Affiliate Marketing Jobs

So you may have heard something about affiliate marketing jobs and how you can work from home while doing them.

Working from home, while more common now, still sounds like a really good thing to be a part of because you get to be in the comfort of your own home while working.

But there may be something you find amiss as you start to Google “affiliate marketing jobs” because you’re likely not going to find anything.

Why won’t you find these types of jobs in a Google search?

We’re going to go over that in this article as you start to learn more about this amazing opportunity to make money online.

Why Affiliate Marketer Isn’t Really A “Job”

Likely you’re here because you read the title to this article and thought it would be enticing to learn a little bit more about why you can’t find what you are looking for.

It seems as though affiliate marketing would be a real job, because if you know a little bit about it, you know that you are selling other people’s products, and marketing other people’s products, in various ways through writing articles, making videos or even doing an audio podcast.

So if it seems like a job in sales, then why isn’t it a real job?

The Affiliate Marketing Manager

The only real job that you’re probably going to find when you Google “affiliate marketing jobs” is that of an Affiliate Marketing Manager.

This is the person that directs the affiliate marketing program for a company and helps facilitate affiliate marketers for the company (and manage them) so they can sell that company’s products.

So affiliate marketers don’t actually work for companies directly, but the Affiliate Marketing Manager would.

So What is An Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing, as a job, is actually something that you do on your own.

You go out and find brands that have a product that you believe in, and a good affiliate program that pays you a good commission for traffic and sales that you drive to that company. You are basically working as your own boss because you get to direct your own work and choose how you promote products for other companies.

As long as you’re following their rules and guidelines, you get to choose who you work with and what hours you work. You can turn it into something that resembles an actual job by finding a program that has recurring commissions and payments so that you can build up a steady paycheck over time, that is more reliable than just strictly working on one-time commissions.

Affiliate Marketing Tools and Further Learning

Some tools that you will need to be an affiliate marketer are likely:

  • Your own website where you promote other products from other brands and companies.
  • Social media accounts help to get the word out about your products that you are promoting.
  • Outsource workers if you don’t want to create the content yourself.
  • Hosting for your website.
  • Some knowledge on SEO and Sales funnels, so you know how to promote other people’s products.

Here at Master Sales Funnels, I am developing an affiliate marketing course that walks you through all of the steps you need to get set up to go from just starting an affiliate marketing to making your first $10,000 online, which is something that I have done over the last year or so.

I teach you how to find a good affiliate program, what makes a good affiliate program, how to market other people’s products, how to plan your marketing and content plans so you keep yourself on deadline and make sure you are actually getting things done, and how to build your automated systems in order to sell other people’s products while you sleep or while you enjoy time with your friends and family.

There’s a good chunk of work involved, but if you are looking for an affiliate marketing job, then this course is exactly what you need because it will help you get started in the world of affiliate marketing.

If you want to check out more about the course, you can click here.

And I welcome any feedback that you have as I’m developing this course. It’s a one-time fee and lifetime access to the current content as well as all future updates.

I congratulate you on making it this far. Because you are trying to find out about affiliate marketing and how to make money online, that means that you have ambitions beyond where you’re at now.

So I look forward to seeing you in the course, and as always, Keep Funnelin’.

Affiliate Marketing Course
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