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Justin Coleman
Instructor- Master Sales Funnels

Today I’m going to take you through the DotCom Secrets funnel.

We’re going to give Russell Brunson a funnel hack so you can see the different pages of his funnel. We’re going to go over the copy that he has written within each funnel page, some of the videos that he has in place, and how it’s all put together in a very seamless and awesome free book funnel.

Watch the Full Funnel Hack Below

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An Overview of the DotCom Secrets Funnel

DotCom Secrets Funnel Mapped Out

Here is the funnel hack that I’ve put together already, and what we see here is that it is a simple four page funnel.

On the first page, you get the free plus shipping book, and then Russell makes an upgrade offer on the second page.

The third page shows a one time offer for a related software program.

And lastly we have the deliverables page where you are given a video explaining how to access everything that you’ve purchased.

So let’s start digging into the funnel.

The First Page of the Funnel

Here you can see the very first page.

Good Headline Format for Sales Page

Here on the first page, you are introduced to DotCom Secrets.

We have a video of excited Russell talking about the different bonuses, the book itself, what you’ll learn within the book. Again, very energetic, very excited. Plain, clear background. Everything that you need in a good sales video.

We can see he has some things highlighted on this page, different size of text, things underlined.

He’s a big proponent of borrowing elements from what works. That means you could use this set up and this style for your own free book funnel.

Obviously don’t steal his funnel, but use this in your own marketing. If you have a book to give away this first page shows an excellent way to set up your heading. It draws attention to all the right spaces.

“New Free Book Shows 28 Virtually Unknown Secrets”. So he’s drawing us in and that’s his hook. That’s creating the curiosity to draw us into the video if you want to watch it and learn more from him speaking in person.

Call to Action and Social Proof

The Calls To Action

And then the page show his very first call to action. If you watch the video, you’re sold and good to go, click this. And as he usually does, there’s a two step process. So he gets your name, your email, your number, your address before he even collects payment information.

Two Step Purchase Form Popup

If you bail out of the funnel between step one and step two, this two step purchase makes it so you’re still on his mailing list and he can still market to you. Even if you you back out after this point, he can still market to you. You’re on his list.

You’re going to see this CTA button several times throughout this page as we go through the content, because each section is meant to sell you in a different way. And if you’re sold at the end of that particular section and you’re ready to go, he wants that button there. He wants you to buy when you’re ready to buy.

Right underneath this first purchase button, we have our social proof.

So different companies that have, I assume, promoted the book, talked about the book, gave reviews on the book. It doesn’t exactly say, you just see prominent names next to the buy button and it gives you confidence to give him $9.95.

Again, we see the highlighting as he’s trying to relate to the different audiences that he’s trying to give this book to. Again, with the hook of the secrets. He’s all about the secrets that nobody knows about.

From the Desk of Russell Brunson

This sales letter is directly from him. He does this a lot and a lot of the sales letters, he wants it to be very personalized from him, pictures of him selling the product, planning the products.

Sharing The DotCom Secrets Start-Up Story

In this case, he’s talking about his company in the early days. So you can relate to him when he almost went bankrupt, when he had to fire a bunch of people because he couldn’t afford payroll, how he eventually found success and how he’s giving you the tips that he used for his own success through this.

ClickFunnels History Story

He Explains how ClickFunnels went from basically nothing to number seven fastest growing software company, number ten highest gross revenues in the top one hundred. Basically point after point on why you should trust him and his expertise.

And then he gets a little bit into what DotCom Secrets is going to be about to get you interested, but then he goes back into success, why you should listen to him because he’s helped 789 people join the Two Comma Club, which means they made over one million dollars in one funnel.

He’s got 56 people and Two Comma Club X, which means they had 10 million dollars or more. And then he has 11 people that he helped get to starting their way on the Two Comma Club C, which is on their way as they get to nine figures. So if you get twenty five million, you get a record. If you get 50, 75 and then 100 million, you finally get to fill in your Two Comma Club C award. Obviously a goal for everybody to strive for, but we’re not there yet.

Two Comma Club Awards

So we’re we’re just starting with the free book. But he’s kind of showing you where you can end up if you read his book, so to speak. He’s not guaranteeing that, but they call this future-pacing; giving you a visualization of where you can be if you just simply read the book.

Breaking Down Into Market Segments

Russell spends a section relating to the different markets that he’s trying to hit. He states DotCom Secrets will help coaching, consulting, B2B, nonprofit and more.

If you’re not in one of these fields, but you still kind of relate he still wants you here, so including the “more” allows him to include you as well.

Relating to Various Markets For ClickFunnels

As an avid reader of business books, I like seeing what I’m going to be purchasing. He covers this on the first page as well.

An Inside Look at DotCom Secrets+

Throughout this page he shows you his cool little doodles that you’re going to see inside. So you get kind of a glimpse of the quality of, you know, what you’re going to see in the book.

Doodles Inside DotCom Secrets

These doodles may not seem like quality, but they are really good, simple drawings showing you everything about the concepts he’s discussing within certain chapters.

And if you’re still not sold, then he gets more away from future pacing and more into logic.

Here’s what’s in the book. And each of these secrets is literally a different chapter. Every chapter in his book is called a different secret.

DotCom Secrets Chapter Breakdown

So there are 28 chapters in the book, and the sales page describes what you’re going to learn within each chapter.

If you’re still not convinced to get the book, they’ve listed video testimonials of different people that have read the book that have found success from it or if they were already successful, found more success in it.

Video Testimonials
If you’re still not sold by this point, bonus offers are added to the free DotCom Secrets book offer.

DotCom Secrets Bonuses

These bonuses are: The 3 Core Funnels ebook, 101 Split Test Winners e-book, Network’s Marketing Secrets e-book, and (new since I made the video at the beginning of this funnel hack) Funnel Audibles.

Book Bonuses

He just keeps adding to the offer, so you’ll want to get this free book.

All of these are assets that he’s already created in his business. So they’re all digital. It doesn’t cost him anything to give these away, but it adds that extra value to your mind that “oh, I’m getting this $47 product, I’m getting this $47 product, I’m getting this $47 product free, I’m getting this $100 product free”.

He keeps adding to that value, so it’s almost impossible not want this offer. $9.95 for a free copy of DotCom Secrets now becomes $400 worth of value for the same price.

None of these bonuses cost him anything extra once they’re made, they are just good assets for offer stacking and sweetening the deal.

It’s value added to you. So it’s nothing like really tricky or slimy as you would think sales usually is. I mean, he’s literally giving you this added value that’s going to help you.

It just helps. Like I said, sweeten the pot.

Why Is the DotCom Secrets Book Free?

The next section is the guarantee, why he wrote it, why he’s giving it away for free.

Limited Time Offer

It’s his way of saying thank you. He’s kind of a show off. He gets another product in your hands.

As you’ll learn through the DotCom Secrets book, if you haven’t already read it, that the last section of the book is how to build your funnel in ClickFunnels, which is what he’s really trying to sell you with this book.

ClickFunnels is a good software. This is a great book.

DotCom Secrets is Brunson’s lead up to selling you ClickFunnels.
On this page he also creates urgency. He states time is of the essence because he only a few thousand copies.

I don’t think that’s really true because he sells them through Amazon and he sells them through the page, but he’s guaranteeing you’ll love the book or you get your money back. So at least you have that guarantee.

But you’ve got to put some kind of time stamp on it where you need to give people that urgency to buy.

He had an urgency message like this on his old DotCom Secrets funnel, and it was up for around five years before they finally put this one up this year.

What’s New In the DotCom Secrets 2nd Edition?

If you only have the old version of DotCom Secrets, Brunson rewrote the book in the past year or so to go with a release of the Traffic Secrets book.

DotCom Secrets Books

So this book is rewritten and longer than the first edition.

This version adds a lot of value that he’s learned in the last five or so years since he wrote this book originally. So you get 393 page hardcover book in this new offer with added info.

The End of Page One Of the Hack

At the bottom we are again seeing a little personal side, adding his little initial signature, adding his face.


End of Page 1

And even though it’s kind of personal, he’s also kind of staring at you like “I’m giving you all this stuff. Why are you not taking this deal?”

It’s a little bit of a judgmental face, but it really is an awesome deal that’s hard to pass up.

And Then Comes The PopUp

Thought we were done with page one?

Not quite.

Once you click one of the CTAs on the page and you fill out your name and address on the first form and then your billing information on the second one, you are show two more offers known as an order bump.

Order Bumps

These order bumps will automatically add $37 for the audio book, and $97 for the DotCom Secrets live training that he usually only gives to his inner circle members. These totals are reflected at the bottom of the popup depending on what you add to your cart.

This is where he starts making money. You are paying $9.95 shipping for the book, but things start adding up.

Again it’s important to note that these are assets he’s already created for his business that he doesn’t need to create again, and he’s giving them to you as an added value.

This is a powerful lesson in business. Create your assets and use them as leverage to get people to buy from you.

Even though you are paying all of this money for the order bumps, Russel still may not be making money on this deal. But it doesn’t matter to him if he makes zero dollars from the DotCom Secrets Funnel.

True, he doesn’t want to lose money. But if he makes zero dollars through all this, he’s still trying to sell you offers on the back end.

Offers like the One Funnel Away Challenge and ClickFunnels. He has even higher offers, other trainings, and different levels of ClickFunnels.

He has his inner circle, which I think is like a $100,000/year.

DotCom Secrets is a lead funnel for him, so if he breaks even and gets your email address, he’s happy with the result.

Once you fill out the popup and pick your order bumps, you finally get to the next page of the funnel.

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If you want your own template of this funnel hack, as well as the swipe files for the DotCom Secrets Funnel, be sure to ask for access to my Master Sales Funnels Funnel Vault. This hack along with other amazing funnel hacks, templates, and offers can be yours for FREE!

The Second Page of the DotCom Secrets Funnel

It’s not a very long page, but there’s a video explaining what this offer is.
This offer is an upgrade.

Secrets Trilogy Order Page

Again, he’s very excited in the video.

If you go through the funnel, you’ll be able to hear the video. If you’re making a video sales letter (VSL) you have to have a lot of energy.

I’m sorry if I don’t have a lot of energy in the funnel hack above, I know I need to work on that. Just make sure you believe in your product and transfer that energy into your VSLs.

Funnel Progress Bar

Note the progress bar at the top that shows where you are at in the funnel. It’s showing you that there is an end to the funnel, and that he’s not just going to keep making offers to you all day, although some people might like that.

Some people want to get out of the funnel eventually, so don’t leave people lost and wondering within your sales funnel.

The Unlock The Secrets Trilogy

This second page has a quick video sales letter trying to upgrade you to the Secrets Trilogy.

Unlock the Secrets is a the workbook that comes with this trilogy, if you decide to upgrade, you get all three books in the workbook for just $97.

I purchased this order bump because it had the updated versions of the books I didn’t have before. I also wanted the workbook.

I’ll have a Secrets Trilogy unboxing video at some point in the future because that will be very exciting to be able to crack this open. Got to love new book smell.

Maybe that’s just me.

Secrets Trilogy Box Set

These are hardbound books, pretty solid.

Again on this page we see the really big text headlines, different colors, underlines, bold just to make different things stand out.

And again, the Secrets Trilogy is already added to our cart. You can’t unadd this. you can add and unadd the other bonuses but you can’t unadd this because this is the point of this page.

Box Set and Order Bumps

If you want to order the trilogy, you click the big orange button “Yes, upgrade my order”. And if you don’t, then you have to pass. Instead of unchecking the box, you have to click the link to pass every deal on this page.

For the bonuses, you can get all three audio books here for $74. You basically get one for free and then you can upgrade to the One Funnel Away Challenge straight from here.

I would recommend everybody takes it, not just because I get commissions from it, but I took it in August 2019 and it really changed my mindset on how to sell things online and the importance of sales funnels in my business.

If you click no, it won’t add that to your total. If you click yes, your card is going to be charged, and it will automatically charge it. There’s no confirmation page. That’s it.

This one click order is a way to reduce friction in the buying process.

You already gave your permission for Russell Brunson to take your money by making purchases on the first page, so there’s no qualms with him being able to automatically charge your card if you obviously agree here and click this big button.

Box Set Order Button

The Third Page: Funnelytics Lifetime Offer

No matter which choice you make on the Secrets Trilogy page, you’re going to be taken to the next page, which is a little bit longer.

It’s selling a related software called Funnelytics.

This is the program here that I showed you in the beginning that I mapped out the DotCom Secrets funnel in.

DotCom Secrets Funnel Mapped Out

It’s a funnel mapping software. You know how Russell always draws on white boards? Well this is a more professional way to be able to map and plan your funnels.

You put a little bit of code on your website, and it also tracks live data through your funnels so you’ll be able to see where traffic is dropping off, that kind of thing.

I’ve been following Funnelytics for a long time, and became a Founding Member in October of 2018. That means I have lifetime access to the program.

Funnelytics made a deal with Russell to be his one-time-offer (OTO) on the back of his Secrets Trilogy book funnels.

And here he is explaining “Digitally whiteboard all of your funnels and traffic campaigns so you can see how to get profitable”.

Funnelytics is a great software for mapping your funnel, but it is also for tracking conversions and seeing where you have funnel leakage and can make things better, increase your conversions, see KPIs at a glance, etc.

This program is very relatable to what you’re learning in DotCom Secrets, and obviously a good one time upsell for the back end of his Secrets Trilogy.

On this page he’s telling you what it does and that it’s “the new secret weapon on how you can calculate ROI, design your funnel strategy, eliminate spreadsheets”.

Product image is very important in your funnels, even if it’s just a software.

Even if you product is digital, put a screenshot of it on a computer. There’s plenty of free software out there where you can make a design and put it on a digital ebook, or software case. Just give it some kind of visual appearance.

You can’t just sell with text alone. People want to be able to see visuals.

The Best Funnelytics Discount on the Market

This offer for Funnelytics is a lifetime offer that Brunson is selling here, so he’s trying to explain to you what it is, because a lot of people don’t know what it is. He also gives you the features of it and then what’s included with the lifetime offer.

With this deal you get 100,000 tracked visitors. There’s an upsell down at the bottom. You can upgrade to 500,000 track visitors. If you get past that point with Funnelytics, you’ll have to upgrade. But if you have 500,000 track visitors through your funnel, you should be making enough money that it’s a negligible cost as you upgrade.

Funnelytics shows you your KPIs at a glance once you have everything set up correctly for tracking. This lifetime deal is currently the best discount on Funnelytics you can find, as the company themselves have taken their own lifetime deals off their website and moved to monthly.

This hidden offer is the only way to get it.

Again, this offer is very relatable to what he is selling with ClickFunnels and his Secrets Trilogy. It’s a good example of making sure your upsells and OTOs are in line with what you are selling people. You start by buying books, and you get related software that will amplify your results. It makes sense to go together in this offer.

Funnelytics Bonuses

Brunson likes to sweeten every deal he makes with bonuses.

So this first bonus is actually from Funnelytics themselves. They have something called the Funnelytics Vault. They have compiled 60+ funnel templates where they go through and funnel hack, much like we are in this article, but probably better because they’ve done it a lot.

They go through and they buy everything from all of these popular funnels. Traffic and Funnels. Mentor box. Tony Robbins. Fit Body Boot Camp.

They’ve done a couple Russell Brunson himself, like we are now. So for all of these experts, they go through and they funnel hack these people, they buy all their products, get in and get all their books, their trainings, their inner circles, so they can see and swipe the different elements.

Just like this amazing resource, it being here lets you know that you need to be thinking of resources that you can supply people for your offer, whatever you’re offering. You need to be able to give this extra added value. So Funnelytics gives this extra added value by giving you access to this vault of all these millionaire digital marketers.

You can see the exact sales copy they’re using without actually having to spend your money to go through the funnel.

And the bonuses keep going. There a bonus teremplates of some kind and he gives you the ClickFunnels sharefunnel templates. I don’t know if Brunson is offering this, but I know that Funnelytics offers this as well through their Vault. This bonus could also be from them.

Bonus Number 3

Within their vault, they have the sharefunnels of all the different funnels that they’ve hacked. So not only are you getting the funnel plans of all these digital millionaires, you’re also getting the pre-built funnel in your ClickFunnels account.

With these you can just swap out your content, images, and videos and you already have the layout and the design and you don’t have to piece it together in something like WordPress.

You really can’t beat that, especially if it’s a proven, working funnel.
Use what’s proven.

Funnel University is a training course that Russell has that he updates regularly. It includes different funnel hacks that he’s done as well as the newsletter that he keeps adding to. I’m not 100% sure what Funnel University all includes, but this is just like an ongoing resource of funnel hacks and extended knowledge that you get. ClickFunnels has a lot of extended trainings included in their subscriptions.

They want you to be able to succeed with all of this, so not only when you have the books, but if you do happen to upgrade to ClickFunnels at some point, you get access to different trainings at different levels of ClickFunnels. So you have more of a chance of succeeding.

For your own funnel’s offer stack, you just have to keep thinking, “what can I add to my offer stack to make this deal irresistible?”

Like the previous page in the funnel, this Funnelytics offer is already added to your order. That’s a functionality of ClickFunnels, it’s already added.

If you click the big button to keep going through, you can add the 500,000 tracked people up from 100,000.

This higher number is a little bit more load on Funnelytics server, but it’s nothing to Russell for adding this on.

Always be thinking of extras that you can add that are going to help people, and that you can make more money on so you can serve them better in the future.

You can either upgrade and Funnelytics will be added to your cart, or you can pass and then you’ll be taken to your order complete page.

The DotCom Secrets Thank You Page

This video on this final page explains how you will get your book, when it will be delivered, and how you can access all of the bonuses you got for free or paid for.

Thank You Page

And then as you keep scrolling down, he makes an offer for ClickFunnels right here. He doesn’t even wait for you to get through the book to make the offer. He sells it in this quick video and then you’re made the offer to get the two week free trial.

ClickFunnels Free Trial Offer

So this is a good lesson in not wasting your thank you page. Yes, you need to thank people. Yes, you need to tell them how they’re going to get what they ordered. But you can also make the offer for the next funnel.

The next funnel for Russell is to get people into ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels 2-Week Trial Offer

Whether you read the book and decide you need ClickFunnels. Whether you read the book and go to the One Funnel Away Challenge and decide you need ClickFunnels. Or if he can save time and just get you into ClickFunnels and started right now, he’s going to take that opportunity.

If you get the Funnelytics offer on page 3, you now have access to the Funnelytics Vault. This gives you access to the sharefunnels they’ve created, making ClickFunnels and Funnelytics an even more powerful combo to have.

You can get a funnel up within your your 14 day, two week trial and you can start hopefully getting leads and hopefully making money. That’s good for you. That’s good for him. That’s good for Funnelytics because you’re using their Vault to learn about what funnels to use and using their pre-built ClickFunnels’ templates.

Don’t waste your thank you pages. Make that next offer. And even if somebody passes on this offer to get ClickFunnels, he’s still trying to get you into other parts of his business.

The Marketing Secrets Podcast Offer

The next offer presented is another one of his funnels. It’s an app, which basically give you access to his podcast. It’s an app that he uploads all his podcasts to.

Marketing Secrets App

He adds a lot of value in his podcast. It’s quick snippets of his marketing genius helping you with sales funnels, how to sell, and insights that he has on a day to day basis as he goes through life, still developing his knowledge and processes of funnels.

Brunson has admitted that the podcast helps people relate to him on a whole new level. People start listening to the podcast, and then they go back to the beginning and they follow him on his journey.

He started his podcast in his car. People can relate to that.

I can relate to that. I just recently started my podcast and I’ve been doing it in my car because he’s shown that it’s possible.

You just need your phone and a commute to work to be able to start a podcast so people can really relate to you through a podcast. And they binge it.

And with this app, it’s just another way of him being able to add value for you, but also being able to market to you on a consistent level. So each podcast episode will have a call-to-action at the end, a step that he wants you to take to get further in his funnels to give you more value and make more money.

You can’t get money legitimately in business without giving equal or hopefully more value in return.

So even after he sold you all this insane amount of stuff (I think your cart can get up to like seven hundred some dollars here if you get everything) he’s still trying to sell you on ClickFunnels. He’s still trying to get you to be continually within his web of the Internet so he can keep giving you that value and marketing.

I don’t mean that in a bad way, but that’s just the way it is. Trying to keep people in your sphere of influence so you can market to them and keep selling to them in the future.

That’s the key.


And that finally concludes the funnel hack.

I wanted to walk you guys through the different pages of the Secrets Trilogy funnel. Hopefully I’ve shown some of the different elements that he uses to get more money out of people and add more value to them, and that you can use these same tactics in your own funnels.

I have each of these pages downloaded in a swipe file. They are available within the Master Sales Funnels Vault. Just ask for access and I’ll send you the key to get in.

If you want to sign up for a free Funnelytics account, you can start for free before you even try the discount lifetime deal or any of this.

With a free account and Vault access you can get you this map of the DotCom Secrets Funnel that we just hacked inside your Funnelytics account.

If you want to look at each of these pages, you can do that with my swipe files provided.

I hope you got some value out of this funnel hack.

Like I said, Russell Brunson wants you to mimic what works. He wants you to be able to copy what works.

And his stuff works.

If it’s out there in public, he pretty much knows that it works. And if it doesn’t, he’s constantly tweaking it.

This funnel has been up since March 2020, so it’s pretty well guaranteed that it works as a free book funnel.

You’d have to have a lot of assets in your business to be able to offer these kind of order bumps and upsells, and get the connections with companies like Funnelytics to be able to partner with and make a one time offer with.

But if you have those assets, you can add them to your funnel and make your offer irresistable.


Model what works and keep funneling,

Justin Coleman

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If you want your own template of this funnel hack, as well as the swipe files for the DotCom Secrets Funnel, be sure to ask for access to my Master Sales Funnels Funnel Vault. This hack along with other amazing funnel hacks, templates, and offers can be yours for FREE!

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