If you are just getting started with lead generation funnels, starting with the basics is the best thing to do. It almost doesn’t get more basic than the Squeeze Page Funnel.

The idea of a funnel is to provide as much value as possible to your visitor so they are willing to give you things in return.

This could be their email address, money, their name, or other more personal information like a birthday or a home address.

Lead funnels are meant to do just that, gets leads for your business in the form of names and email addresses.

We do this by creating a lead magnet and getting people to opt-in to get it.

What does all of this mean?

Let’s discuss.

Introduction to the Squeeze Page Funnel

A squeeze page funnel is one of the easiest funnels you can set up.

All it consists of is a landing page, and thank you page, and a delivery email.

You use whatever methods you deem necessary to drive traffic to your landing page, or Squeeze Page.

You entice people to click on your ads or content with a good hook. This is your promise to the viewer that they will be able to solve whatever problem they are facing after they click on your link.

Once they get to your Squeeze Page, you “squeeze” the email out of them by offering them something of value in return (a lead magnet).

After people enter their email address, you now have a new lead. It’s important to make sure you have a lead magnet that aligns with what your business sells so that the leads will later be more likely to buy your high-ticket products when you present them.

After they enter their email, they go to the thank you page, and the email is sent (preferably automatically) with the information they need to access the lead magnet.

The most time consuming part of setting up this funnel is making a lead magnet that is worth downloading.

Squeeze Page Opt-In Funnel

What Makes A Good Lead Magnet?

There are many things that good lead magnets (a.k.a. opt-ins) have in common.

Your lead magnet doesn’t need to hit all or any of the requirements if you don’t want. It really just depends on what works with your Squeeze Page Funnel and your business.

Some common things that make a good lead magnet:

  1. It’s short and consumable (you want people to consume your lead magnet and go on to the next steps or the next funnel)
  2. It doesn’t take too long to create (you want something valuable to your audience, but you don’t want to waste too much time if it’s not quite what they are looking for)
  3. It adds value in the right direction (you want people to be able to solve a minor, but irritating problem with your lead magnet, and then want to take the next step in the right direction to solving bigger problems)

The Squeeze Page Funnel Thank You Page

As with all lead gen funnels, don’t waste the thank you page.

Make sure you are telling people when and how they will be getting their opt-in, but don’t stop there.

While you don’t want to keep offering people options to buy things in an endless funnel, you can still offer them something free as added value, or even give them the front-end offer on another one of you funnels.

This is a great way to further segment your audience, see what they are interested in, and see if they are in the mood to keep going up your value ladder now while they are already in a trusting and open mood to work with you.

Learn More About Lead Funnels

The Squeeze Page is sort of an outdated method for building your list.

While people still use squeeze pages, they have evolved to be more of a landing page, the first page in a longer funnel.

Visitors start by entering their email on the landing page to get the lead magnet, but then are presented with progressively expensive offers that offer them greater and greater value as they go.

This is called a lead funnel, and you can learn all about it, as well as see 106 world-class lead funnels that have made millions of dollars for those who have implemented them.

Check out the Lead Funnels Swipe File to learn more!

Lead Funnels Swipe File
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