When using an AI art generator, you don’t always get the results you expect.

Usually what you get are eyes that don’t look quite right, and hands that definitely aren’t human. Not to mention you get too many limbs, or very strange features on a dog.

I have to say though, this is the first time I’ve been absolutely trolled by an AI art generator.

What I was Aiming For

I was creating a page for my blog, AI Content Hub, where people could discuss the implications of AI and what their thoughts were on whether or not AI was a good or bad thing for the world.

I was trying to prompt t]he program to give me an evolutionary chart showing a human evolving into a robot. This was meant to symbolize the human vs. robot aspect at work here, and whether we were evolving by using AI for art and content generation, or creating something more sinister.

The final result I ended up with is on the page linked above, but it’s definitely not the first restult I got when entering the prompt.

What I Got Instead (Trolled)

I still can’t explain why I got the result I did, other than the AI was trolling me.

Here was the prompt I used:

“evolutionary chart of a human evolving into a robot, photorealistic, 4k resolution and 4k and 8k and beautiful and blender 3d, dark background, colorful, full body”

And here is the result I got.

AI Troll Number 1

I’m sorry. What the actual…?!?!

In case you’re not familiar with the Circle Game (read: didn’t go to junior high in the U.S.), the object, if you can call it that, is to hold your index finger and thumb together below your waistline. If you can trick someone to looking at the circle you get to punch them in the arm.

No, it never made sense to me either, but I was highly aware of its existence.

And what is this robot doing? 

Clearly playing the circle game.

Who is this (Possibly First?) AI Troll?

After getting over the initial bafflement of seeing this seemingly unrelated image pop up, I decided to use the Outpainting feature that ArtSpace.ai has to expand the image and see what this jokester looked like.

We have a full view of the culprit here:


I’m not sure who this robot is, but he’s giving off some serious Igor vibes to me. Maybe you can help me name him something else in the comments below.

What Does This Trolling Mean?

So, is there any significance to this trolling of me and my AI art creating?


It’s odd that I was using the phrase “evolutionary chart of a human evolving into a robot”. Does the troll mean that we’re getting sucker punched in the arm because we fell for the AI trap already, and humanity is heading for an Artificial Intelligence reconning?

Or was it just a fluke of the program?

Whatever the reason, I’ll be looking over my shoulder for awhile since I’m owed a very powerful punch in the arm by a beastly looking robot.

In case you want to see the whole prompt, result, seed, etc. from ArtSpace.ai to recreate the image yourself, here’s a screenshot showing all the data and the result.

AI Troll

What are your thoughts on my AI troll?

Should I start wearing shoulder padding?

Are we just all doomed?

Comment below!

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