Ever since the internet was born, a video sales letter has been very useful for marketers who wanted to get high conversion rates.

This is probably why they also combine it with sales funnels to make more sales.

In fact, this simple technique is proven to be very effective due to its unique ability to turn cold traffic into hot traffic after a viewer watches a sales video.

Sometimes you might not even realize that a video sales letter has caught your eye because of how it was able to get your attention that stopped you from scrolling.

In today’s article, we will be talking about what a video sales letter is and how you can create one to get higher conversion rates.

What is a video sales letter?

A video sales letter is a video that’s meant for selling a product or service and it usually features text on the screen with someone who’s reading it for you.

It is also a very powerful lead generation tool that is used by companies who want to get more clients and appointments.

However, it can be a little tricky too but since you want to make a sale other than just  establishing a relationship with your leads, then you should consider knowing the basics first.

Making A High-Converting Video Sales Letter

high-converting video sales letter

If you’re still looking for a sign to use a video sales letter for your website yet, now’s the best time to make one!

An effective video sales letter works similarly to a sales funnel and has 3 main parts which are; (1) Sales Page, (2) Upsell Page, and (3) Thank-You Page.

These three parts are essential to get higher conversion rates, however, you should focus more on making the first page very effective since it is where you qualify leads.

The Sales Page

Your sales page is where your video should appear at the top while your order form is at the bottom.

Unlike any regular sales funnel, the goal of a video sales letter funnel is to make the audience watch the presentation first to spark their interest before they know the price.

This strategy is quite familiar to the ones that you see at the local grocery store where someone gives a live demo on how their product works.

Typically, the salesperson uses a lapel mic to introduce the product during their demo.

After showing the demo, they will tell the audience about their offer that’s only available for a limited time to create urgency without being pushy.

Here’s why it works:

  • A prospect gets attracted to the live demonstration and stays to watch until it ends.
  • Once they find it interesting, they won’t hesitate to buy the product no matter how expensive it can be even if they don’t need it yet.

See how it was that easy?

Although this method is usually done live, it is still similar to a video sales letter.

The primary goal of your sales page is to get people to watch your presentation as this serves as a hook.

Elements of the video presentation

video sales letter 1


For your video sales letter funnel, you need to gain their trust first to grab their attention with your attractive headline.

Going back to our previous example, a salesperson would often ask a passerby a question before giving the solution.

This instantly grabs their attention so they’ll be willing to hear what you’re trying to say.

The Spoiler Box

This element encourages the audience to watch the video once again but with a CTA at the bottom.

For example, you’re selling a 4-in-1 breakfast machine and you can start by saying;

In this video, you will learn how to make star-shaped eggs for breakfast while cooking waffles, brewing coffee, and toasting bread all at once.

Not only does it save you time from doing these three things separately but it also gives you time to read the news in the morning.

Get this 4-in-1 breakfast machine today so you’ll never have to skip breakfast again!

Upsell Page

A typical sales funnel always has an upsell page where you can present them with more offers to make more sales.

It can either be an upgrade that’s relevant to your first offer or another offer that’s better than the first, but more expensive.

You can add one or more upsell pages depending on how you want.

But keep in mind that you don’t want to look like a salesman who’s desperate to make a sale.

Thank-You Page

The Thank-You page is where you will be thanking your customers for their purchase and it is also where you will give them instructions.

Here’s a tip:

A sales funnel never ends so you might want to take your customers to the next step of your value ladder.

Where to post your video sales letter


Your video sales letter can be found on the homepage of your website or blog, social media account, email, landing page, or sales page.

Some people even use this strategy for their ads since it is very effective in grabbing the attention of potential customers.

How do I write a good video sales letter?


Writing a good video sales letter takes time especially when you’re a beginner, however, you also don’t need to be a pro.

When writing one for your business, I highly suggest that you make it yourself since you know your products more than anyone else.


The introduction of your sales letter is where you will be talking about a problem that you want to solve.

Suppose you’re selling a new shaving cream for men, don’t start by saying “The Best Shaving Cream For Men in the World” since that’s what your headline has to say.

You can start with a question about a problem that everyone experiences.

“Tired of Getting Razor Bumps After Shaving?

or maybe

“Have You Experienced Getting Those Annoying Razor Bumps Before?”

The reason why you need to start with a problem is that it gives them an idea that they can relate to.

This makes them trust you to solve their problem, thus building a connection with them.

Possible Solutions

This part is where you can give them the pros and cons of not solving the problem.

“Did You Know that Men Who Don’t Use Shaving Creams Are Prone To Razor Bumps and Dry Skin?

“Men Who Use Shaving Creams Are Less Likely To Experience Redness, Razor Burn, Skin Irritation, and Cuts”

It also doesn’t mean that you will talk about your offer here since this part only makes them interested to learn more about your product.

Your Solution

Now that they know what may or may not happen if they solve their problem, this is the time for you to tell them about why your solution is better.

“The Best Shaving Cream For Men Who Don’t Like Razor Bumps As Much As We Do”

You can apply statistics here that are relevant to your offer for support.

“8 out of 10 Men Prefer To Use Our Shaving Cream Than The Regular…”


The Call-to-Action is where you encourage your audience to take action like making a call or simply buying the product.

This is very important since it affects the decision of the buyer.

Call +123456 Today To Get An Exclusive Discount on The Best Shaving Cream for Men”

How long should a video sales letter be?

A video sales letter shouldn’t be too long or too short and it has to be around 1 to 10 minutes.

Anything longer than that isn’t that effective anymore since a video sales letter should be brief, clear, and straight to the point.

Do video sales letters work?

video sales letter works


What’s so great about video sales letters is that it lets you capture the attention of your audience instantly in a sense that you no longer need to formally introduce your product first.

Most people use this strategy for their businesses and are even making millions out of it.

Ever since people started using mobile devices, watching videos have become part of their daily habits which is probably why TikTok has gotten so popular.

Video sales letters have a direct approach that produces amazing results such as generating leads and growing a company’s sales.

Once you start using this strategy, you’ll never get tired of getting more engagement from your target audience in the future.

Interested to learn more strategies? Check out our DotCom Secrets Book Review by clicking here.

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