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If you want to master copywriting and help make your sales copy sizzle, Copywriting Secrets is a great place to start. With tons of helpful, actionable tips, your sales copy should start to see higher conversions in no time.

In this article, we will be talking about our Copywriting Secrets Review, and get the answers to our questions about what copywriting is all about.

Whether it’s a big or small company that you own, when you’re selling products or services, a sales copy is an essential element that keeps the business alive.

Companies would pay people to write a sales copy for them, that’s why copywriters exist and most of them are already earning thousands of dollars just for a single copy.

Copywriters help businesses grow through writing headlines, descriptions, and more.

Even though it’s only about writing something for the company, when you have a good copy for your product or services, then you wouldn’t have to worry about making a sale.

However, there’s actually more to it than just writing a sales copy that’s why after reading this post, you will learn:

  • What copywriting is and why it is essential for businesses
  • Our copywriting secrets review
  • Overview about the copywriting secrets book
  • Who Jim Edwards Is

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting Secrets Review

Copywriting is an essential element in businesses with the main purpose of persuading the right customers and make them take action by interacting with the company.

Every marketer knows what copywriting is but not everyone knows how to do it the right way.

Whether it’s writing a copy that’s intended for blogs, social media, eCommerce websites, and more, a sales copy will turn your readers into customers.

Copywriting can help increase post engagement, generate leads, increase sales, get higher conversions, and anything that will help your business grow.

You can hire someone to write a copy for you or you can do it yourself.

But don’t worry if you’re still new to the entire process of copywriting because after reading the next sections, you’ll have an idea of how you can learn to write copy on your own.

Copywriting Work

Good copywriting is important for businesses since it helps you:

  • Build your brand
  • Let your audience understand your brand more
  • Create valuable content
  • Get more customers

Writing copy takes time but once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to realize that it only took you less than a week to get those headlines to make money for you.

Copywriting Secrets Review

Copywriting Secrets Book

Copywriting Secrets: How Everyone Can Use The Power Of Words To Get More Clicks, Sales and Profits… No Matter What You Sell Or Who You Sell It To!, is a book written by Jim Edwards, one of Russel Brunson’s friends, where he talks about his strategies in writing good sales copy.

After reading the book, I learned that there’s one important thing that one must always remember in copywriting.

Jim Edwards always emphasized that you should write a copy for your business since it’s your business and you know what it is all about and how your products and services work.

As someone who never had an idea about what copywriting was all about, I also learned that there are a few things to consider.

You need to think about what the reader feels when writing copy since this helps you understand how you can approach them.

When you know the right way to approach them, then you also know how you can establish a connection with them as you start earning their trust through your sales copy.

And once you start having a special relationship with your prospects, then it will be a lot easier to let them enter your sales process.

By the way, the strategies in this book work well with sales funnels so you can use the things you will learn here when building one for your company.

Who is Jim Edwards?

Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards is the mastermind of Copywriting Secrets and Funnel Scripts that has helped marketers write copy for businesses.

After all his experiences as a successful marketer and copywriter, he was able to work with other marketers and became part of ClickFunnels.

If you’ve ever heard of ClickFunnels before, then you probably know him and how much he loves unicorns.

He even dresses up as one during the ClickFunnels Summit.

What’s inside the book?

As someone who’s not an expert in marketing, one thing I liked after reading each chapter of the book is that there’s always a summary in the end.

To give you a quick overview of what’s inside the book, here’s what you’ll learn when you get a free copy of the book.

Yes, you can get the Copywriting Secrets book for free and you only need to pay for shipping. (PS, It’s worth it!)

Secret #1 

Copywriting 4

Sometimes people don’t even realize that they’re already reading a sales copy, that’s why learning how you can do it on your own is very important.

The first chapter of the book will give you a brief introduction to what copywriting is all about where it is usually found, what its intentions are, and how it has evolved as the years go by.

Secret #2 

The second secret tells a story about how someone who never knew they could write a sales copy can actually write one and are making a good amount of money with it.

This person once started as a newbie in copywriting and has now become a huge name in the marketing industry.

Secret #3 

After reading the third secret from the book, I learned that people don’t just always buy their needs and that there are actually ten reasons why people buy.

The third secret talks about these ten reasons and questions that will help you kick start your copywriting process.

These questions are what prospects will ask about your product or service so you can easily persuade them to buy from you.

Secret #4 

The fourth secret is about how people care about their money’s worth and how you should write a good sales copy by avoiding or using a few words.

Secret #5

In this chapter, you’ll be able to know how to make your headlines stand out from others by developing a copywriting mindset.

Copywriting is a very long process but this part of the book will make things easier by helping you understand how to do it properly to become good at it.

Secret #6

This part of the copywriting secrets book focuses more on writing headlines in different and effective ways.

Headlines are what attract people to your brand and you’ll learn to identify mistakes (that you’re probably unaware of) after learning the secret strategies in this chapter.

Secret #7 


The 7th secret of the book talks about the three different types of traffic and how you can approach them.

You must know how to identify them before writing a sales copy so you can avoid wasting time.

Secret #8 

Secret #8 is about FRED, the persona or avatar that your company wants to work with.

This is a little similar to your dream customer except that, part of your goal here is to get your sales copy to work as the bridge from FRED to the results that your company offers.

Secret #9 

The ninth secret in copywriting secrets teaches you how bullets make a good copy.

Learning how to use bullets dramatically changes the way people view your brand that’s why this secret will tell you exactly how you can write in bullet form (the right way) and make more sales.

Secret #10 

This secret is about learning how the feelings of your prospects affect their decisions.

It also gives emphasis on how your copy should be able to touch their emotions to motivate them to buy.

Secret #11

Testing is necessary in copywriting and that’s what secret 11 talks about.

Everything in your copy needs to be put to the test before you can make a conclusion that it’s already enough because in marketing, no such thing is instant that’s why you need to test.

Secret #12 

This secret will teach you how to do research properly before you start copywriting.

You’ll also learn to understand the reason why big companies take time to make their sales copy since it’s not just like writing content for your personal blogs, etc.

Secret #13 

The thirteenth copywriting secret is connected to Secret #4 and this part will teach you the do’s and don’ts in writing sales copy.

Secret #14

This secret is great for people who are just starting out especially when they don’t have testimonials yet.

Even though testimonials serve as social proof, if you’re new to the industry, this part of the book can help you make a sale even if you haven’t sold anything before.

Secret #15 

The 15th secret in copywriting secrets works well with Secret #8, your FRED.

This strategy talks about three critical formulas and how you can use them properly when writing copy for your business.

Secret #16

This secret teaches you how to create a video sales letter and which type to use for your brand.

You’ll also learn why you need to test the different types of video sales letters before concluding.

Secret #17

This secret will teach you how to write a sales letter by using a unique formula or following a process that will help you create one fast after doing research.

Secret #18

Copywriting 2

The 18th copywriting secret teaches you how to write an email teaser that gets your leads to click on your website.

Email teasers are great because they’re short and have the ability to grab their attention right away.

Secret #19

This secret teaches you how to create your first draft and getting rid of the frustrating process of not knowing where and how to start.

Secret #20

This secret talks about the different stories that you can tell on your social media platform, blog, website, or anything that has an audience.

It also teaches you the three principles of content writing that make your stories sell.

So if you’re more into content writing, you might find this strategy very helpful.

Secret #21

The 21st secret talks about how you “play pretend” by creating different personalities when writing copy that works.

This is also where pretending to be someone else is how you get a different view of your products or services to help you understand the flaws even more.

Secret #22

This secret talks about 4 essential elements about making a promise to generate profit.

Most people see this strategy all the time and it actually works!

People get attracted to a headline that promises to give results that they want basically because humans always want to know their money’s worth.

Secret #23

This secret will make you realize a few mistakes in your copy and teaches you how you can fix them without ruining the whole thing.

It’s like going through all the secrets in this book all over again but the easier and faster way.

Secret #24

This secret is a personal favorite since it will teach you how the good and the bad work in a sales copy.

You’ll also learn how the bad can turn into good and vice versa especially when it’s executed properly and as long as you’re not doing any harm.

Secret #25

This secret is also like secret #20 since you can use it on any platform.

It works in secret that’s why it talks about “Stealth Closes” where you’re selling without looking too obvious to the reader.

Secret #26

Copywriting 3

This secret talks about the sad reality in copywriting where people are outsourcing from other people.

It’s like there’s this middleman in the process of hiring a copywriter that’s why Jim Edwards always encourages marketers to write their own.

Luckily, this secret also teaches you how you can still outsource effectively while making your very own.

Secret #27

The 17th secret will help you learn more about your prospects through the “magic desk” exercise.

This strategy will teach you how to meditate in copywriting by becoming the prospect and the copywriter at the same time.

It’s like having a session with your therapist except that you’re only talking to yourself.

Secret #28

The 28th secret of the book teaches you how online Ads work and how your copy should be able to get people to click.

It also talks about how your copy should appear on major social platforms so you can get your prospects to your website.

Secret #29

This secret talks about “hooks” and how it is different from the Unique Selling Proposition.

Marketers usually fail to use these two strategies properly that’s why they struggle to get conversions on their website.

Secret #30

The 30th secret in copywriting secrets talks about creating a Swipe File that you can use for different purposes.

Plus, it also serves as your reference in copywriting.

Secret #31

The last secret talks about polishing your sales copy through proofreading, checking the grammar, sentence structures, etc.

Probably the reason why this is on the last part of copywriting secrets is that people fail to do it most of the time because they get too excited to publish their sales copy.

Now that you already know what you’ll learn on Copywriting Secrets, it’s finally time to get that free copy of yours and paying only for the shipping costs.

Click here to get your FREE copy of the Copywriting Secrets Book by Jim Edwards so you can become a copywriter for your own company and make more sales.

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