Learning how to write good headlines isn’t just a talent but also a skill that could take years to master.

When you have a good headline for your offer, then there’s a huge chance that more people will come and visit your website.

But why do you think is it important to learn how to write good headlines?

And why do people take time to become good at it?

In the marketing industry, companies hire copywriters to write headlines that attract many people.

Copywriting isn’t an easy task and sometimes it doesn’t always work after your first try.

Copywriters sometimes admit that they run tests before they say that it’s the best copy they’ve written before.

I guess that’s why marketers need to know how to write good headlines since it’s what attracts an audience before you can even get a conversion.

In today’s article, we will be talking about the art of headline writing and discuss its important concepts.

Copywriting and Headline Writing


Copywriting is the process where a copywriter writes content that persuades or motivates people to do something like clicking a link or calling your company to ask about your products and services.

This written content is called a sales copy and it is usually what companies do for marketing.

Sometimes people even fail to notice that they’re already looking at a sales copy.

One of the most common forms of copywriting can be found on blogs, social media, and even memes that you see on the internet.

The purpose of writing a good sales copy is to get people to click a link and get them to another page.

But if you don’t have an attractive headline then you won’t be able to hook the right people, get their attention, develop curiosity, and take them to the next step of your sales process.

What are headlines?


Headlines are the first thing that people read on an article and it features a summary of the entire content.

It also gives emphasis on the main idea so the audience knows what it is all about before they even try to read more.

If it weren’t for headlines, you’ll miss the chance to get more traffic, rank in search engines, generate and qualify leads, get someone to read an email, etc.

What makes a good headline?

Good headlines in content marketing aren’t always about what’s trending and viral since you can also write one for evergreen content.

Most headlines contain elements that make it good like:

  • Attractive
  • Easy to read
  • Accurate
  • Active Voice
  • Not too long
  • Not too short

Moreover, you can also write a headline that contains numbers for example, “Top 5 Cafes in New York City”.

Numbers in headlines are very effective in hooking the reader’s interest since there are individuals who aren’t interested to read words or sentences that are too long for them.

What is a catchy headline?

A catchy headline is what most marketers use for their ads or social media posts to make people view the article or website.

Here’s are a few examples of catchy headlines:

10 Secrets About Chocolates No One Tells You About

Here’s Why People Are Switching To Intermittent Fasting

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Earning On Crypto

Why is it important to write good headlines?

Learning how to write good headlines is also part of copywriting and a very important element in marketing since it’s what most people see first.

I mean, you wouldn’t be reading this article if the headline wasn’t good enough to grab your attention, right?

When you have a compelling headline, this easily targets your ideal audience without even spending too much on your ads.

That’s because good headlines help increase the quality of the clicks you get.

Plus, headlines aren’t just applicable on ads since you can use them for your blogs, email, sales pages, forms, and more. 

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How to write good headlines for your business

how to write good headlines

Longer headlines or shorter headlines?

Which one works better?

There are different ways to write headlines and it’s actually easier than you think it is.

And since it’s the first step of your sales process, you might want to pay extra attention to your headlines.

Question Headlines


This type of headline helps generate curiosity in an instant since it talks about the different desires that your target audience doesn’t want to get.

Struggling to Get Enough Clicks on Your Website?

Worried About Losing Too Much Money on Ads?

Do You Wish To Earn Thousands in Affiliate Marketing?

What If You Lost 10lbs in 2 Months Without Going To The Gym?

Don’t You Think It’s About Time You Stopped Dealing With Acne?

Notice how these question headlines talk about the desires of your target audience?

With just a simple question, you were able to grab the attention of your audience.

That’s how powerful question headlines are! 

Curiosity Headlines


They are a bit similar to question headlines except that they’re not asking your audience about anything.

These headlines focus on talking about the biggest problem and desires that hook them to results that you can give.

Here’s What Big Companies Aren’t Telling You About Facebook Ads

Find Out Why People Are Losing Weight After Reading This

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Skin Isn’t Glowing

This Simple Diet Is What Made Me Lose 5lbs in 2 Weeks

When writing curiosity headlines, you need to be able to make them curious enough to click on your link.

This practically means that you shouldn’t be giving your offer right away.

Headlines for different types of traffic

Types of Traffic

Understanding the different types of traffic is very important since it helps you create the best headlines for them.

This also helps identify your target audience more so you can focus more on what’s important and nurture those who need to know more about your brand.

Cold Traffic

Cold traffic is people who are unaware of their problem and your brand but have a problem that only you can solve.

Your headlines should be able to point to their problems so you can easily hook their attention.

Warm Traffic

Warm traffic is the type of traffic that has a problem and solution in mind but is unaware of your brand.

Write a good headline by emphasizing the benefits of your offer since they’re much more likely to interact if they know what big results they can get from your brand.

Hot Traffic

Hot traffic is the type of traffic that knows your brand very well but isn’t interacting with your brand yet.

Headlines for this traffic are easier and you can start by mentioning your name and the product or service that you’re offering.

It can also be a combination of the elements in cold and warm traffic since you’ll be highlighting the desires, problems, and results here.

Why is it important to write different headlines for different types of traffic?

To get the best results, you must create separate landing pages for different types of traffic.

Let’s say you don’t want to create separate pages since you think it’s a waste of time but let me give you an example.

The headline of your landing page focuses on hot traffic since you want to attract your target audience right away.

Then there’s this person (cold traffic) who saw your ad with the headline, “A New Ergonomic Chair Is The Secret To Become More Productive for Work-From-Home Individuals”

This person is unaware that they needed to get a new chair (your offer) since you failed to attract them with your headline that’s why they continued scrolling on their phone.

That’s already considered a miss, I tell you.

But if you knew how to write good headlines, then you could’ve written a headline that says, “Don’t Let Back Pains Stop You From Being Productive At Work”, instead.

Not only did it made them curious but you were able to point out a specific problem that they were unaware of all along.

Should You Test Headlines?

Testing Headlines

Headlines are just like ads, you need to test them and expect bad results sometimes.

That’s the thing about learning how to write good headlines, you test them more than once and get different results.

If you think you’re getting visitors on your website but aren’t getting enough conversions, trying new headlines for your offers might help.

However, here’s a very important rule that you should remember: Good Headlines Will Never Be Enough.

Change your headlines from time to time until you finally get the best one among them.

Who knows, that headline that’s currently making 100 people to click is actually less than the other headline that you’re planning to use.

Writing good headlines isn’t a skill that you learn in a day.

It may take you weeks or even months before you master this skill but the results are always good.

Just be patient and you’ll eventually get there someday.

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