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Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links to helpful resources I use in my own business. I may get a commission for purchases and trials made through the links.
Funnelytics Pro

Planning Your Sales System

The best way to sell with automation in your business is through a sales funnel.

The best way to plan out your sales funnel is to use a funnel mapping program like Funnelytics. Sure beats drawing your funnel out on a napkin.

The Funnelytics Mapping Feature is free to use, and the Pro version provides INSANE value for your business through analytics and KPI tracking.

Traffic Secrets

Getting Traffic

Every business needs traffic for their website or funnel, and this book will show you how to get it!

Stop waiting for your customers to come find you, and implement these 20+ virtually unknown secrets to getting tons of traffic.

The book is free, and all you pay is shipping and handling.

(There is also a Funnelytics Pro Lifetime deal available a few steps after you claim your book! Extra BONUS!)


Conducting Business During Pandemic Shutdown

If your business has been shutdown due to the pandemic, or even if you are operating at partial capacity, then this FREE eBook is for you!

Written by Justin Coleman here at Master Sales Funnels, this 16 page ebook covers not only what you should do during the shutdown, but also give you THE SHUTDOWN FUNNELS, 3 funnel templates to help you plan your next business move and work to come out of the other end of this pandemic kicking ass!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For your CRM I recommend 17hats. It is a robust platform geared towards small and medium businesses that allows for automatic lead capturing, invoicing, questionnaires, and contracts along with other awesome features.

Use the botton below and get 10% off your annual or higher subscription!

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