Are you interested in affiliate marketing and want to try as an Amazon associate?

As you can see, the affiliate marketing industry is getting more popular since content creators earn commissions for promoting a certain product.

Buying a product and writing a review, like what most influencers do, makes it look more authentic since consumers are very much likely interested to buy things they recommend.

But it’s not always recommended since it might just cost you more especially if you’re a beginner unless you already have a good following on your platform.

This article talks about amazon affiliate marketing to give you an overview of what to expect on the platform so you can decide if it’s a good one.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon Associates Logo

Amazon Associates Program, AKA Amazon affiliate program, is an affiliate network that helps publishers, brands, content creators, and more, monetize their traffic.

To give you a brief history, the e-commerce website started as an online bookseller until it became the world’s largest online retailer where you can find anything more than just books.

The huge success that paved way to new beginnings just like creating an affiliate program to help fellow marketers get commissions.

How it Works

When you become part of the Amazon Associates Program, all you have to do is recommend products on the platform to your friends, followers, or on your website.

You get a commission every time a customer clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a product within the 24-hour cookie period, or if they signed up for a free trial program.

Commissions aren’t always the same and you always need to take note of that.

For example, customer 1 bought a product worth $$$$ and you only get 2%, while customer 2 bought a different product that’s only $$ and you got a 10% commission.

More on this in the next section

Breakdown Of Commission Percentages Per Product Category

The program has two types of commission percentages that you should be aware of (so you don’t get your heart broken for getting a small commission)


Standard Commission Rates for Amazon


Bounty Events

Prime Video Channels Free Trial $2.50
Amazon Baby Registry $3.00
The Drop Text Alerts $5.00
Amazon Business $15.00
Amazon Home Services – $3.00
Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial – $3.00
Amazon Prime Free Trial – $3.00
Amazon Prime Gifting (12-month) – $5.00
Amazon Prime Gifting (3-month) – $3.00
Amazon Prime Discounted Monthly Offering – $3.00
Amazon Prime Music Free Trial – $3.00
Amazon Prime Video Free Trial – $2.00
Amazon Prime Student 6-month Trial – $3.00
Amazon Wedding Registry – $3.00
Audible Audiobook – $0.50
Audible Premium Plus Free Trial – $5.00
Audible Plus Free Trial – 5.00
Audible Premium Plus Membership – $10.00
Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership – $25.00

Audible Plus Membership – $10.00
Gift of Audible 1-month Membership Plan – $5.00
Gift of Audible 3-month Membership Plan – $8.00
Gift of Audible 6-month Membership Plan – $8.00
Gift of Audible 12-month Membership Plan – $10.00
Kindle Unlimited Free Trial – $3.00
Kindle Unlimited 6- month Paid Membership – $3.00
Kindle Unlimited 12- month Paid Membership – $5.00
Kindle Unlimited 24- month Paid Membership – $10.00
Prime Exclusives – $3.00
Prime Gaming (sign up of Prime Free Trial and receive gaming benefits) – $3.00
Prime Wardrobe First Box Checkout – $3.00
Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe Subscription Signup – $4.00
Amazon Kids+ Free Trial (formerly Amazon FreeTime Unlimited) – $3.00
Amazon Kids+ Special Promotions – $3.00
Prime Video Channels Paid Membership – $3.00
SNAP EBT Enrollment – 5.00%

Bonus Events

Bonus Commissions

Qualifications To Sign Up

To be part of the Amazon Associates Program, you need to meet their standards first.


  • Needs to have original content (at least 10 posts) for the past 60 days.
  • You’re the owner

Mobile Apps

  • Has to be on Google Play, App Store, and Amazon App stores
  • Needs to be free (including Amazon links)
  • Needs to have original content (at least 10 posts)
  • It doesn’t have to be similar to the Amazon App
  • It doesn’t host or render Amazon web pages in Webviews

Social Networks

  • Facebook (Open group pages and fan pages only)
  • Instagram
  • Twitter 
  • YouTube

Each social network needs to have at least 500 organic followers/likes to be qualified.

How To Sign Up

Amazon Sign Up 1

Step 1: Go to the Amazon Associates website to sign up for their Affiliate Program using your Amazon Account.

Sign Up Amazon

Step 2: Answer the form and wait for approval.

How To Create Links To Products

To generate your affiliate link, Amazon comes with a handy tool called Site Strip Toolbar that lets you easily add links from any product on the platform and instantly share it to your page.

This tool also lets you see your earnings summary report.

Another alternative is to look for a product’s ASIN number that you want to promote (this is usually found in the product description).

Copy and paste the code to your backoffice to generate a link to your product.

You will then be shown different links that you can use, choose one and you’re all set to share your affiliate link.

How To Get Paid

The Amazon Affiliate Program gives monthly payments provided that you meet the minimum amount and it is transferred via direct deposit (NEFT), Amazon Gift Card, or check.

You get paid 60 days after the end of the month.

Payment for January is made in late March.
Payment for February is made in late April and so on.

PROS and CONS of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Just like any affiliate network, Amazon also has its pros and cons that you should be well aware of.


  • Easy to sign up
  • Reliable platform
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Site Strip Toolbar that generates links easily


  • 24-hour cookie duration
  • Low commission rates

Is it free?

The platform doesn’t cost anything to be an affiliate provided that you meet the requirements for application.

Now that you already know what Amazon’s affiliate program is about, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions related to the platform

How profitable is Amazon affiliate marketing?

Amazon Affiliates get 1 to 10% commissions of the purchase price and depending on how well your website or page is, it’s can be possible for you to earn thousands every month just like what other people claim.

However, if you think about it, there’s only a small chance that a visitor will buy a product within the 24-hr cookie period unless they’re already planning to get one in the first place.

How do I write content for Amazon affiliate?

When writing content for Amazon, you need to remember that you’re also selling their product, so you need to sound like someone who’s trying to make a sale without overdoing it.

Just be yourself, be engaging, and don’t make your content sound like a boring book that nobody wants to read.

Recommend the best products that you find interesting and are also relevant to your niche.

If you’re not familiar with the product, you can simply go to Google and do more research.

Here’s an excellent tip that I learned in Copywriting Secrets book by Jim Edwards: focus on the benefits most of the time.

People tend to buy stuff online to find solutions to their problems and telling them about the benefits of the product you’re promoting makes them more interested.

That’s because talking about benefits increases their curiosity and you shouldn’t focus too much on product features since you don’t want your page to look like a brochure.

Don’t forget to add your CTA that sparks urgency so you can make them click your affiliate links and make a purchase (hopefully).

Does Amazon affiliate pay for clicks?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the affiliate network doesn’t pay for clicks since they’re completely based on CPS and CPA.

How much does a beginner affiliate marketer make?

Affiliate Marketing Amazon Pic

A beginner affiliate marketer has a lot of work cut out for them to begin to make any money from Amazon, let along a living wage.

That’s because it depends on the type of product or platform you’re using, plus other factors.

If you’re an Amazon affiliate, you can get a 1 to 10% commission on the products that you’re promoting.

Some platforms offer more than that like GrooveFunnels for example, which gives a 40% commission per sale, plus recurring commissions if they make more payments.

Another is the amount of time and effort that you put into affiliate marketing.

There are people out there that are full-time or part-time affiliate marketers who may or may not have a large audience.

Remember that you need to have an audience that you can give your affiliate links to make a sale and get a commission.

It’s like a raffle draw, the larger the audience that you have, the more chances of getting a commission.

How do you make money as an Amazon Affiliate?

To make money as an Amazon affiliate, you must know the basics of affiliate marketing.

It’s something that you should be committed to learning so you can see the fruits of your hard work in the future.

Competition is also pretty tough since there are also Amazon affiliates out there that can make thousands in a month.

But don’t worry, because we can help you in the entire process as an affiliate marketer in general, not just on Amazon.

If you’re interested, you can enroll in our online course that covers the different strategies that we use.

This saves you money, time, and effort from joining to courses from so-called gurus that claim to have extensive knowledge and experience.

Affiliate Marketing Course
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