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Exclusive Video Marketing Offer

Paying for videos for your business can cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER VIDEO.

And if you are offering video creation for other businesses, you are stuck paying a BIG MONTHLY FEE to a software company so you can have access to their software.

Either way, there’s now a great way to save money on video for your business, but you can’t just go out and buy it.

There’s a secret, backdoor entrance to this amazing deal where you can create whiteboard videos, animated videos, and even have access to professional voice over for a ONE-TIME FEE.

Getting Lifetime Access is EASY!

Pay Shipping For The Traffic Secrets Book and The Secret Backdoor to Doodly, Toonly, and Talkia Lifetime Will Be UNLOCKED!


*This page contains affiliate links to ClickFunnels, and I may get a commission for purchases made through the links.

The creators of Doodly, Toonly, and Talkia launched each software with a lifetime deal. As time went on and the software matured, these lifetime deals were harder and harder to find.

Now you can get lifetime access to these 3 software for just $197.

That’s a 1-time payment for $2,491 of value.

Not to mention how easy you can create videos for your business without having to pay monthly for a subscription.

This is a one-time offer within the Traffic Secrets funnel. Just pay shipping & handling for the Traffic Secrets book, and then the last offer in the funnel will be fore the Ultimate Marketing Video Toolkit which includes the lifetime access to these 3 amazing products.

Why You Need “Scroll-Stopping” Videos

The attention span of humans in today’s tech-driven world is somewhere between 2 and 8 seconds, and let’s face it, anything above 2 seconds is pushing it.

We see this as people scroll quickly past dozens of posts on social media before finally stopping on one that catches their attention. This is called “scroll-stopping content”.

So what we are aiming to accomplish in our business is creating content that can get people to stop that scroll and pay attention to what we have to say.

Whiteboard and animated videos are unique in that most content creators don’t use them. Instead they pull out their phones and film what’s around them.

This can still make for great content, but images and videos of people aren’t necessarily “scroll-stopping”.

By taking advantage of this awesome deal you will have unlimited access to create scroll-stopping whiteboard and 2-d animated videos for your business.

Scroll Stopping Whiteboard Videos

Buy Lifetime Access To
The Ultimate Marketing Video Toolkit Today

And Get These FREE Bonuses

When you take this deal after clicking a button on this page, save your receipt and send me proof of purchase.

I’ll send you an email with access to the following bonuses. 

Bonus #1 – Master Affiliate Marketing to $10k Course

Affiliate Marketing Course

Even if you already own a business, and especially if you don’t, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online selling other people’s products.

I’ve been pouring my heart into creating an affiliate marketing course that shows you the best ways to get started with earning commissions from products other people already created, and I want to gift you this course as a bonus for buying the Ultimate Marketing Video Toolkit through my affiliate link.


You guessed it. 

Creating amazing, scroll-stopping videos is a great way to reach your audience and provide them an affiliate product as a solution to their problem.

It’s all about helping other people, and having my knowledge on affiliate marketing combined with this amazing video software suite has potential to turn you into an online powerhouse.

$494 Value

Bonus #2 – Exclusive, Closed Facebook Group Invite

Funnel Analytics Facebook Group

Along with the amazing bonus above, there are always new things we can learn from each other.

That’s why I’ve created an exclusive, closed Facebook group for like-minded individuals so we can help each other learn and grow.

Whether it’s video marketing or affiliate marketing, this community will be here to support you going forward.

Welcome to the club!


All Bonuses
FREE With Purchase

Purchase the Ultimate Marketing Video Toolkit Lifetime Deal through my link, send me proof, and these bonuses are yours!

Justin Coleman

Is This Really A Good Deal?

Not sure if this lifetime deal is a good price?

HINT: The best current deal is LIFETIME ACCESS through the Traffic Secrets funnel!

But let’s take a look.

Getting Doodly Standard at full-price is $39/month.

Getting Toonly Standard at full-price is $39/month.

Getting Talkia Standard at full-price is $39/month.

That’s $119 per month!

In only 2 months your still paying more than you are with a one-time payment today.

So paying $197 for lifetime access to all 3 just makes good sense.

PLUS all the sweet bonuses I have included in buying through my links on this page.

Your business can’t afford NOT to have this.

Not Feeling Traffic Secrets?

You’re Still Covered

The Lifetime Deal for Doodly, Toonly, and Talkia is still available through any of these book funnels.

Just pick a book, and The Ultimate Marketing Video Toolkit will be the One-Time Offer on the back end!

Don’t worry, you will still get my bonuses no matter which route you take!

DotCom Secrets Books

If you are new to sales funnels, you should definitely start with the DotCom Secrets.

Expert Secrets Books
If you know about funnels but don’t yet have much of a following, then Expert Secrets is the book for you.
Traffic Secrets Book
If you know about funnels and have a following but can’t quite seem to get the website and funnel traffic you are looking for, then Traffic Secrets will help get you there.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s amazing to get a lifetime deal for anything, and getting marketing tools as powerful as Doodly, Toonly, and Talkia is one of the best deals you can grab.

I’m not sure how long this secret back door to getting this deal will last, so as I said before, don’t sleep on this.

Check out one of the 3 “Secrets” funnels above and see which book will help you grow your business at the stage you are at.

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