Having an attractive character for your business will not only attract a good following, but will also change the way people perceive your business.

When you think about being attractive, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got good-looking salespeople who do the talking for you.

It’s actually a way to establish a special relationship with your customers and eventually make them want to follow you.

In the business industry, if you want to make sales but don’t have this persona that attracts an audience, chances are, you won’t be able to make more sales in the future.

What is an Attractive Character?

Attractive Character

The attractive character is a figure that attracts customers or followers based on the stories that they share.

These stories can either be based on their personal experiences or from someone else.

If you have ever been part of a support group before, then you probably know what an attractive character is.

During a sharing session within the group, each member will develop this feeling that makes them relate to what the sharer is actually trying to say.

For example, one person says,

“I’ve been struggling with anger management issues for the past two years and it has made an impact  on my family and friends.”

And then someone from the group says,

You know what, I actually experienced the same thing while I was still in college and it made my life miserable until someone told me to do one thing that changed my life forever.

Of course, all the other members who can relate, are already starting to get interested in the topic.

All their ears will suddenly go to the sharer to know what helped them solve their problem.

This particular sharer who knows the answer to this problem is what we can call the Attractive Character.

Just by simply telling their experience, they’ve become attractive and were able to get followers who also have the same experience.

Why do you need an attractive character for your business?

If you want to connect with your audience, you have to learn how to earn their trust first.

The attractive character will help you establish rapport and eventually attract customers to build a following.

By building a following, you’ll develop loyal followers who also want to achieve results from your products and services.

What are the essential elements of the attractive character?

When building an attractive character for your brand, you must understand that you need to be relatable most of the time.



Choose a persona that’s suitable for your audience, so you can hook their attention with your story.

This makes them more inspired to follow your footsteps since they will have an idea that it will also help them.

If you’re talking to a crowd and don’t know how to get their attention towards you, you can start by sharing an experience.

For example, your company sells organic baby diapers.

Yes, it might sound basic, but take note that you’re already distinguishing your customers based on their preferences since there are also people who use organic products.

And if you want to make things more interesting, start telling a story of how you came up with the idea.

It can be your experience with your kid who always gets diaper rash from using regular diapers that you got at your local store.

That’s why you tried to create one that’s made from organic materials without all the harsh chemicals that have been causing problems for your baby’s skin.



You can also tell them about your journey and how it turned you into the person you are today.

The lessons from your experience will make your audience become more interested to follow your footsteps.

This is actually very effective to inspire your audience to reach their goals faster.



The attractive character also needs to have their unique flaws.

People tend to be more interested to talk about flaws and sometimes you can even find a community that has the same issue as you.

One good example is a person who was once overweight and did everything they could to lose weight until they reached their goals.

Then they decided to turn their experience into a business by offering coaching programs to people who are struggling to lose weight.

See, they’re not only making money but they’re also inspiring other people .



You don’t have to please anyone with your opinions and beliefs.

The attractive character doesn’t need to be the perfect figure to the point that it’s always neutral in any aspect.

One good example is the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, and his opinion on cryptocurrency.

Every time he says something about crypto, he always receives bad comments from opposing people.

However, it has also earned him a following from audiences that support his opinion.

This makes his loyal followers more interested to buy a product from his company.

How to know your attractive character’s identity

What type of person is your attractive character?

Do they like to stand in front of the crowd or are they someone who finds it hard to talk to people?

Giving your attractive character an identity makes it easier for you to introduce them to your audience.



This attractive character is the type of person who finds talking to a crowd easier and is also successful on their journey.

Leaders are also those who have an amazing story with a history that supports it and they easily gain a following by teaching shortcuts.

The best example for this attractive character is the boy who harnessed the wind, William Kamkwamba.

He was able to build a windmill from scratch to produce water for his village after learning how to build one by reading a book at the school library.



The adventurer is actually the curious type of character who’s still in the process of finding answers.

They’re building an audience through testing different strategies until they achieve the answers that they want.



This attractive character is exactly like a reporter.

They easily get followers through sharing information after interviewing someone through a vlog, podcast, or anything.

The reporter doesn’t have the answers yet but is also very interested to learn new things.

If you’re the type who’s always watching videos on YouTube, you might have seen this character many times already, since it’s pretty common in most vlogs.

Reluctant Hero


The reluctant hero is the type of person that’s too shy to be in the spotlight.

They’re the type of person that’s pretty common inside the classroom.

An excellent example for this persona is the quiet genius kid that’s too shy to talk to other people but won’t hesitate to teach their classmates.

They have all the answers to the questions on the board but are too shy to raise their hand because they don’t want people looking at them.

However, in the business industry, the reluctant hero is more of a successful person that has all the keys to get to the next level in a video game.

That’s why they also get a huge following despite their personality since people are very much willing to listen to them.

Now that you already know the importance of having an attractive character for your business, why not learn more strategies by clicking here.

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