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I am a ClickFunnels affiliate and may get commissions for purchases made through links on this page. I truly do recommend taking this challenge as it has changed the way that I think about sales funnels and how to sell on a higher level.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is designed to teach you the ins and outs of getting your first (or next) sales funnel launched. 

Some of the top minds in internet marketing and online sales hold your hand and walk you through an intense 30 day challenge where you learn a ton about creating offers for your audience and how to build an automated system that brings you leads.

Backed by the people who bring you ClickFunnels, the One Funnel Away Challenge is a whirlwind that you have to be dedicated to every day for a month.

If you can’t dedicate the time, it may not be worth your while. But rest assured that if you give the challenge the time it requires, you will come out the other side all the better.

Need more convincing?

Here are 10 reasons why you should join the next One Funnel Away Challenge.

1) Gain Your Belief

The hardest part in making a sales funnel is believing that it can be done.

You probably hear a lot about online marketers making millions of dollars with their complex and automated sales systems that make them money while they sleep.

Hearing about all this success can make the task seem daunting.

The One Funnel Away Challenge helps you to establish the belief in yourself that you can do exactly what all these other marketing geniuses are doing. You just have to believe that you can.

Belief In the One Funnel Away Challenge

2) Get Motivated - Boom!

Another huge issue with getting your sales funnel up and running is a lack of motivation and drive.

You can have all the knowledge and skill in the world, but if you don’t execute, you won’t get anywhere.

One Funnel Away coach Steve Larsen will greet your every video with a loud “BOOM!” to get you in gear and ready to go.

When I took the challenge I would watch my training videos in the mornings, and Steve’s enthusiasm was a major reason why I was able to get my mind awake and focused on what he had to teach me that day.


3) Learn Funnels From Russell Brunson

Having the opportunity to learn sales funnels from Russell Brunson is like learning war from Sun Tsu, or learning basketball from Michael Jordan.

Sales funnels as they are known today have been defined by Russell Brunson and his company ClickFunnels, so having him teach you the art of sales funnels during the One Funnel Away Challenge is something you shouldn’t pass up.

Most days Russell is there for the challenge to help deliver a new video lesson on offers, funnels, hooks, getting traffic, and more.

The way that he teaches helps simplify the concepts for you, and he makes it more understandable and engaging with his simple whiteboard video diagrams.

Join the One Funnel Away Challenge Here

Learn Sales Funnels From Russell Brunson

4) Learn the Art of Storytelling Techniques

Storytelling sells. It helps you connect with your audience. It helps you show people how their lives will change with your product.

The One Funnel Away Challenge will teach you how to hook people in, tell them a story that sells your product, and put together an amazing offer that they can’t refuse.

The Art of Storytelling

5) Get Traffic with the Dream 100

The Dream 100 wasn’t invented by Russell Brunson, but it really was perfected by him. You can learn about the Dream 100 through the Traffic Secrets book, or you can learn about it in the One Funnel Away Challenge. 

How do you get evergreen traffic on any platform? How do you tap into the audiences others have already gathered online and direct them to your sales funnels? The Dream 100 is the answer, and you will learn it in this challenge.

The Dream 100

6) Create Offers Your Customers Will Love

Perfecting the craft of making great offers isn’t easy. You have to know what your customer wants, overdeliver on that promise, and then figure out what they want next, and offer them that in your funnel as well. 

Coach Steve Larsen teaches you how to make the best offer possible for your customers by putting yourself in their shoes and seeing what they would want next.

Not only does this method get you more money, but your customers will love you more for it because you are solving their next set of problems and providing them more value.

How to Make A Good Offer

7) Ethically Hack Other People’s Offers

Is it okay to steal other people’s work in business.

Absolutely not.

You know what is okay to do though?


Learn how to check out other people in your space and see what they have to offer to people in your industry.

Hacking other people’s offers provides invaluable information and knowing how they are selling it will help you model your offer and system after what you know works.

Hack other people's offers through funnelhacking

8) Outsourcing for Mission Success

Once you have your whole funnel process mapped out, you quickly realize one important thing: It’s going to take you quite a while to build out your entire funnel.

One Funnel Away teaches you the importance of outsourcing different parts of your funnel build, not only for the sake of saving time, but for the sake of quality.

If you’ve never touched Facebook ads in your life, or never designed a product image for an online course, you will get a lot better quality by paying those who are experts in doing so.

The Who Not The How

9) Writing Hooks to Draw People In

People have very small attention spans, and this is getting worse as time goes on. 

The reason is that there are so many things calling for our attention that we are unable to focus on any one given thing for very long.

That is where the art of writing hooks comes in.

You have to be able to write headlines and choose images that catch people’s attention long enough to get them to read what you have to say and make the click.

One Funnel Away teaches you techniques to work this magic and help get people into your funnels.

Hooks to Bring People to Your Funnels

10) Getting Your First Funnel Live

Want to get your first or next funnel built, but it seems to take forever?

Try working against a deadline.

The “challenge” in the One Funnel Away Challenge is that you not only have to watch the daily training from Russell, get coaching from Steve, watch videos from other experts and take notes, but you also have to be planning and building your sales funnel.

All in 30 days.

Why the rush?

So you get it done.

If there’s one thing that this challenge will do, it’s kick you in the pants and get you moving.

There is no stalling. You HAVE to get it done or you will fall behind and not make it through the challenge.

Your Share Funnel

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

There are some fun bonuses that come along with the One Funnel Away Challenge if you choose to pay for the physical items (pay a little extra for shipping, or you get access to all this in a digital format anyways).

First, in your challenge box you get an MP3 player with all of the lessons loaded onto it. Given the fact that you will have so much going on during this 30 days between lesson and building your funnel, having the MP3 player to listen to lessons on the go is a definite asset.

Second, you are given the 30 Days Book. This book contains the plans for 30 of the internet’s top marketers. They were asked the question “What would you do if you lost everything in your business but your knowledge and your ClickFunnels account, how would you start over and rebuild in just 30 days.” This book contains their detailed plans.

Third you will get the One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook. This book contains all of the questions and planning you have to answer and write down in order to build your belief in yourself, plan your funnel, and execute on your plan.

There are a few other miscellaneous items in the box, but these are the main value-added products and ones that I’m glad that I got.


Are You Ready to Take the Challenge?

If you think you are ready to learn from the master and get your first (or next) sales funnel up and running, then the One Funnel Away Challenge is definitely for you.

Make sure you have a few hours every day to dedicate to listening to the lessons and completing your activities. If you can’t dedicate the time, you won’t appreciate the challenge and what it can do for you.

If you’re ready to go, click the banner below and sign up!

One Funnel Away Sign Up

Want to learn more about the OFA Challenge?

Check out the Ultimate Guide to The One Funnel Away Challenge here on Master Sales Funnels!

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