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Summary & Resources:

The real value of your business is in your ability to reach your audience. Nothing is better to reach your audience than your email list, and you don’t even need your own product to start building it.

In this episode:

  • Why you need to start building your list today
  • How email lists will help you increase conversion rates
  • The importance of staying connected with your audience
  • How to get sales for your product before you even build it
  • The almighty market research of audience feedback


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Episode Transcript:

Hello, this is Justin Coleman, and we are on episode 28 of the Master Sales Funnels podcast. Thank you for joining me, and if you’ve listened before thank you. If this is your first time, I also really appreciate you being here today.

We are going to continue our discussion on affiliate marketing and we’re going to talk a little bit about building our list and why we need to build our list. When I say list, I mean email list.


Email Isn’t Dead

A lot of people are saying that email is dead. And I don’t really think that’s the case because it’s a personal connection with people who are interested in you or interested in what you have to say, your products you’ve given away or sold to people. They have some kind of interest or they wouldn’t have signed up with you. So your list is really a good way to keep reaching out to people. And that’s especially true in affiliate marketing.

You need a list in affiliate marketing because you have to be able to continue to market and connect with people. If you’re just blindly sending people through your affiliate link to the company website that you’re promoting, you’re not going to be able to have that connection with people. So you need to be able to connect with and grow with people.

You can share things that you’re learning. You can share insights, give away freebies, and always make the next pitch that you need to help them further their game, but also to make you some more money so you can keep doing what you’re doing.


Build Your Affiliate Marketing Email List

The way that you build your list in affiliate marketing is that you need a bridge page. You need that form on your website that people can sign up.

You need to offer value to your readers and offer bonuses for your affiliate offers and guides and content that can help pre-frame them before they buy the affiliate offer. You need to go above and beyond just trying to sell people, because as we’ve learned, that’s not the way to do affiliate marketing. That’s not the way to run a business.

We want to be as helpful as possible and we want to be the expert in the lives of our audience so they keep coming back to us and we can keep solving their problems.

It’s a good feeling to be able to help solve somebody’s problem and help them get farther in their business as they’re helping you by paying you and communicating with you to get farther in your business.

Once you do have a list, you want to make sure that you’re keeping regular communication with them.


What to Send To Your Email List

First off, after people sign up on your bridge page, you want to be reiterating the importance of the affiliate offer or Upsells, one-time offers, whatever you had in your funnel.

You want to reiterate the importance of these pieces, why it is important to the people who go through your funnel in order to help solve their problem. Because they may not have taken the affiliate offer or your upsell offers the first time through and your first communications via your list will be to help reiterate that point and try to help increase your conversion values by, again, touching on the points that you touched on within your funnel about why they need these elements to solve their problems.

And there may have been some random reason why they didn’t even sign up for it the first time. Maybe they didn’t have their wallet handy and you were asking for money. Or maybe they were at work and their lunch break was almost over and they didn’t have time to click through to see what the affiliate offer was. So your first point of contact to your list should be reiterating what you were trying to sell them to begin with. And then, like I said, you catch the people who may have had a legitimate excuse not to buy the first time.

And besides not wanting the offer, maybe they did and any number of excuses. So you’re increasing your conversion rates on those people by making the offer again.

By doing this, you can increase your cart value, so then you can spend more money to get people into your funnel because you’re making more money, you’re increasing your cart value by making those additional sales, and then you can pump that money back into your business and keep the funnel going.

After you make that initial touch point on reiterating the importance of that first funnel, you can then send people to other funnels. These funnels can be related to the first offer, or they can be in a completely different direction as long as it makes sense. But you want to keep helping them solve different problems by giving them different offers and leading them into different funnels. And you can do that now that you have your affiliate email list.

You want to keep building trust within your email list so that people trust what you have to say. When you say that a product is good, that people will trust your word. You don’t want to be lying to sell things and you want to be emailing frequently and contacting your list so that they know to expect emails from you. They know it’s valuable to open and they will read it.

Through these emails you want to be providing free value, further guides and trainings that may or may not be the opt-in for another funnel. I mean, you just want to sometimes throw free advice nuggets or again, maybe a free guide with no strings attached just to help build that trust and get people to really like you because you need people to like you and know you and trust you to be able to sell them things and again solve their problems.

As the expert that they’ve subscribed to you want to provide insights as well. So when you’re writing a blog post, maybe something comes across as kind of insightful. I mean, I’ve had that happen a lot where I don’t expect to be insightful and then something just kind of connects in my brain. I mean, I’ve been teaching myself as I’m teaching you, I’m making connections that I didn’t make before. And things are starting to make sense through teaching.

So as you make connections and gain insights, that’s important to share with your list as well. So you don’t want every email to have a click through. Maybe you just want to share your insight for the day and again, provide value to your audience through what you’ve discovered and what you’re learning.

It’s OK to let them know that you’re learning things. I mean, nobody knows everything. And by showing your audience that you’re still learning, they know that you’re a growth mindset person and you’re going to keep growing and learning things that you can pass on to them.

So that’s kind of future pacing in letting them know that you’re going to continue to be value to them, because even if you’re one chapter ahead in that book you’re still reading, they know you’re still reading and learning and they know that you’re generous with your information. So you’re going to keep passing it on to them.


Market Research Via Your Email List

Another priceless aspect to having an email list is you can email to ask your list questions.

So market research. This is really big.

If you’re toying around with the idea for, say, a course, then you might want to float it out to your email list. “Hey, I’m going to you know, I have this course in my mind and I want to know if it’s going to be of any value to you.”

I mean, you can even pre-sell people.

So as you’re asking for their opinions on whether the course is valuable or not, you can say that you can get it for fairly cheap, say, 90% off if you click here, because I want to develop this course around what you want and what you need, what’s going to help solve your problems.

So they’ll get a little bit of insider scoop on this because they’ll be giving you feedback, letting you know what they want to learn. And you’ll kind of be building your course around market research from the beginning, which is great, because you don’t want to just build a course and then hope people want it.

You want to build your product based on what people definitely want. And by asking your list for feedback and pre selling them, then you’re getting money. Money is going to basically be a vote. If people are already throwing money at the idea, you know, it’s good and they get it for cheap and then you get all of the awesome insight that you can use to build your product or your course.

And if you end up not making it, then you just refund people’s money and let them know that not enough people opted-in, and you don’t want to spend your time on it because you want to help the most people possible.

So pre-selling your list is a great way to interact with your list and utilize that market research.

It’s pretty incredible that you can build your business’ email list, starting with affiliate marketing, because you don’t need a product to be able to start doing this. If you wait to create your own product, you’re not going to have that list, and you’re not going to have that market feedback, so how are you going to know what to create?

I mean, you’re going to have to go search forums and Facebook groups and see what people’s problems are and hopefully interact with people that way. But it’s just easier to start by selling a related product to something that you eventually want to create.

And then you can start building that list and asking people who you already know are interested in a similar product what you can do to help them and solve their problems with a product or service that they would be willing to buy.


List Building in the Bootcamp

In the Affiliate Bootcamp, they talk a lot about building your list and the importance of the list and why the value of your company is really in your list. And they also go into bridge pages and other ways that you can build your email list through affiliate marketing.

They also have other vital insights into what works and how you can become an affiliate marketer for a living within one hundred days.

So that’s 16 experts on their step-by-step plans on how they would do it all again if they had to start over, which is basically built on how they do it now. So you get their playbooks on how to make affiliate marketing work for you, start building your email list and building your business.

Again, I’d like to thank you for listening.

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If you know someone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing, needs a little side income, wants to get started with their own business, please have them listen to this season, specifically starting at episode twenty or twenty one.

I’m not sure where I started talking about affiliate marketing, but season two is when we’re talking about affiliate marketing. And that will especially be interesting to them as they want to build and grow their business.

Thank you to those of you out there who are listening to me regularly, I seriously appreciate it.

And as always, Keep Funnelin’.


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