In this article, we will be talking about what a sales script is and how to start writing an effective sales script from scratch.

Have you ever wondered why sales representatives use the same script over and over again whenever they’re selling something?

Before giving an offer, marketers follow a sales script to persuade prospects to take action like buying something or joining their email list.

One of the reasons why companies become successful is how good their salespeople are at delivering information to their customers.

Most people think using a sales script doesn’t necessarily have a huge impact to get a good amount of conversions.

The reason is that prospects immediately sense if people are trying to sell them something.

And the truth is, sales scripts only work if they’re used the right way.

So if you want to get better results when delivering information, a sales script can help you get more leads and higher conversions.

What is a sales script?

sales script

There are different ways to sell a product.

You can start a campaign, hand out flyers to every person you meet, or simply just talking to your potential customers.

Sales scripts are used by marketers whenever they’re targeting prospects with hopes to convert them into buying customers.

Typically, a sales script is a script or a written dialogue that serves as a guide to help sales representatives talk to their clients effectively.

These scripts are often memorized by salespeople so they can sound more confident every time they introduce a product.

For some, a sales script makes them act and sound like robots who are saying the same thing all over again.

But if you want to make the sales process faster and deliver the right information smoothly, using a sales script to market your products is a very effective strategy.

What is cold calling?

cold calling

Cold calling is the method of calling prospects who are unaware of your company and products.

It is also where sales scripts are used and are usually done in the first stage of the sales funnel, where you are building awareness through telemarketing.

This method is also used when contacting an employer or a company that isn’t advertising a job yet to let them know that you’re interested to work with them.

Why is a sales script important?

Sales scripts are important since they can be recycled and used many times in many ways.

Using a sales script when communicating with prospects helps improve your tone of voice, impressions, conversions, and lead generation.

Call centers often use sales scripts to stay consistent whenever they’re talking with their clients.

Plus, it also helps marketers become confident when presenting their offer since they already know how they should introduce it to their prospects.

How do you write a sales script?

Sales scripts are very effective especially when used correctly.

Normally, sales scripts include a standard that’s strictly followed by a certain company.

But if you’re writing one for your funnel pages and want to make a sale without being pushy and desperate, here’s a formula that you might be interested to use:

Introduce yourself


The first part of your sales script is where you introduce yourself to the audience so they get the idea of who you are.

This is a very important element because it establishes trust, therefore encouraging them to listen to what you’re about to say.

Most people who never heard about you before are very much likely to do some research to know who you are or what your company does.

That’s because introducing yourself also makes them interested and you can easily do it by telling them who you are and what your company is all about.

“Hi, you probably heard about Gee Cosmetics before.

I’m Georgette, the CEO of Gee Cosmetics company that produces organic and cruelty-free products for anyone who loves makeup as much as I do”

This is also the part where you can tell them a quick backstory about how you built your company, what event made you earn $1000 a day, or anything that sparks their interest more.

“After using products that have been causing my face to break out every time I put makeup on, I started to wonder if I can make a product that’s 100% organic and cruelty-free.

And after my first product launch, I was able to make more money than what I used to earn as a broke college student, exactly three months ago, who’s working part-time to pay for student loans”

Introduce your offer


The second part of your sales script is where you will hook them with an irresistible offer that makes them want to click your CTA.

“Gee Cosmetics is currently offering a free 4-hour webinar on how you can create the best formulations that can help start your own brand even during this pandemic.

The free webinar will teach you about:

  • Basic cosmetics formulation
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Making product packaging and labels
  • Do’s and Don’ts in production
  • How to use natural preservatives

Plus, you’ll also have a live 1-on1 training session with me via Zoom.

Benefits of your offer


When you start talking about the potential benefits of your offer, this makes it even more irresistible because they will have an idea of how valuable it is.

Start by talking about a problem that they’re probably unaware of by telling them,

If you’re just like me who’s been struggling to pay bills and want to earn extra income during the Covid-19 pandemic, not doing anything about it can be a huge problem.

Next, make it sound worse by agitating the problem.

“The most common mistake of our generation is that we are always spending more time in our social media accounts and not looking for ways to stay afloat during this quarantine season.

In fact, we’d rather watch other people’s success more than making our very own success stories”

The last part is where you tell them how your offer can solve their problems.

“That’s why I want to help you be successful so that one day, or maybe in the next few months, you’ll also make more money even just by selling at the comforts of your home.

All the topics in this webinar took me months of research, failures, trials and testing, and has cost me a lot but I wanted to offer everything to you for free so you won’t make the same mistakes that I did.

Since everything has gone virtual, people are also taking advantage of the internet to sell their products and have them directly delivered to them.

By the way, the free webinar also teaches you how to build your eCommerce website from scratch, so that you can start selling your products right away.”

Where to get your offer


The last part of your sales script tells them the details on how or where they can get your offer.

“The free webinar will be up in the next few weeks and you can join by clicking here to sign up”

To make it more effective in increasing conversions, you also need to add urgency and scarcity, guarantee, a quick recap, and the catch.

This offer typically costs around $1569 but since you want to make money and become successful, we’re currently offering this webinar for free for a limited time.

Example Sales Script

To help you understand how to write  a good sales script for your business, here are a few examples that you might find interesting.

The Sales Script Example by Sales Scripter

Despite the video being published five years ago, you’ll learn a lot of things since it will help you understand the concepts of sales script writing.

You can also use the different examples in the video that you can add to your script.

The PERFECT Sales Call Script by The Futur

Although the video doesn’t provide many examples, it teaches you the right tone of voice to use by being calm, relaxed, and not pushy so you won’t scare prospects away.

This is a very important skill that some marketers lack because they sound “salesy” or too desperate when trying to sell something.

How to Write a Cold Call Script (STEP BY STEP) by Jordan Platten

This video from Jordan Platten teaches you the step-by-step process of writing a cold call script.

If you want a different method other than the one we discussed in the previous section, this works too.

How To Cold Call – Best Script and Tips for Cold Calling by Patrick Dang

This video is the best one so far since it talks about the scripts that Patrick Dang personally uses for cold calling.

As you can see from the video, he has his unique way of talking to his clients that even by watching the video, you’ll also feel like he’s talking to you.

Now that you know how to write a sales script for your sales funnel, why not try other strategies as well?

Check out our DotCom Secrets Review to learn more effective strategies for your sales funnels to achieve your business goals faster.

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