that said, let’s take a deeper dive into what exactly a faceless YouTube Channel is, types of videos we can make without being on camera, and steps it takes to make them.

Lastly, I’ll show you some awesome deals on software that will take your channel to a whole new level!

What is a Faceless YouTube Channel?

A Faceless YouTube Channel is a series of videos uploaded under one account that do not have the creators face or (usually) their voice anywhere on the uploaded videos.

These types of channels can be appealing to many creators who have a message they want to share, but may not be comfortable featuring themselves on video.

There is also something to be said about the popularity of these types of videos.

Listicles and other social media viral videos are often created in the style of the faceless creator.

The videos are a combination of stock videos or animated photos set to stock music. Each slide contains new information for a step in the process or item in the list.

They can also be animated videos that help draw people’s attention to the message being shared.

Here’s an example of a faceless video we made for our mom blog:

Types of Faceless YouTube Channels That Work

There are a ton of videos types and channel ideas that can be produced without ever showing your face.

Video content creators just need to have a good idea that people will want to watch. They should either entertain or educate people, preferably both.

As with any successful channel on YouTube, having really good video descriptions will help with SEO and getting your content found in search.

Here are some of the more popular types of videos you can make as a faceless YouTuber:

faceless youtube channel options

Unboxing Videos

You’ve likely seen an unboxing video before.

It’s where someone gets a cool, new, or unusual item and opens the product box in front of the camera.

People are entranced by these types of videos as people love to see boxes opened as it’s something new and exciting and reminds them of the surprise of opening presents from loved ones.

You can keep the camera low if you want to do unboxing videos, and just show your hands opening the box. You can then use your own voice to describe what’s happening, or use a voiceover later.

Computer Tutorial Videos

A lot of popular videos on YouTube involve someone showcasing a software, or how to do something online. 

In this case you would use a computer tutorial video to show people how to use software that they had a problem knowing how to use, and answer common questions.

A lot of these videos show the person in the corner of the screen talking, but this is not required for your faceless YouTube channel. You can simply show your screen, record your voice, and walk people through the required steps to meet their goal.

How To Videos

Everyone looks for how to do something online at some point, so how-to videos have huge potential for a ton of video views.

There is amazing software (that we will talk more about later) that can allow you to produce really cool-looking, high-quality whiteboard or 2-D animation videos that are excellent to showcase how-to topics.

Simply walk people through the steps on how something is done, and again answer frequently asked questions.

Product Reviews

People like to know what something consists of, and what other people think of something before they decide to spend their hard-earned dollars and make a purchase. 

You can use a combination of video techniques to write a product review, including animation, screen capture, or simply just shooting a product instead of your face.

Review videos are highly competitive to rank for, but can be very lucrative if you do get something ranking high in YouTube search results.

Product review videos are highly competitive because they are considered “buyer keywords” or keywords that people search for when they are ready to make a purchase.

Comparison Videos

Not only do people like reading reviews, but they like comparing different products when in the decision phase of their buyer’s journey. 

If you can make animated videos or otherwise that help break down the features and pricing of two or more products, you help them make product research a lot easier, and they are more likely to trust you since you helped save them time in the researching of their purchase.


Breaking down a lot of information into manageable chunks by putting them in an ordered list has become a very popular format for online content.

This is no different when making videos. 

If you use a program like InVideo, you can make listicle videos easily, or you can use whiteboard animation videos (again, we’ll talk more about these later) that catch people’s attention and give them a popular format they are used to with a unique video style that will keep their attention.

Compilation Videos

One of the most common formats on YouTube is compilation videos. 

Pick a niche and edit together a bunch of related videos to help make a point.

This is a common type of video for motivational videos or funny reels.

Just make sure you have proper permissions to use the clips for your videos. If you don’t your videos can be taken down, or worse.

Cooking Videos 

People love food, and as such people love watching how food is made.

You may think you need to show your face on a cooking video as you’re shown cooking, but think about some famous examples of faceless cooking channels like Tasty. They have a ton of examples of faceless videos where they just show the hands making stuff and the steps it takes to make something.


Gaming Videos

A lot of gamers on YouTube will show a cutout of themselves overlaid on top of the game they are playing, but you don’t have to!

You can simply stream the video game you are playing and hook yourself up to a mic.

I would say that narration is a necessity with gaming videos, but by no means do you need to show your face.

These types of videos hook people in for hours as they watch you playthrough. Audiences love watching games they may not be able to afford, or enjoy your commentary of the game as you play. 

Pet Videos

If you want to create a channel for the sake of getting views, you can’t go wrong with pet videos.

People love to see pets doing funny and crazy things, and these types of videos are huge for shareability and virality. 

It will still have your pet’s face, but as far as you’re concerned, it will be a faceless channel.


Instead of doing animation videos about other products, you can always make a YouTube Channel that showcases your animation work.

This can be any style of animation, and you can tell any types of stories you want. 

If you are an animator who can’t afford expensive software, or you want to learn how to be an animator, there is a free software out there you can use that pros in many industries are using.

Don’t let the thought of payments keep you from sharing your creativity with the world!

How Can You Make a YouTube Channel Without Showing Your Face?

There are many ways that you can use creative camera angles when shooting your video that can help you make a faceless YouTube Channel. 

The problem with this is that it can start to get a little awkward just seeing someone’s hands, or a little impersonal just seeing a computer screen. 

It’s good to mix it up and add whiteboard and animation videos as we’ve talked about. This will help you make an engaging channel as a faceless YouTuber.

The top software for whiteboard animation is Doodly.

And the top software for 2D explainer videos in Toonly.

And if you are looking to replace your voice with intelligent AI, Talkia is a great solution.

With these 3 powerhouse software programs, you will be able to create your faceless YouTube channel with ease.

Your Action Steps

Here are some steps you should take to become a faceless YouTuber:

  1. Check out how to get lifetime access (pay once) to Doodly, Toonly, and Talkia by reading this article.
  2. Research popular niches that you can get a lot of traffic in to base your channel off of. Make sure it’s something you are also interested in or your will burn out too quickly.
  3. After you have a niche, find affiliate programs within that niche. Promote these brands as a part of your video marketing strategy and get commissions for purchases made through your affiliate links. This will help supplement any income you are planning to get just from YouTube ads on your videos.
  4. Do keyword research to find out what questions people are trying to get answered.
  5. Make a content plan on when you plan to create and publish videos. Consistency is key, so make sure it’s something you can stick to. Since you channel will be faceless and likely with an AI voice, having a quiet environment and good background are things you won’t have to worry about.
  6. Create your videos, good keyword-focused titles and descriptions, and upload your videos according to your plan.
  7. Enter your video title, making sure your keyword is somewhere within.
  8. Publish with a keyword-focused video description.

Tools to Avoid Showing Your Face or Using Your Voice For Videos

In order to make these faceless videos, you’re obviously going to need some tools to make it happen.

We’ve mentioned several options for software throughout this article that will help you product quality content without appearing on screen. 

Some people may think that you aren’t appearing on screen because you are afraid to, and that’s not always the case. You can still make amazing videos and make your point without making an appearance.

The goal of a faceless channel, or any YouTube Channel really, is to get your point across, and if you have the tools to do so, there’s no need to take the extra step to being on camera.

Don’t feel judged about taking this route of setting up your YouTube Channel. Just get started making videos, having fun, and hopefully brining in some money on the side!

The Best Package For Making Your Faceless YouTube Videos

The truth is that millions of people are watching videos from faceless content creators daily. Their channels have millions of subscribers, and there are a huge variety of niches that are covered.

If you’re set on the faceless video idea, and want to pick up some software that will help you get started making engaging videos without breaking the bank and having to pay monthly subscriptions, we recommend checking out the Ultimate Marketing Video Toolkit.

It’s a special, hidden offer on the backend of an unassuming sales funnel, that most people don’t know exists.

It’s a one-time price for lifetime access to the Doodly, Toonly, and Talkia software that we mentioned earlier.

This will help you create super high-quality videos that include whiteboard videos, 2D animation videos, and top it all of with an AI voiceover software.

It’s an amazing deal, and you can only get it through the backdoor access.

You can learn more about this backdoor access and pick up our awesome bonuses here.

We don’t know how long this offer will last, so don’t hesitate.

Become a faceless YouTuber today!

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