Everybody who knows about sales funnels knows their value to their business.

Therefore, it stands to reason that everybody would be looking for the best sales funnel software out there.

While everybody looking for the best solution for their business is often looking for a funnel builder, I’d like to inform you that the best sales funnel software that you can get for your business isn’t a funnel builder.

True funnel builders are important, and which one you pick may help you succeed, but before you even get into building your funnel, there’s another program that you need throughout the entire process that is going to help you leaps and bounds above what any funnel builder can do.

Which program am I talking about?


Funnelytics For Planning and Mapping Your Funnel

Before you even begin to build your sales funnel, you need to have a plan.

If you go into building your funnel without a plan, you’re not going to get very far. What you’re going to have is a well-designed but confusing mess that isn’t really susceptible to making sales conversions.

Funnelytics offers its mapping feature with its free account. You can have an unlimited number of funnels that you want to map out under one workspace on your free account.

Mapping with a funnel mapping program is better than just sketching on paper because you’ll be able to change your funnel as you go, and as you add different steps to your funnel and change routes people can take, you want to be able to make quick and easy changes.

Funnelytics gives you this luxury, but that’s not even the reason why Funnelytics is the best sales funnel software out there.

Free Funnel Mapping

Funnelytics For Forecasting Your Leads and Sales

Where this software starts getting really good is when you get into the Pro version of Funnelytics. This is where you are able to add forecasting to your funnel.

It’s important after you plan your funnel to forecast what you want your sales to be by setting your goals. By adding forecasting numbers, you know what numbers you need to aim for to be able to get the profitability that you are aiming for.

Just by adding desired conversion percentages by defining which steps will qualify as a generated lead, and how much each step is worth, you are able to generate forecasted KPI’s for your business.

And while it’s good to plan and map our funnel, and plan what we want our KPIs to be, we’re still not even to the best part.

Funnel Forecasting

Funnelytics For Real-Time Analytics and Conversion Rates

The best part about Funnelytics is being able to track of visitors through your sales funnels. This means that you get live data on how people are moving through your funnels and also live KPI data and conversion rates.

You can compare your live data to your forecasted data to see how you stand against your estimates and goals. You can even see exactly what traffic sources are generating conversions in your funnel so that you know exactly where you need to be putting your money in ad spend, SEO efforts, and more.

When you match your real time analytics with your forecasts, you can see where people are dropping out of your funnel and you can also see where conversion rates are lower than your projected forecasts.

You also, at a glance, see where this funnel leakage is happening and where you need to bump up your conversion rates by fixing problem areas.

Funnel Conversion Rates and Analytics

A Revolutionary Software For Your Business

Funnelytics is going to revolutionize your business and allow you to generate more income by knowing exactly where you need to put your time and effort to make conversion rates go higher.

All of you other marketers can do your research on the best sales funnel software and find the best builder, but I would put my money behind Funnelytics.

It’s there for you before you even start your funnel building process as you map out your funnel.

It’s there for you as you forecast your goals and see what numbers you need in your conversion rates and projections in order to be profitable.

It’s also there for you to track live data and show you exactly where you need to make improvements to increase profitability of your sales funnel.

Lucky for you, Funnelytics has a lifetime deal going on right now, but it’s not exactly easy to find.

The Secret Lifetime Access to Funnelytics Pro

There’s a secret backdoor access to this amazing sales funnel program, and because I know how to access it, I’d like to share with you the exact way in order to get this amazing software program for a one time lifetime fee.

Now, normally, Funnelytics is a monthly fee, and they charge you based on the number of visitors you have going through your funnels.

But recently, Funnelytics has partnered up with Russell Brunson as part of his Secrets Trilogy Funnels, and their software is the one-time offer on the back end of these 3 funnels.

Funnelytics Secret Lifetime Deal Access

You’ll be able to access Funnelytics Lifetime through this secret backdoor access by buying one of Russell Brunson books (which have amazing marketing secrets and value within them) and then accessing the deal in the last step of the funnel.

You get 100,000 tracked visitors for this one time price, and you have the option for another $100 to upgrade to 500,000 tracked visitors through your sales funnels.

This is an amazing value that would cost you hundreds of dollars per month that you can get for a one time fee if you use this secret method.

500,000 tracked visitors in Funnelytics would normally cost you around $120/month (their closest package is 600,000 tracked visitors for $124/month).

For $397 + the $100 upgrade, you get the 500,000 tracked visitors for this one-time fee. It pays for itself in about 4 months. Plus you get all the benefits of knowing your numbers and knowing the smart place to put your ad spend.

This is the backdoor access that nobody else is talking about.

Make sure you get the best sales funnel software on the market, and grab your lifetime deal of Funnelytics today before the deal goes away.

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