Funnelytics has been proven to be a quick and efficient way to create and manage your different sales funnels for your various offerings.

The team is always hard at work to improve the existing software and add new amazing features to help marketers get the most out of their sales funnels.

If you are still unsure about what makes Funnelytics a great asset to your marketing arsenal, here are 5 reasons that this software is a must.

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1. Easy to plan before a build

You should always have a plan on how you are going to sell your product or service. It is easier to plan success than to happen upon it.

With Funnelytics you can plan out your entire sales funnel before you build it. This shows you what pieces you need to complete the funnel build, and shows you what resources you will need to create such as blog posts, opt-ins, ads, pages, etc.

2. See the whole picture

Not only can you build your funnel piece by piece and make easy edits, but you can keep an eye on all the steps at once.

You can see how you plan to obtain visitors to your website, and how you plan on educating them and eventually leading them towards the ultimate goal of making a purchase.

Seeing everything laid out before you will give you great insight into your sales process and what you need to have in place to make the sale happen.

3. Easy to make changes

The days of whiteboard funnels are over. No more worrying if your funnel will be erased, stolen, or need to be reworked.

Funnelytics allows you to easily add and remove steps in your funnel, making it easy to quickly adapt to changing customer needs, or the addition of new innovations.

Need to add an upsell or a downsell to your product funnel?

Easily delete connections and steps in your funnel, add your new step, and reroute the funnel flow with just a few clicks.

4. Easy to show others

The Funnelytics team makes it easy to share you funnel creations with others.

There is also an amazing collaboration feature where even if you just have a free account, if someone with a Pro account shares a funnel with you, you can utilize the analytics features.

If you are a business owner and you don’t want to pay for the program, you can utilize your marketing team’s full-featured account to see the analytics, leads, and funnel value they have mapped out for you.

On the flipside, if you are a marketer and pay for Funnelytics, you can wow customers by showing them exactly how traffic is flowing through their funnel, and what revenue their funnel is generating for them.

This is perfect to showcase the ROI you are providing to them.

5. Analytics replaces many other tools

Tired of checking your funnel map, Google Analytics, user flows, funnel reports, spreadsheets, conversion tracking, action tracking, customer profiles, revenue tracking and more?

If you opt in for Funneytics Pro, you can condense all of this into one powerful platform that makes you a marketing powerhouse.

Funneytics will bring together your mapping, tracking, and analytics all into one platform, and allow for easy visualization of your user flows through your funnel. This makes it easy to identify what aspect of the funnel is leading to conversion, and where your funnel leaks are.


With Funnelytics, easy visualization meets powerful data insights.

Supercharge your marketing and get started with Funnelytics for free today!

BONUS REASON: Marketing Expert Insights

Since the Funnelytics Vault is a major source of inside information on how other online marketers make millions of dollars, I thought I would throw this in as a bonus reason to start using Funnelytics.

If you purchase the Funnelytics Vault, or a deal that includes the vault, you get access to funnels from top marketers who have made millions of dollars selling their products online as well as in person.

Funnel Hacks are added monthly, and include not only the mapped out funnel that these pros used to make their millions, but most of these examples also include a video of the Funnelytics team walking you through how the funnel works, swipe files which are screenshots of the ads and pages used within that funnel, and some even include a direct integration to ClickFunnels where a template with that particular marketing funnel is available.

Even if you are starting at a beginner level in sales funnels, the Funnelytics Vault will give you deep insights into how sales funnels work, and how people make big money by utilizing them correctly.

Start Building Your Sales Funnels



Includes the Funnelytics Vault!

or start for free today

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