What is the difference between Clickfunnels and Funnelytics?

A ton, because they aren’t made to do the same thing.

While it is true that they are both centered around sales funnels, they serve entirely different purposes, and actually may be the powerhouse duo many businesses need to reach the next plateau.

So What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels Logo

Clickfunnels is the funnel software built by Russell Brunson and his team.

If you are not very tech-savvy, or are looking for an all-in-one solution to building a sales funnel, Clickfunnels is the way to go.

They have pre built and proven sales funnel templates that you literally just click, and set up your funnel, hence the name.

There is also a huge culture and educational goldmine surrounding the Clickfunnels philosophy, which I believe is where the true value in Clickfunnels lies.

Don’t know much about funnels? Try this free book. This is an affiliate link, but all you pay is shipping and you get a book that teaches you all about sales funnels from the man himself, Russell Brunson.

They have TONS of education within the Clickfunnels ecosystem. I recently took their One Funnel Away challenge and my mindset can never go back to the way it was before.

You can learn about leads through the various Clickfunnels courses, copywriting, offer stacking, generating traffic. The list goes on.

And what is Funnelytics?

Funnenlytics Logo

Funnelytics is the brain-child of innovative marketing agency owner Mikael Dia. 

He was tired of having to look on 17 different platforms in order to get a feel for conversion rates for his sales funnels. 

So instead of living in confusion he invented a visual platform that allows you to map out your sales funnels visually and track the analytics of that funnel so you can see exactly what your conversion rates are between different steps of your funnel, where the leaks are happening so you can fix them.

Not only can Funnelytics do all this, but you can also assign value to certain funnel steps and track the number of leads, sales, and total funnel value. This is a powerful feature to see your stats at a glance, especially in showing value of your work to a client if you are a marketing agency.

Funnelytics Free Funnel Mapping Tool

How do Funnelytics and Clickfunnels Work Together?

They work kinda like a sandwich.

Funnenlytics Logo    >    ClickFunnels Logo >      Funnenlytics Logo

Funnelytics > Clickfunnels > Funnelytics

You start by mapping out (planning) what you funnel is going to look like and pieces it will consist of in Funnelytics.

When you have your funnel plan together, you make a list of all the items you need, and you then build out your funnel in Clickfunnels based on your Funnelytics plan.

In Clickfunnels, you assemble all your pieces together and build out and write the actual pages and content your visitors will see.

You will install a code snippet within Clickfunnels to track your visitors through your funnel.

Now that the build is done and the code snippet in place, send traffic through your sales funnel and see how people flow through using Funnelytics.

You will be able to see conversion rates, sales, leads generated, and how much money your funnel is generating for you.

Funnelytics has a cool feature where you can really visualize funnel flow with dots that move through the different pages so you can see at a glance what source is driving the most traffic, and where you may need to optimize your funnel further as the dots stop flowing.

It is a truly power system to be able to easily plan, build, and analyze your sales funnel.

Want an Added Bonus?

Funnelytics and Clickfunnels are already so we’ll integrated, the folks over at Funnelytics have taken their million dollar funnels, from the world’s best marketers, they have in their vault and have built these proven funnels out not only as a plan you can put right onto your Funnelytics canvas, but also have built the funnel out for you in Clickfunnels. That means the plan is already done for you, and you just need to swap the content out in the prebuilt funnels they make for you in Clickfunnels.

Most of the work done for you already if you are a member of both programs.

Pick the funnel template that fits your business and your work is pretty much done already.

The Free Funnel Vault

Ready to Use Funnelytics and Clickfunnels?

If you are ready to implement a sales funnel into your business, and every business should be, then be sure to cash in on the power duo that is ClickFunnels and Funnelytics.

With these two programs you can plan, build, and track traffic and results throughout your funnel. Your business will have a set process and goal for selling your product or service, and you can continually optimize for better results.

What’s more could a business ask for?

You can sign up for Funnelytics here:

Click here for a free book to learn more about funnels from the funnel man himself, Russell Brunson:

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