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If you are just starting out in the exciting world of making money online, you are likely looking for the best affiliate marketing program for beginners.

Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to get started making money online as you don’t need a product to start, and you can make money selling other people’s products.

But selling other people’s products doesn’t mean just grabbing an affiliate link and spamming your Facebook or Instagram with your link, hoping that someone you know may be interested in what you are offering.

That’s a cold market to sell to, and that’s a good way to lose friends and alienate family.

That is why I always recommend beginners always start with Affiliate Bootcamp.

What is Affiliate Bootcamp?

Affiliate Bootcamp is a 4 day summit where 15 of the internet’s top affiliate marketers share their plans for affiliate domination.

They were asked how they would be able to feed their families by making enough in their affiliate business to support their household in just 100 days. 

Once you sign up for the summit, these expert video interviews will be released to you over the next 4 days as you listen to and absorb all of the information people have to give you about being successful as a beginner affiliate.

This free course offers you 15 unique plans that you can pick and choose to follow which one best suits you. As someone who is new to affiliate marketing, you are basically being handed the keys to the kingdom. You just need to find the strategy that fits your skill set and roll with it.

Do I need to Sell ClickFunnels For Affiliate Bootcamp to be Helpful?

The summit is geared towards helping people be able to sell ClickFunnels for a living.

ClickFunnels wants to empower you to be able to sell their stuff and make a lot of money doing it.


Because they will make a lot of money off of your efforts as well.

But the first and foremost goal of the summit is to help beginners be able to successful at affiliate marketing.

You don’t even need to sell ClickFunnels to get a great plan and knowledge from Affiliate Bootcamp.

You can take the tips, tricks, and tactics you get from the summit and apply the information to anything you want to sell.

Personally I think that ClickFunnels is a great place to start selling as a new affiliate, because recurring commissions are involved, and ClickFunnels has created such a culture of learning and mastery that you are sure to keep learning and evolving as an online affiliate the deeper into the rabbit hole you go.

Is ClickFunnels the Best Place For Beginner Affiliates to Start?

As a beginner, what are you looking to sell?

A lot of people go to affiliate marketplaces and find companies that only offer one-time set fees on low-priced products. 

Even if you get a percentage of a sale, that’s still a one-time fee. That means that after someone you worked hard gets to the point of making a purchase, you have to start all over in finding someone new to try and get to the point of purchase again before you get another fee.

A lot of affiliate marketplaces also don’t share customer email with you either. You send people through and get the sale. You get the commission, and then there is no further way to contact those people to get them to come back through your link to buy more.

ClickFunnels sees the issue with all of these, and wants you to get a lot of value from them as a beginner affiliate.

They offer 40% commissions on all of their front end funnels, and visitors are sticky cookied once they make the purchase. That means that any future purchases that customer makes will be credited back to you while your cookie is still stuck on their browser.

The best part is that even as a beginner, you are starting out at 20% on backend and recurring offers. So if someone buys ClickFunnels after you get them to sign up for a free book, you get monthly commissions deposited into your account every month.

You can also work your way up to 40% commission on these backend and recurring offers as well.

This is why ClickFunnels is truly the best affiliate marketing program for beginners. You get excellent training for free before you even start selling the product. You get a good chunk on frontend offers. You also get recurring commissions on a sliding scale upwards.

Win Your Dream Car

ClickFunnels also has a cool and motivating reward that is rare in affiliate programs.

If you get 100 recurring monthly ClickFunnels members paying on your account, they will give you a $500 per month bonus towards the payment of your dream car.

Talk about motivation.

You are already making a lot of money, here have more money.

Want to know the best part?

It’s gets better.

If you have 200 paying monthly members on your account you get $1,000 towards your dream car.

It’s an amazing driving force to keep you motivated to sell and really make a business out of being an affiliate marketer.

What more could a beginner ask for in a company to promote?

Win Your Dream Car

How Will You Sell Products?

Affiliate marketing is all about using what you are good at to sell other people’s products. 

Some examples may be SEO, social media, paid ads, making video content, blogging, you name it!

You could also be an agency that builds websites for small business. If you can find a way to get your clients to pay for their own ClickFunnels account through you and you build out their sales funnel for them, the affiliate money is a bonus at that point.

Maybe you don’t have a specific skill and need an idea on how to sell ClickFunnels, or really any product at all.

As a beginner to affiliate marketing you don’t need to worry.

I would suggest you go through the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit and see how top internet affiliates are killing it in their fields. Find the plan that makes the most sense to you, and model what they are doing.

You can sign up for the free summit by clicking the banner below.

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