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Did you know that it’s easier to make a product launch successful by using a script just like what your favorite actors and actresses read in their movies?

One thing I like the most about scripts in marketing is that it helps you feel confident with what you’re about to tell to your clients.

The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert when writing one especially when you use the elements that will be discussed in this article.

What is a Product Launch Script?

Some product launch events become successful because of how simple they write their script.

Meanwhile, some people fail because they tend to overdo things making the whole thing complicated to understand.

But that’s not always the case.

A product launch script works similarly to a webinar script except that it’s a written dialogue for a launch event.

Big companies like Apple Inc., and Samsung often host such events to promote and talk about a brand new product that will be released in a few weeks or more.

And since you’ll be talking about the description of your product, writing a script before your launch event is a great way to plan things out – and make your product attractive to potential customers.

Why do you need it?

The primary goal of a product launch event is to promote the product and attract potential customers to build interest.

Companies often hire a copywriter to write a copy that they can use to promote their products.

But what if your company isn’t as big as the ones we’ve previously mentioned?

How do you promote your products without confusing your audience?

Would you still hire a copywriter to do it for you?

Of course not!

When you learn to write your very own product launch script and take time to practice before the event, it gives an opportunity for your product to sell itself.

The reason is that everything you talk about your product during the launch event has to build awareness other than just telling them, “Hey this is my new product, BUY IT!”

Not only does it sound boring but it also makes your product less interesting since your audience wouldn’t know what value they can get from your product.

So how exactly do you write a product launch script that makes your offer attractive?

How to write a script for your product launch infographic

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How to write your product launch script

Writing a script for your product launch may sound easy peasy, however, it’s not just putting random stuff about your product.

A product launch script is only effective if you follow a formula or a structure that makes your offer irresistible to your potential customers.

In this section, we will be talking about 4 parts and their subparts and discuss each so that after reading this article, you can finally start writing your product launch script.

Part 1: Introduction


The first part of your product launch script has four elements and this is where you make a great first impression that makes consumers excited about your product.

1. What is it all about?

Start by introducing what they can get from your product such as benefits, new opportunities, or literally anything that gives them a good impression about it.

“Have you ever wondered if there’s a product that can fit the entire library in your pocket so you don’t have to carry all those heavy books every day?”

2. Break false beliefs

Just like in webinar scripts, you should also be able to break false beliefs about your product to convince them that it’s not what they think it is.

You can do this by sharing an experience on how it has helped change the way you used to do things before.

“As someone who used to carry big and heavy books for my classes, my bag is now lighter and I can easily navigate to any page thanks to the search feature of this product.”

When you break this barrier, this makes it easier to earn their trust and makes them want to learn more about your product.

3. Testimonials

The next thing to do is to tell your audience what other people think about your product.

This is very important since you also want to tell them that your product has worked for other people too.

4. Hook

In the last part of your introduction, there should be a hook that gets them excited to watch or read the next part of your product launch.

Since you already teased them about the product, encourage your audience to drop some questions for you to answer on the next part.

Part 2: Content


The second part of your product launch has four subparts where you start to educate your prospects about your product.

Your goal here is to let them visualize or imagine themselves using the product that you’re trying to sell.

1. Demonstrate

Doing a product demo or showing proof of what your product does is an effective strategy that gives your prospects an Aha! moment.

This builds more interest in the product and makes them think about what they can do or where they can use it.

For example, you’re selling an iron cast skillet, you can either take a video of yourself cooking steak with the product or you can show them the steak that you made with the product.

2. Instructions

This part is where you teach them how to use the product.

Since you already told them what they can do with your product, you can just demonstrate it once again and tell them how they should use it.

3. Testimonials

Just like what you did in the first part of your product launch script, add more social proof but this time, including how people used the product.

“Before, I used to cook steak with my non-stick pan where things got messy since it wasn’t supposed to be placed inside the oven but I still did it anyway.

And since the oven was too hot, some of the parts, like the handle, were destroyed and I wasn’t able to enjoy steak at home.

After using this iron cast skillet, I can cook more recipes both on the stove and in the oven in just two simple steps, cook and bake. It’s that easy!

4. Hook

Just like what you did in the first part, simply add another hook that makes them excited on the next episode or page of your product launch. 

Part 3: Create a momentum


For the third part of your product launch, this is where you break false beliefs once again, but this time it has to be related to the second part.

This is also where you create momentum to get them excited for the last part of your product launch where you reveal your offer.

1. Let them visualize

Let prospects visualize what results they can get after using your product.

Take note that your focus here is the results and not the process of using the product.

2. Identify Roadblocks

This part is where you identify roadblocks or false beliefs once again so they wouldn’t have doubts even though you already convinced them with what results they can get.

When you identify and tell them it’s not what they think it is, then you wouldn’t have to worry about introducing them to your offer since they already know that it will work for them.

3. Tease them about the offer

Since you’re already done convincing your prospects about why they should buy and use your product, the next thing to do is to tease by talking about the offer.

Just don’t overdo this part or it will only make the next part ineffective.

4. Hook

Yup, you guessed it!

Add another hook that makes them want to proceed to the next step of the process.

Part 4: The Offer

The Offer

This is the last part of your product launch where you finally introduce the offer that you’ve been working so hard to introduce them.

1. Recap and Benefits

Since this will be the last part of the series, show them a quick recap about what your product does and then introduce your offer.

Remember that your goal here is to talk about your offer, so don’t spend too much time and effort telling them what your product is all about.

Then you can talk about why they should grab your offer like talking about the potential benefits of getting it as soon as you let them fill up the order form.

2. Call to action

Lastly, don’t forget to add a call to action at the last part of your product launch script.

“Click here to proceed to payment”

You may also create urgency and scarcity by telling them that your product might be gone soon.

Just keep it simple and add,

“Hurry! Limited stocks are available! Don’t miss out on this exclusive one-time offer to save $$$”

Writing a product launch script doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated and you don’t even need to hire a copywriter.

Sometimes it might not even work on your first time, but that’s okay because you can always try again.

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