Artspace AI is a cutting-edge AI image generation platform designed to revolutionize the way digital art is created, offering a suite of artificial intelligence tools that enable artists and content creators to generate unique, high-quality artworks with unprecedented ease. Its main features include intuitive design interfaces and the ability to customize and refine art pieces with fine detail.

For content creators, Artspace AI offers significant benefits such as drastically reducing the time and effort required to produce creative works, facilitating the exploration of new artistic styles and concepts, and providing a scalable solution for generating diverse content for various projects and platforms.

It also saves a ton of time over searching and finding stock images on various platforms, not to mention it costs WAY LESS to get great images for your content.

The AI Content Boom is here, and is throwing it’s hat in the ring as a frontrunner in the AI Image Generation sector.

According to Grand View Research, “The global machine learning market size is expected to reach USD 96.7 billion by 2025”.

It’s an exciting time that we live in where computers are able to assist us in our content creation to the point that they do much of the heavy lifting.

This is amazing news for small business owners who can’t afford a large marketing team and team of artists or photographers to compete with much larger brands with seemingly bottomless bank accounts.

While AI is still fairly new in the content space, it is making technological advancements in leaps and bounds and machines are learning not only from human-generated content out there, but also from each other.

By taking what is already known and finding out new information for themselves (wild…right?) deep learning is allowing machines to come up with their own solutions to problems.

This is good news for us, and good news that is here to assist us in our image generation needs.

You can already tell that this is going to be a positive review on this fascinatingly helpful tool, but what makes it do good?

Let’s dig deeper.

Ready to Generate Any Image You Can Think Of? is a crazy new tool that allows you to generate images for your business, just by entering text of what you want.

As of this writing, they have a lifetime deal. Given the developers history, this lifetime deal won’t last forever.

Check it out while you still can!

Claim the Lifetime Deal

What is is an image generation tool driven by artificial intelligence. 

The creators have their own in-house models that calculate how images should be created based upon your prompts. 

If you haven’t used image generation software before, the basic concept is that you think of something, enter text into the prompt box, and the algorithm with try and create a visual for what you are describing.

ArtSpace has some features that I’ve yet to see on other platforms, which is why we highly recommend it above others on the market at this time.

So How Does It Work?

In order to generate images with, you have to start with a text prompt.

Let’s say that we want a nice photo of a business owner in their store to represent us in our candy shop.

You may start with a prompt such as “business owner in their shop”.

With that we get an image like this:

Artspace AI in 2022


Artspace AI in 2024

The first thing I have to say, is that Artspace has made INSANE improvements to their model over the past 2 years, as you can clearly see above. We’ll have a side-by-side comparison on how much it’s improved for the next few examples to show how much this program is really worth the minimal investment.

Secondly, the artificial intelligence doesn’t know that we happen to be a male business owner, or that we own a chocolate shop. We need to be more specific in our prompts.

So we may try and be a bit more descriptive.

Let’s try “male business owner wearing a green apron standing behind the counter of their chocolate shop”.

More descriptive and what we’re looking for to place in our article about friendly, old-school confectionary shops that still exist today (for example).

Here’s that result:

Artspace AI in 2022


Artspace AI in 2024

artspace ai generated image

Our image is getting closer to what we want, but in our mind we’re picturing a green apron, a little bit wider of an angle, and we want the business owner to be a black business owner like we are. We also want to fix the facial features a bit. 

Let’s use the same image as a base, or seed, and see if we can get a result closer to what we’re imagining.

Artspace AI in 2022

Before outpainting

Artspace AI in 2024

artspace image generation of store owner

As you can see, we get a pretty decent image we can use in a blog post about our chocolate shop. There are some issues we can fix using some of the other features the tool offers, and we can see that AI still has some work to do in the way of replicating human hands and faces.

I will say these facial results are better than I’ve seen using other tools, and people within the community are generating flawless faces. It just takes more time, more descriptive prompts, and some trial and error.

What Makes Different From Other Image Generator Platforms?

Other art generators have communities that share their prompts and examples of images that are generated, and this is great. But the problem here is that you cannot use the exact image as a starting point.

You also cannot edit or expand upon images you’re working on. has some amazing features I haven’t seen anywhere else, including painting more of your same image, changing pieces within your image you’ve generated, automatic facial corrections, and more.

Let’s explore some of these unique features this tool offers to AI-Generated Art.


Outpainting is the concept of taking the AI-generated image that we have, and expanding the image beyond its current borders to create more of the image and make it larger.

This is a feature that I haven’t seen in any other AI Art tool out there, and it’s super helpful.

So many times I’ve entered a prompt and created an image, only to wish the computer had included a bit more of the subject. 

With the Outpainting feature, you can simply select the mode, the direction you want to see more of the image in, and push the magic button again.

Using our image earlier, you can see I already expanded to the right, and now will expand to the left using the Outpainting tool.

Before Outpainting

Before Outpainting

After Outpainting

After Outpainting

And you can keep expanding as you wish.

expanded shop


Inpainting is the act of having the AI add details to your existing image. This is another feature that I haven’t seen in other tools.

Inpainting requires using a paint brush to indicate the area in which you want to add something. Instead of simply pressing the magic button, this time we have to rewrite the prompt to indicate what we would like to add to the image.


Now instead of what looks like a tray of golden foil-wrapped chocolate balls, we have a wedding cake in our image.

Inpainting a wedding cake

This is a super cool feature, and I can’t wait for them to improve this further. As you can see the more we add and manipulate our image, some of the features of the man’s face are getting a little distorted. 

If you have problems like this, you can try and fix them further with inpainting, or recover an older version of the image and try again.

Seed Images

An image seed, when it comes to image generation, is a reference point for the AI to use in order to generate your new image.

The first way to use a seed image is to plug in a string of numbers. You can get this set of numbers from a previous image you created, or from someone else’s image that they saved to the cloud. 

I was able to get the tool to give me an exact replica of the image that was shown in the community gallery on the first try.

pink squirrel gallery image

With the seed number, same prompt, and same AI model, we can replicate the exact image to use how we see fit.

AI Seed Example

Then, if we want to tweak this, we can leave the image and most of the prompt, and just replace the squirrel with other animals. We get something pretty similar with an ostrich and a German Sheppard.

AI Seed Variations

And yo can keep going in this style with this seed number to your hearts content.

more seed variations

The other way you can use a seed image is to upload your own image.

Here is a result of a chipmunk I pulled from Pixabay, with the prompt to show him holding a martini.

Let’s compare Artspace in 2022 with 2024 again.

Artspace AI in 2022

Seed image result

Artspace AI in 2024

Chipmunk With Martini Glass

I used the exact same seed image and prompt, and you can see the results are much more clear. This was using the Artspace Nova model.


Not sure what type of descriptive words to add to a prompt to make it the way you are imagining?

That’s where formulas come in.

Formulas are built-in suggestions that you can pick from the help enhance your image. Enter the subject that you want, and increase your chances of getting what you want by adding styles, artists, formats, boosters, vibes, and perspectives. 

AI Art Formulas

You can also add your subject and click “Inspire” to let the AI give you it’s suggestion for a formula.

We used to have a section here where we covered the “Facial Enhancements” feature, but that’s no longer needed with the new Photorealism Model that they’ve brought to the program.

Artspace AI in 2022


Artspace AI in 2024

Photorealism Model in Artspace AI

I keep including the comparison of 2022 when they first rolled Artspace out, to 2024, because the change is insane in such a short amount of time. Night and day difference.

Using AI Generated Images In Your Blog Posts

So all of this begs the question, “Can I use AI Generated images in my blog posts?”

Based on every platform I’ve used to create images, they all state that the creator is the owner of the work and may use them for commercial purposes.

Others claim otherwise. 

While AI Images are created from a blank canvas, the algorithms and deep learning models that power these tools still had to learn from somewhere. They sometimes learn by scanning millions of images of artists who have not given their permission for their art to be used to teach such machines.

This can be seen as some AI Image Generators even pull in the signature of artists into some generated works. That why you can sometimes see small, scrawled words that don’t make much sense. This is also why you see these tools suggesting artists that you can model your style after. These are the artists that may have been fed into the algorithm to learn to generate the art.

This creates a murky grey area that is currently being sorted out in the way of the law. mentions this in their FAQ. They plan to keep AI artists updated on the legality of using images. 

The general consensus right now is that you are free to use any images you generate for commercial purposes, but you still don’t own the only rights to the image. Others can take the exact same image you generated and use it for their own purposes. 

This is seemingly created an open, sharable space where anything is game to be used and shared. This may also be where human-created art still stands a chance of surviving. People who want to own the rights to their work will have to still make it themselves, or commission an artist to do so.

For our purposes of generating art for our blogs, serves it’s purpose to let us use our imaginations to create what we need to enhance our written content. We just can’t be angry or sue if others take what we’ve created and use it on their own blogs.

Who is the Company and Creator Behind was founded by Nico Engler as a side project to his widely popular Closer’s Copy AI tool. The actual company name is Nico Engler IO.

Nico was actually planning to make the tech behind Artspace as an add-on for Closer’s Copy, but realized that it was a super powerful tool that required its own platform (there is a version of ArtSpace within Closer’s Copy, but without as many features). 

It makes sense that Nico would make another AI tool as Closer’s Copy is a very popular AI Writing Tool that helps you create copy for ads, landing pages, emails, blogs, and more. is a perfect complement to this program as you always need creatives to go along with written copy.

How Often Do They Update the Tool?

I know that there is a fear that you will buy the tool, and then never see an update again.

The thing is, in the few weeks that I’ve had the lifetime deal they’ve updated quite a few features. 

The Formula section has been vastly upgraded in UI, and also by adding some awesome features like Inspire and Enhance to help people further with their prompts. 

While on that site today I’ve also noticed that they’ve rolled out V1.1 of the app that appears to be using a different render engine.

I look forward to frequent updates of ArtSpace as the creator hasn’t let his customers down so far with his other software.

What are The Alternatives to Using ArtSpace.AI?

AI content generation tools are in the middle of a boom right now. Not many days go by where a new solution you’ve never heard of doesn’t pop up and advertise itself as the best solution out there.

AI image and art generators are no different, as there are many options out there to choose from.

Here’s a short list of current alternatives you could choose from:

There are plenty more out there, but these are currently some of the top ones out there on the market. There are plenty of unique features within each one, but so far I have found to have some of the most useful unique features (being able to expand your image and edit within your generated image is priceless).

Where can you get

As of this writing you can still score an unlimited, lifetime license to here.

The lifetime deal is currently 37% off (a one-time fee of $187), but this deal will get more expensive as time goes on.

I got my deal at 50% off just a few weeks ago, and now the discount is already less.

As reference, Closer’s Copy (from the same developer) used to have a lifetime deal, and has since gone to monthly plans starting at $49.99/mo. Nico isn’t playing around here. The lifetime deal is for a limited time until the product begins to take off, and then it goes to monthly.

If you want in on the power of to be able to create quick and limitless content for your business, THE TIME IS NOW!
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