A lot of sales reps find it hard to close a sale through the phone especially when prospects are the hard-to-get type and they will only say ‘YES’ if the price is almost half the original price.

Although we try our best to convince them to buy our products, some strategies just don’t seem to work.

When closing a deal, it’s not always about telling them, “Okay, so you will get this product when you give me your payment details”, etc.

In fact, there are so many other things that are often left unsaid that’s why companies fail to get consumers to buy their product over the phone.

But don’t worry because, in this article, we will be talking about an amazing script that works so well that your customers would want to call you first.

What is a sales close?


The term ‘closing’ in sales means that a customer has finally decided to buy a product from you and has already completed the payment process.

Whether it’s through a phone call, signing a contract, or an eCommerce website, a sales close is quite a big deal, especially for new salespeople.

The only thing that makes this process harder for them is when the prospect didn’t buy anything after spending almost 10 minutes presenting the offer.

Closing a sale can be a big deal not because they successfully made a sale but it also indicates that they have finally earned the trust of their prospects.

It is also one of the most crucial steps in the sales process that’s why it’s also considered to be the most difficult thing to do.

One reason is that time is can be a factor that makes consumers uninterested to talk to the phone with the sales rep since they might be doing something very important.

Some people are also afraid to answer unknown callers since scammers are lurking anywhere telling them they’ve won a million dollars just to get their bank details. Yikes!

Why are salesmen afraid to close the sale?

nervous salesman

The main reason why salespeople are afraid to close sales is that they aren’t ready to get rejected by their clients.

Oftentimes they delay the process to get the client’s trust, which is not always recommended if you’re selling a high-ticket product.

Another reason is that they don’t want to be seen as pushy unless the prospect is already familiar with the sales process.

Nevertheless, a rejection could also mean that the potential customer has just postponed his decision to make a purchase.

Salespeople don’t see it as a missed opportunity, but rather another chance to get them to confirm the sale.

For example, sending a follow-up email, call, or maybe visiting them multiple times for door-to-door salesmen.

Why is it important to close a sale?

close a deal

A deal or sale is only considered complete if payment has been made and the client has agreed to buy the product.

Closing a sale is important since it ensures that the rules or steps in the entire sales process have been followed and that the payment has already been received by the company.

Salespeople often close a deal by asking questions that make the customer realize what they want to get from the product or service.

Once they start asking questions before the transaction is completed, this pushes the customer to get the client to uncover his desires to make a sale happen.

Different methods to close a sale

sign contract

There are can be different ways to close a deal and some people even swear to use only one method that has been very effective for them.

Assumptive Closing

This technique is done by assuming that the prospect has bought the product already by asking,

“How do you wish to receive your product?” 

“When shall  we start processing the papers?”

“What color would you like to have your customized hat?”

Take Away Closing

A take away close is an excellent technique to close sales since it uses a psychological approach that lets prospects move forward.

It’s also done when prospects are given a limited period to buy your product or service.

Soft Closing

Soft closes are a great way to highlight the potential benefits of your products or services by asking them a question if they’re interested to learn more about the product.

Question Closing

It is a simple technique that is done by asking questions to seal the deal.

This method will be discussed in the next section so you’ll have a clear understanding of how you can apply it to your business.

How do you close a sales call?

sales representative

Closing a sale on the phone doesn’t have to be hard especially when you’re selling a high-ticket product or service that’s usually more expensive.

The reason is that through a four-question close, you can easily get more people to make a purchase after filling up an online application form inside your sales funnel.


The moment your prospect answers the call, this will be the time where you introduce yourself by saying,

“Hello, this is from LifeInsure Company. Thank you so much for taking the time to fill in your details on our website. Do you have time to answer a few questions to complete your application? By the way, the results of this call will be used as a basis if you qualify for the program.”

Your primary goal in this step is to get them to say ‘YES’ so you know that they’re available and are interested to proceed to the next step.

Question 1

The first question that you should ask is where you encourage them to talk about their goals.

Here’s a tip, if you don’t get them to answer the first question, then it’s already a sign that they don’t qualify to proceed to the next step.

“Our program has been helping individuals, families, and organizations save more money for their retirement and hospital bills. Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this even though you already have an idea of how our program works, right? How much money do you think you can save when you join our insurance program? How much money can you save paying for expensive hospital bills? If you think about it, the reason why most people don’t join our program is that they can always apply for a bank loan and pay it their whole life, which is a huge and terrible mistake, by the way.”

Question 2

The second part of your phone call is where you emphasize their struggles in life.

“It’s good to know that you’re aware of what you want to accomplish in life. We understand that during those difficult times in your life, no one was there to help you, not even your family and friends since they too are struggling to pay bills. But why have you finally decided to join our program? What has been holding you back before?”

Once your client answers these questions confidently and takes responsibility for their actions, this can be a good indication to let them proceed to the next step.

Question 3

For your third question, this will be the part where you get them to think about the possibilities.

“Other than the support of your family and friends, are there other people whom you’ve never asked for help before but are willing to help you in times of need? It can be your company the government, or maybe an organization.”

Give them a moment to realize that they might have missed a few things that might have helped them during the process.

Then you can come up with a follow-up before giving the final question.

“It seems that you have these people all along to support you in difficult times, however, how many times do you think will it take them to finally say ‘No’ if you keep asking for help?”

Question 4

For the last part of your phone call, this will be the time where you ask them if they need your help.

“One last question, are you interested to let LifeInsure Company help achieve your goals?”

Let your client explain why they need you before telling them about the next step.

“Glad to hear that you’re interested to join our program, so here’s how it works, you will be paying a monthly fee worth $$ or an annual fee of $$$. For that amount, you will be getting more than what you paid for such as _______. LifeInsure Company is here to help you and we are dedicated to providing services that last a lifetime. Would you like to proceed to payment so I can transfer the call to one of our sales reps?”

Once your client says yes, then you have successfully closed a deal.

Learning the art of closing a sale will never be an easy task unless you know how you can make your offer irresistible without being too pushy.

Don’t make the same mistakes as other people or else it will only make things even more difficult for you.

By the way, if you’re interested to learn more strategies to grow your business, we highly recommend reading our DotCom Secrets review.

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