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Whether you are a one person business or you have a team of 100 people, there always seems to be something that you don’t have time to get done.

Even if you have a blogging strategy in place, you may not be spending the time you need to share your work on social media.

Odds are that you definitely aren’t remembering to share the same piece again over the next several weeks or months to catch the eye of people who may have missed it the first time.

Put your social posting on auto-pilot for the next year with this sweet little program called Missinglettr.

What is Missinglettr?

Missinglettr is an up-and-coming software from the UK that helps site owners drive traffic to their content for the next year on autopilot.

Once you post a blog, you don’t want to just let it sit there and hope Google gives it a good page rank.

You want to be proactive in your approach of driving traffic to it and that means sharing your content on social media.

Missinglettr helps make this process easy by pulling in the content from your post, mixing and matching what you’ve already written, and generating enough social posts to go out over the next year.

Lines Pulled Automatically in Missinglettr for Posting

This gives people who missed your content the opportunity to see it and benefit from the value you provide. It also gives people who read it before another chance to read it again.

Did I mention the software will pull in your post from your RSS feed automatically, and it only takes about 10 minutes to set up a campaign?

Want to See MissingLettr in Action?

Check out my Missinglettr overview training featured in the Make 100k Count Guide. Claim Your Guide.

Make 100k Count

What If I Need Social Content Going Out Sooner?

If you have a more urgent message that needs to go out, Missinglettr has you covered there as well.

You can create a campaign for a 2-month set of posts, or even a 2-week blast of posts if you really want to plaster your message across your social accounts.

Simply generate a new campaign and specify the length you want your campaign to go out.

Drip Campaign Length in Missinglettr

The Problem of Updating Content: SOLVED


Google and other search engines love content that is relevant to the reader, and that has content that is up-to-date.

Missinglettr solves this problem.

Simply check a box while creating your campaign, and the software will send you a reminder in 6 months for you to go back in and optimize your article with any new developments or information you may have learned since you first published.


Reminder to Update your Content Every 6 Months

This is a great way to stay on top of things and make sure your content is still relevant to your readers.

Grow Your Reach With Curate

Ready to drive some real traffic?

Sure it’s great to put your own social strategy on autopilot, but what about getting other people to share on their accounts?

Curate Audience Potential and Number of Shares

It helps other businesses to have great content that isn’t their own to share on their social pages, but it may be easy for them to overlook yours.

Missinglettr solves this problem as well with an awesome add-on called Curate (formerly called PostBox).

Number of times posts shared by others on social via missinglettr

With the Curate add-on you will be able to add a social post containing a link to your content to a virtual postbox. From there, other content creators will be able to share your pre-written post to their social accounts so their audience can enjoy varied content from other creators.

This is a HUGE asset to your business as others will willingly share your stuff.

You can also curate content from others to share to your pages as well. It helps to return the favor, and also your audience will like the variation as well.

Connecting Your Social Accounts

Getting setup on your account is easy.

So far, Missinglettr has functionality to add your Facebook Page or Group, LinkedIn Page or Profile, and your Twitter account.

Social Profiles you can Sync to Missinglettr

These are the accounts you are able to create campaigns and share to.

These are also the accounts that others will be able to share your content to.

Missinglettr Pricing

You can get started with Missinglettr on the Free Plan to give it a try.

Your free account will get you the ability to connect 1 social profile to 1 business, and schedule up to 50 posts at a time.

These are some strict limitations, but at least you can get a feel for the program before you decide to buy.

The next step up is the first paid tier, which is the Solo Plan.

You can start this plan with a free, 14-day trial, and then you will pay $19 per month.

In the Solo Plan you get the ability to connect 3 social profiles for 1 business, and up to 500 scheduled posts at any given time. They also throw in the ability to add an extra user.

The third payment tier is the Pro Plan.

This plan also starts out with a 14-day free trial, but will cost you $59 per month thereafter.

With the Pro Plan you get to connect 9 social profiles across 3 businesses, you get 3,000 scheduled posts at any given point in time. With this plan you can also have unlimited users.

You can currently get 2 free months of either of the paid plans if you decide to pay yearly.

Monthly Pricing

Missinglettr monthly pricing

Yearly Pricing

Missinglettr yearly pricing

Curate Add-On Pricing

You are looking at an extra monthly cost if you want the awesome power of the Curate add-on.

This extra add-on will set you back another $49 per month.

Remember this gives you the power to easily find content for your readers and, even more powerfully, share your content to the postbox where others can pick it up and share your content to their social channels.

As of this writing there is a lifetime membership to Curate shown in the banner at the top of the Missinglettr homepage.

Missinglettr for Marketing Agencies

There is one more add-on that you can choose to supercharge your Missinglettr.

If you are a marketing agency looking for a solution to share social content for the next year, you may want to look into the Agency upgrade.

For $147 per month you get the option to whitelabel Missinglettr to impress your clients by allowing them to see a branded Missinglettr they can approve and collaborate on.

The Agency upgrade gives you 25 social accounts you can link across unlimited businesses, giving you 10,000 scheduled posts at any given time.

You will also get to brand your dashboard with a custom domain.

If you are looking to build your marketing agency in an efficient way, Missinglettr Agency add-on may be the route to go.

My Review of Missinglettr

I honestly don’t want to run my business without Missinglettr going forward.

I was lucky enough to snag it on a lifetime deal from Appsumo (click the link for $10 off your first lifetime deal!), so it has especially high value in my business and workflow.

Unfortunately the lifetime deal is over, but you can still pick up this amazing program at the prices listed above.

I haven’t used another program that makes it easier to get social posts out for the next year, continually driving traffic back to my site with no more effort on my part.

I also love that it reminds me to update my content every six months. This is vital for SEO and helps in a major way with moving up in the rankings, staying relevant, and holding your top-ranked pages where they are.

Curate is just icing on the cake that has allowed hundreds of other content creators to share my content with their audience. This expands my reach and is a major asset for driving continual traffic to my website.

Missinglettr and Curate both easily get a 5 out of 5 stars from me.

If you want to check it out, you can do so through my affiliate link. As my valued reader you can click here to get 50% off your first 3 months!

If you want to check out my Missinglettr overview training, I’ve included the link as a bonus in my Make 100k Count guide.

Want to See MissingLettr in Action?

Check out my Missinglettr overview training featured in the Make 100k Count Guide. Claim Your Guide.

Make 100k Count

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