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If you ever find it hard to deliver content during a webinar, learning how to write a script the proper way can help.

Whether you’re the type of person who is used to speaking in public or not, having a well-structured makes it easier for you to talk to your audience.

Today’s article talks about what a webinar script is and how you can write a simple, yet compelling script that can help your business grow and build your reputation as a marketer.

What is a webinar?


Thanks to modern technology, communication has evolved from talking face-to-face, to virtually talking to them using any mobile device and the internet.

Webinars are created to help people have an exclusive virtual seminar for their audience where they can talk about a particular topic.

They’re also excellent in nurturing your leads and driving more sales.

Some people like to host a webinar for their workshops, coaching sessions, classes, and more since it is more convenient and they can do it wherever they are.

However, the only challenging part of hosting a webinar is not being able to deliver content effectively that may confuse your audience.

That’s why writing a script is very important for a successful webinar.

What is a webinar script?

A webinar script is basically a written dialogue that you can read during your webinar presentation.

It’s like what you used to read at your school’s play when you were practicing the lines of your role, except that you don’t have to memorize everything for a webinar.

Should I write a script for my webinar?

Writing a webinar script is also has advantages other than keeping your content meaningful and well-organized.

It also makes you feel confident since it takes away all the feelings of nervousness so you don’t lose your train of thought in case someone asks a question about your topic.

How to write a webinar script

In this section, we will talk about how you can write a webinar script by following the same “hook-story-offer” structure.

One thing I like about this structure is that you can use it as an excellent opportunity to present an upsell after the session.


Writing a Webinar Script 1

The first part of the script is how you open or start your webinar using a unique “hook” that instantly grabs your viewer’s attention.

This is very important and can be a little tricky since a structure has to be followed to make it work.

What can you promise to your audience?

One of the best ways to start your webinar is to talk about the reason why you made them join in the first place.

It’s basically what you promised to give them after they finish the whole thing.

“Welcome to our webinar! I am so glad that you’re here today despite your busy schedule and by the way, I’m Mary McGonagall, the CEO of Myr Gardens, and in the next few hours, you’ll have an idea of how I grow award-winning Bonsai trees in my backyard.”

Why should they finish the webinar?

The next part is to give them a reason why they should stick around until the very end.

You can tell them about a book that you’re giving away for free or maybe an exclusive voucher that they can use someday.

 “I highly encourage you to stick until the end of the webinar since I will be giving you a copy of my free book about how I built an empire in my 30’s with gardening.”

Encourage your audience to focus on your webinar

The third part of your introduction is where you tell them to give their attention to you and encouraging them to grab a pen and paper to take down notes.

“But before we start our webinar, I want to ask for your undivided attention so you wouldn’t miss every detail of what we will be talking about today.

And if you want to be more committed, you can grab a notebook and pen to take notes on today’s topic.”

Why are you qualified to speak on the subject?

Another thing that makes your audience more interested other than the solution that you can give to them, is letting them know why they should hear it from you.

Ask yourself, “How many years did it take me to come up with this?, “How much did I earn using this strategy?”, “Why do I think this strategy will work 100%?”

These are only a few questions that you can ask yourself before telling them the answers/ reasons why you’re qualified to speak on the subject.

This also gives them an idea that they can trust you throughout the process since your knowledge, experience, and skills can definitely help them out.

Future pace

The fifth and last element of your introduction is where you tell them to visualize what the results of your webinar can give them.

“Think about your life in the next 5 years after learning how these simple tricks can turn any item from the junkyard into 10x worth the original price. I bet you’d still be complaining about why you’re not selling anything.”


Writing a Webinar Script 2

Now that your introduction is done, the next script to write is your content (story).

This is the main content of your webinar so you want to pay extra attention when writing your content to avoid confusing your audience.

But of course, you also need to follow a sequence or a formula to break false beliefs and deliver important information to your audience.

Core Topic

This core topic is the only thing that your webinar is focused on.

You can start talking about your experience with your ‘solution’ and tell them exactly why you know it can help solve their problems as well.

This is also where you convince them that, they too can achieve what you did using the solution that you provide.

Break false beliefs

The next thing to do is to break false beliefs about three things: (1) the solution, (2) their beliefs, and (3) things beyond their control.

This is actually very important since it acts like a trigger that makes your audience interested in your solution.

Here are examples of how we can break false beliefs on the three things that we just mentioned:

The solution

Say this: It’s easier and cheaper to make delicious cookies at home than buying expensive ones at the bakery. 

Instead of: Freshly baked cookies at the local pastry shop always taste good because of the ingredients they use.

Their beliefs

Say this: “Making homemade cookies is a wonderful experience that you can do with your loved ones during the weekend”

Instead of: “Buying cookies outside is more convenient”

Things beyond their control

Say this: “Learning how to bake homemade cookies takes time but the results are definitely worth it. That’s because you can turn mistakes into lessons while having this skill for a lifetime. Plus, you can even start a business just by selling homemade cookies!”

Instead of: “I’m not good at baking because I might just screw things up and waste time and money!”

Stack and Close

Writing a Webinar Script 3

This is the last element of your webinar script where you present the offer in a unique way that makes them want to buy it on the spot.

Ask them a question

Some people think that it’s hard to sell any product or service on a webinar that’s why they do it through email marketing.

But guess what?

It’s easier than you think.

Start by asking them a question and not surprise them with the offer that you’ve been hiding in the first place.

“By the way, do you have a few minutes so I can tell you about this product that helped us become successful in our business?”

Take note that this is where you also start to qualify leads since some people would just hit the exit button once they finally get what they wanted.

So you might want to be extra careful with how you introduce your offer to them.

The Value Stack and CTA

One amazing method to introduce your offer is to present it in a bulleted list and explaining each bullet point until you stack or bundle everything up.

Here’s an example:

Introducing the CGM (Curly Girl Method) – Friendly Products For Healthier Curly Hair

  • All-Natural Shampoo and Conditioner in Peach – The perfect duo for your co-wash routine.
  • Shea Butter Curling Cream – to enhance the appearance of your curls.
  • CGM-Approved Styling Gel – to reduce frizz and lock your curl pattern.
  • Silk Hair Tie and Bonnet – this freebie is an accessory that you can use for your CGM journey.

The price of your offer should also be presented after you finished explaining all the important details about your product.

Also, don’t forget to add a call to action to tell your potential customers how they can get the product.

CGM (Curly Girl Method) – Friendly Products That Make Your Curls Look Healthier

  • All-Natural Shampoo and Conditioner in Peach ($35 )
  • Leave-in Conditioner with Shea Butter ($25 )
  • CGM-Approved Styling Gel ($25 )
  • Silk Hair Tie and Bonnet ($15 )

You can get all of these products for only $75 by clicking here.

See how it just makes your offer look more attractive to your audience?

Perfect Webinar Script Offer

Things to avoid during your webinar

Now that you already know how to write a webinar script, let’s talk about what you should avoid.

Not answering or interacting with your audience

During a webinar, getting lots of questions is normal but if you don’t take time to answer their queries and interact with them, it will only make you less interesting to listen to.

That’s because audience engagement is what makes your webinar valuable since it also increases participation.

This could mean that they are willing to attend the next session of your webinar series since you’re giving them value.

Getting easily distracted

Getting easily distracted by a phone call, reading a text message, or basically anything that takes your attention away from the webinar is already a red flag.

I mean, don’t you just lowkey hate it when you’re listening to your friend who’s telling a story and someone calls them out of the blue?

Not practicing your webinar script

Webinar scripts are made to help you deliver content smoothly and effectively, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to practice your lines before the online event.

Practicing also gives you a boost of confidence so you might want to take note of that.

Not checking your equipment

So your live webinar is up but then you realize that no one can hear you since you forgot to plug your microphone. Yikes!

Checking your equipment before the session is very important for your webinar to run smoothly.

Although events like these are understandable but if it keeps happening, it will only give you a bad reputation for your webinars.

Longer session than expected

A webinar that is longer than what your audience has expected is also a major red flag.

To avoid this from happening, always keep track of the time and duration of your webinar.

Webinars are great to sell anything since you can use them to make your offer more interesting to your prospects.

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