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Why do you need to follow-up with leads even after they successfully purchased a product from you?

And why is it a very effective marketing strategy?

For marketers, nurturing their leads is the key that takes them back or to another sales funnel to make more sales.

Except that it doesn’t start with an upsell but a message instead.

It’s usually done by sending customers follow-ups to spark their interest in your brand once again without ending on their spam folder.

Today’s article teaches you the next essential step after a customer passes the bottom or another stage of your sales funnel where you do follow-ups through email marketing.

What is the best way to follow-up with leads?

Seinfeld Email

When it comes to doing follow-ups, email marketing comes in and it’s where you can send two types of messages to your customers and prospects to spark their interest.

Soap Opera Sequences

The goal of soap opera sequences is to build a relationship with your Ideal Customer and eventually lead them to the next step in your sales process.

Daily Seinfeld Emails

This follow-up method is where you send an email to people who already left your sales funnel to make them enter a new funnel that offers more value.

How does it work?

As you nurture your prospects through email marketing, you should know that it’s not just sending follow-ups since there are also things to consider just to make it work effectively.

It’s not just something that says, “Hey, I have a new product for you, buy it now!”

The first step is basically to identify the type of traffic, that are the hot, warm, and cold traffic.

When you identify the three types of traffic, you can easily do follow-ups with your leads after they give their email to you.

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The Soap Opera Sequence

Soap Opera

This type of email marketing includes a series of emails just like soap operas to convert a lead into a buying customer.

It usually involves drama, episodes, twists, highlights, and everything just like that TV series with so many cliffhangers that your mom used to watch late at night.

Your email should also include these elements to make your leads get more excited each time they open a new mail, just like a soap opera series.

To make it easier to understand, here’s an example of how you can apply this concept in email marketing:

  • 1st Day – send them an email right away after they subscribed to your newsletter and set the stage for what they can expect in the next few days.

You can do this by greeting and thanking them for subscribing to your newsletter.

  • 2nd Day – don’t sell them something right away, instead, tell them a dramatic story to build interest while keeping them entertained.

This could be a story of how you struggled to reach where you are now.

Remember, it has to be full of drama.

  • 3rd Day – this is the time where you make the big reveal that you can easily connect to your offer after hooking their attention for 2 days already.

You can tell them, “I was struggling to find the solution to my back problem, that’s why I decided to create something that might help other people with the same problems like I do.”

This is actually very effective since you want your leads to relate or feel something towards your product.

  • 4th Day – this is the best part where you tell them a secret about the benefits of your offer.

You may tell them that they can also expect to get other things from your product, like a hidden benefit that they can get once they bought it.

“Other than the back pains that I no longer experience, I also realized that my posture has also improved”

This instantly gives them an idea that they can get more from your product other than just the sole purpose of buying it to solve their problem.

  • 5th Day – the last and a very important part of your soap opera sequence that creates an urgency that initiates them to take an action.

So basically, this is the part where you tell them about a one-time offer that makes them want to buy your product right away.

Take note that it has to be real and not fake since you might get backlash from your OTO.

In summary, the soap opera sequence teases the customer to get them interested in your product more without even giving it right away.

Daily Seinfeld Emails

Seinfeld Checklist

Sending Seinfeld emails is the next step of your soap opera sequence.

This is the part where you can send them email follow-ups that makes them feel special like a series of Q and A’s or anything that persuades and leads them to another landing page.

The goal of Seinfeld emails is to tell your customers another story that hooks them again while leading them to your next offer.

Why do you need to follow-up with leads?

Since your primary goal is to get conversions and make sales, you need to follow-up with your leads so you can grow your sales even more as you increase customer lifetime value.

As you can see, a customer may not always open your email right away, but as you keep sending more emails, they’ll eventually start to wonder what it’s all about.

And when it happens, you need to make sure that you’re using the hook, story, and offer strategy well so you can make a sale.

If they missed your soap opera sequence the first time, you can always send them another one in the next few months.

That is also why it’s very important to build your email list so you can nurture your customer whether they buy something from you or not.

How do you follow up without being annoying?

Follow-Up With Your Leads - Annoying

I know this is what most marketers fear, to sound annoying and getting on their prospect’s spam folder after sending their leads follow-ups.

The good thing is that you can actually avoid it from happening by:

Taking a break 

Don’t be that type of annoying salesperson that’s desperate to make a sale.

You don’t have to be persistent all the time in case your prospect doesn’t respond to your emails. 

Trying other platforms

Other than doing follow-ups through sending emails, why not try other platforms to reach your prospects?

It might even work this time since they already have an idea.

Developing a new plan

Marketing strategy didn’t work?

You can always start again in the next few months so you can take a break from sending follow-ups and take time to check your strategy even more.

Develop a new plan if you think it’s not working effectively or you can also try to fix it by making a few tweaks to see if it will work the second time.

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