What most people think about challenge funnels is that it doesn’t have that much of an impact to increase sales.

But let me tell you this, only a few people know how to use this strategy well and have made it possible to make millions out of it.

If you’ve been wanting to build a community for your audience, then you should consider using a different approach to convince them to ascend your value ladder.

Today’s article is about challenge funnels and how it can easily build your email list while increasing customer lifetime value.

This strategy is what marketers use to help their loyal followers connect with other people through joining programs that bring them together.

What is a challenge funnel?

challenge funnels

A challenge funnel is mainly a new learning process or journey that has the opportunity to build results after finishing the challenge.

You can think about this type of funnel that works by delayed gratification.

What’s great about this strategy is that it makes raving fans get more excited to proceed to the next step.

It also helps distinguish qualified leads from your list so you can nurture them until they’re much more interested to buy from you.

How do challenge funnels work?

The primary goal of challenge funnels is to build a relationship with your audience while giving them the result that you promised.

Once they see results, they are very much willing to move to the next step.

So if you want to gain their trust and increase their lifetime value, then you should keep on reading to know more.

Now that you know what a challenge funnel is, let’s talk about how you can get started to make one.

Building challenge funnels

challenge funnels sales page

How long will it be?

For your challenge funnel, you need to keep it between 14-30 days so your participants can find time to build trust among others.

A shorter challenge might be effective enough and a longer challenge might be too boring for some.

If you want to make the challenge “worth it”, then 30 days is already enough.

Where will the challenges be held?

Your challenge doesn’t need to be in a physical location since you can just host it inside a private group on Facebook or any social media account.

Facebook is actually a nice place to start with since you can easily gain an audience there and it stays forever so your participants can visit it anytime.

Training Format

A good way to create a sense of urgency is to have live videos since it has this effect that encourages your challengers to take action.

You’ll also be able to distinguish which ones are most active and which ones are not.

This also gives them a hint that your challenges are legit and not some pre-recorded video that hundreds of people saw already.

Although it might still work, a live video is much better since people are most likely to engage during the stream with other participants.

Moving to the next step of your value ladder

Once your participants completed the challenge, it’s finally time to encourage them to the next step of your value ladder.

This step can be considered an upsell depending on how valuable it is.

Creating your challenge funnel website

Sales Page

challenge funnels 2


Your sales page should consist of an attractive and clear hook.

This means that you should tell them right away that they can get a result from your 14 or 30-day challenge.

For example:

“The 30-Day Challenge to Become an Expert in the Kitchen”

Once you make your challenge clear on your headline, then you don’t need to worry about who to attract so you can easily get qualified leads.

Remember that your headline also has to be simple enough to make them believe that they can achieve their desired results.

If you’re planning to use the challenge funnel strategy, then you should stick to your niche.

This makes you an expert to your audience especially if they already have an idea that it’s based on your experience.


Your sales page also needs to have a story that’s short and easier to understand for the reader.

Don’t put terms that are too advanced since this part is usually where most beginners are unless this is on the next step of your value ladder.

Your story should also be compelling enough to make them feel like they can relate to you.


Tell your audience what your challenge is about to give them a heads up.

This gives them an idea of what they can expect throughout the challenge so they’ll be more interested to join.


Prizes are everyone’s favorite that’s why adding this exciting part in your sales page is a very effective strategy to convince them to join.


The stack works by transforming a small amount into something bigger and more valuable for a fixed price.

This strategy is what most marketers use to explain their offer and it usually goes like this:

“This challenge only costs $450 to join and the things you’ll learn from it actually costs more than that.

Learn the Basics of Using Facebook Ads to Run Your Business ($150 value)

Apply Sales Funnels in your Website ($500 value)

Learn Copywriting Secrets That Work All The Time ($300)

Access to our Exclusive Templates For Social Media Content ($200)

Total Value: $1150″


This part is optional since it’s not applicable for those who are just starting.

However, if this is your 2nd time to launch a challenge funnel, then it’s highly recommended to put it out there.

Testimonials are very effective since it gives the prospect a hint that someone has tried it before, therefore, it’s legit.

It also increases the credibility of your brand that’s why you should always encourage them to leave a review after.

Order Bump

Since your prospect is already interested to join your challenge, you can offer them an upgrade that’s more valuable than your first.

“Avail our One Time Offer Today for Only $600!

It comes with all the exciting stuff on our $450 challenge but with more goodies like an exclusive one-on-one live training with the one and only top financial coach, Mike Wazowski, and exclusive lifetime access to our eBook library that has all the information you need to run your business.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity by clicking YES above to upgrade your order.”


Challenge funnels are recommended to have less than two upsells that the prospect may find very useful during the challenge.

This can be a starter kit that comes with an apron, cookbook, and kitchen utensils if it’s a cooking challenge.

Thank-You Page

thank you

This page is the last part of your challenge funnel where you thank them and give further instructions about their materials.

If it’s digital content, you can tell them that it has been sent to their email.

But if it’s a physical product, just tell them when their products will be shipped and how many days they can expect for it to arrive.

Since you already know how challenge funnels work, we recommend reading our DotCom Secrets Book Review to learn more strategies on how to grow your business using sales funnels.

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